AHMAT-1, ArcCube-01, ASRTU-1, Avion-Kaluga-650, A-SEANSAT-PG1, CSTP-1.1/1.2
CubeBel-2(BSUSat-2), CubeSX-HSE-3, Druzhba-ATURK, KuzGTU-1, Monitor-2~4, Nanozond-1
Norby-2, Polytech-Universe-3, ReshUCube-2, SamSat-ION, Sirius-SINP-3U, SITRO-AIS-5~12, Saturn
StratoSat-TK1,TK1-A~F, Svyatobor-1, UmKA-1, UTMN-2, VIZARD-meteo, Yarilo-3~4, Zorkiy-2M

Launch: 27 Jun 2023
11:34:49UTC, 14:34:49Moscow_time, 20:34:49JST
Soyuz-2-1b Fregat, Vo LC-1S Vostochniy, Russia

AHMAT-1                  437.050              .     1145baudAFSK             RS41S
ArcCube-01               437.600              .     2k4-9k6 GMSK_USP         RS25S
ASRTU-1                  435.400/436.210/10460.000  9k6BPSK NBFM QSPK             
Avion-Kaluga-650            .                 .     unknown                       
A-SEANSAT-PG1            401.634              .     2k4 GMSK_USP             ASAT1S
CSTP-1.1                 436.075              .     LoRa                          
CSTP-1.2                 436.270              .     LoRa                          
CubeBel-2 (BSUSat-2)     436.990              .     4k8/9k6 GMSK,Digipeater  EU11S
CubeSX-HSE-3             436.570              .     2k4-9k6 GMSK_USP         RS42S
Druzhba-ATURK               .                 .     unknown                       
KuzGTU-1                 437.100              .     2k4-9k6 GMSK_USP         RS47S
Monitor-2                   .                 .     9k6 FSK                  RS39S
Monitor-3                435.290              .     2k4-9k6 GMSK_USP         RS58S
Monitor-4                436.080              .     2k4-9k6 GMSK_USP         RS57S
Nanozond-1               437.000              .     2k4-9k6 GMSK_USP         RS49S
Norby-2                  436.500              .     LoRa                          
Polytech-Universe-3      435.415              .     LoRa/FSK                 RS46S
ReshUCube-2              435.640/435.742/436.675    9k6 FSK                  RS37S
SamSat-ION               437.400           437.400  1k2/2k4 FSK,CW           RS36S
Saturn                   435.790                    1k2 AFSK                 RS43S
Sirius-SINP-3U           436.550              .     4k8 GMSK                      
SITRO-AIS-5              401.134              .     2k4 GMSK_USP             SC3227
SITRO-AIS-6              401.170              .     2k4 GMSK_USP             SC3228
SITRO-AIS-7              401.200              .     2k4 GMSK_USP             SC3229
SITRO-AIS-8              401.230              .     2k4 GMSK_USP             SC2210
SITRO-AIS-9              401.260              .     2k4 GMSK_USP             SC2211
SITRO-AIS-10             401.290              .     2k4 GMSK_USP             SC2212
SITRO-AIS-11             401.320              .     2k4 GMSK_USP             SC2213
SITRO-AIS-12             401.350              .     2k4 GMSK_USP             SC2214
StratoSat-TK1            435.870              .     9k6 GMSK                 RS52S
StratoSat-TK1-A             .              435.060  20  CW                   RS45S
StratoSat-TK1-B             .                 .     unknown                       
StratoSat-TK1-C             .                 .     unknown                       
StratoSat-TK1-D             .                 .     unknown                       
StratoSat-TK1-E             .                 .     unknown                       
StratoSat-TK1-F             .                 .     unknown                       
StratoSat-TK1 picosat-B  436.260              .     LoRa                     RS52SB
StratoSat-TK1 picosat-D  436.260              .     LoRa                     RS52SD
StratoSat-TK1 picosat-E  436.260              .     LoRa                     RS52SE
StratoSat-TK1 picosat-G  436.260              .     LoRa                     RS52SG
StratoSat-TK1 picosat-V  436.260              .     LoRa                     RS52SV
Svyatobor-1              437.875              .     2k4-9k6 GMSK_USP              
UmKA-1                   435.825/437.625      .     2k4-9k6 GMSK_USP         RS40S
UTMN-2                   435.485              .     2k4-9k6 GMSK_USP         RS27S
VIZARD-meteo             437.825              .     2k4-9k6 GMSK_USP         RS38S
Yarilo-3                    .                 .     unknown                       
Yarilo-4                    .                 .     unknown                       

Russian Students of School No.29 have developed the UmKa-1 satellite with a telescope on board. The device is assembled on the basis of the OrbiCraft-Pro platform. The payload was handled by the pupils of the school center for scientific creativity. The educational institution also has its own astronomical complex with a planetarium and an observatory. The elements of the payload are the high-power telescope "Leptonar-20955K" and the astronomical digital camera playerOne Saturn-C SQR. Before placing them in the satellite body, the project participants took pictures of the constellation Cygnus, as well as the Andromeda nebula from Earth. UmKA-1 project @UB1QBJ Recently, I was invited to a project to develop an amateur satellite UmKA-1. I am currently developing an S-band transmission protocol for this satellite. The transmission protocol is based on the CCSDS protocol but has a modified transport frame. Also it has CONV 1/2 and PN :) 435.825/437.625MHz, GMSK_USP 2k4-9k6 CubeBel-2 (BSUSat-2) Launch: 27 Jun 2023 Belarusian State University, Belarus Digipeater Uplink: 436.200 FSK_4k8 Digipeater Downlink: 436.990 FSK_9k6 Telemetry Downlink: 436.990 FSK_9k6 CallSign: EU11S Cf, http://wakky.asablo.jp/blog/2023/06/08/9593037 https://iaru.amsat-uk.org/formal_detail.php?serialnum=911 https://sputnix.ru/en/satellites-sputnix/planned-missions/umka-1
[Transmission of SSTV images from satellites of the Space-Pi project dedicated to the celebration of World Aviation and Space Day] 03/30/2024 posted by R4UAB 03/31/2024 translated by JE9PEL From April 11, 2024 to April 13, 2024, a festive transmission of SSTV images is planned from satellites of the Space-Pi project dedicated to the celebration of World Aviation and Cosmonautics Day (Cosmonautics Day). This holiday is intended to annually remind us of an event that will remain in history for centuries as one of the greatest achievements of civilization - the first manned flight into space. On April 12, 1961, citizen of the Soviet Union, senior lieutenant Yu.A. Gagarin, on the Vostok spacecraft, made the world's first orbital flight around the Earth, opening the era of manned space flights. The flight, which lasted only 108 minutes, was a powerful breakthrough in space exploration. The name of Yuri Gagarin became widely known in the world, and the first cosmonaut himself received the rank of major and the title of Hero of the Soviet Union ahead of schedule. List of satellites participating in the transmission of SSTV images: UMKA-1 (RS40S) MONITOR-3 (RS58S) MONITOR-4 (RS57S) VIZARD-METEO (RS38S) NANOZOND-1 (RS49S) UTMN-2 (RS27S) SSTV program schedule: Start of transmissions: April 11, 2024 at 00:00 UTC. End of transmission: April 13, 2022 at 23:59 UTC. Attention! The SSTV broadcast can be interrupted if necessary! (temperature increase, battery discharge, etc.) Date and time may change. Stay tuned for updates on this page! Three (3) images will be transmitted from each satellite in SSTV format. Format - SSTV Robot 72 The interval between the start of transmission of each picture is 3 minutes (can be adjusted later). Frequencies: Frequency of MKA "UMKA-1 (RS40S)": 437.625 MHz GMSK 2k4/4k8/9k6 USP FEC, SSTV. Frequency of MKA "MONITOR-3 (RS58S)": 435.290 MHz GMSK 2k4/4k8/9k6 USP FEC, SSTV. Frequency of MKA "MONITOR-4 (RS57S)": 436.080 MHz GMSK 2k4/4k8/9k6 USP FEC, SSTV. Frequency of MKA "VIZARD-METEO (RS38S)": 437.825 MHz GMSK 2k4/4k8/9k6 USP FEC, SSTV. Frequency of MKA "NANOZOND-1 (RS49S)": 437.000 MHz GMSK 2k4/4k8/9k6 USP FEC, SSTV. Frequency of MKA "UTMN-2 (RS27S)": 436.125 MHz GMSK 2k4/4k8/9k6 USP FEC, SSTV. Satellite Operator Platform UMKA-1 (RS40S) Municipal educational institution Secondary school No.29 named after P.I.Zabrodin Podolsk, Sputnix MONITOR-3 (RS58S) Research Institute of Nuclear Physics named after D.V.Skobeltsyn MSU, Sputnix MONITOR-4 (RS57S) Research Institute of Nuclear Physics named after D.V.Skobeltsyn MSU, Sputnix VIZARD-METEO (RS38S) NIS LLC Moscow, Sputnix NANOZOND-1 (RS49S) Orel State University named after I.S.Turgeneva, Sputnix UTMN-2 (RS27S) Tyumen State University, Sputnix The MONITOR-3 (RS58S), MONITOR-4 (RS57S), VIZARD-METEO (RS38S), UTMN-2 (RS27S) satellites from April 3 to April 17, 2024 will be controlled by the finalists of the full-time stage of the All-Russian competition "Orbit Space-π. Applied space systems" at the space shift of the "Planet Duty" program, organized with the support of the Foundation for the Promotion of Innovation from the Baytik camp, Kazan. Telemetry of MKA "UMKA-1 (RS40S)" (Ether network) - https://r4uab.ru/satdb/umka-1/ Telemetry of the small spacecraft "MONITOR-3 (RS58S)" (Ether network) - https://r4uab.ru/satdb/monitor-3/ Telemetry of the small spacecraft "MONITOR-4 (RS57S)" (Ether network) - https://r4uab.ru/satdb/monitor-4/ Telemetry of the small spacecraft "VIZARD-METEO (RS38S)" (Ether network) - https://r4uab.ru/satdb/vizard-meteo/ Telemetry of the small spacecraft "NANOZOND-1 (RS49S)" (Ether network) - https://r4uab.ru/satdb/nanozond-1/ Telemetry of the small spacecraft "UTMN-2 (RS27S)" (Ether network) - https://r4uab.ru/satdb/utmn-2/ - Instructions for setting up software for tracking satellites: Installing and configuring Orbitron software for tracking satellites https://r4uab.ru/orbitron-setting/ - Telegram chat for advisory support on setting up the receiving station and software and just for communication: https://t.me/amateursat Image decoding program for Windows OS: RX-SSTV; Image decoding program for Linux OS: QSSTV; Image decoding program for Android OS: Robot36; Image decoding program for iOS: SSTV Slow Scan TV; ----- - Our chat in Telegram for advisory support and just for communication – https://t.me/amateursat - Our channel in Telegram – https://t.me/r4uab_ru - Our group on VK – https://vk.com/r4uab_ru - Our group in Odnoklassniki – https://ok.ru/group/56474542801028

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