Nodes-1/2 2.4GHz signal

Previously, JA0CAW station reported that he received the 2.4GHz signal from Nodes-2 over Japan.
I, JE9PEL also tried receiving 2.4GHz of Nodes-2 again and again, but I can't capture that signal.
I will introduce here the mail Mr.Michael Williams, K9QHO communicated with the ground station.

Rceived Nodes-2 2.4GHz on 23:27UTC over Japan by JA0CAW

Subject: RE: Nodes-1/2 2.4 GHz signal.
From: Hanson John E. (ARC-B)[Millennium Engineering & Integration Co.]
Date: 11/23/2016 1:34 AM

Michael,  Thanks for the interest in Nodes.

The 2.4 GHz signal is a spread spectrum signal that is only emitted when
the spacecraft passes over the ground station at Santa Clara University,
so unless you are near that site, you will likely not be able to monitor
the signal. You can monitor the UHF beacon regularly and the UHF crosslink
signal if you are lucky.

Regards,  John

Subject: Nodes-1/2 2.4 GHz signal.
To: Hanson, John E. (ARC-B)[Millennium Engineering & Integration Co.]
Sent: Tuesday, November 22, 2016 5:16 PM

Sir,  I would like to attempt and listen for the Nodes 2.4 GHz signal.
Could you please give me some information. Does it transmit continually
or is it turned on only over the control station? I am in Indiana.

Is it intermittent, 30 sec., 1 min. intervals etc? From what information
I could find, its frequency is 2401.2 - 2431.2 MHz with 11500 FSK.
I am using a Software defined radio to look at that spectrum.
What does the NODES signal look like?

Thank you,  Mike Williams, K9QHO, Elwood, IN

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