FCD firmware Update "export18j.pro.bin"

FCD firmware updated to "export18j.pro.bin". Refer to
http://www.ne.jp/asahi/hamradio/je9pel/fundong3.htm for installing them.
And refer to a PDF file, "FCDFirmwareUpdateGuide V3.pdf" in the web site,

1. Download the PDF files from 'User Guides' folder and read them.

2. Download 'FCHID003.zip' and 'FCHIDBL001.zip' from 'FCD frontend & boot loader' folder.

3. Run FCHid003.exe, Not FCHid.exe.

4. Run FCHid003.exe, and Click on 'Reset to Bootloader'


5. Download 'export18j.pro.bin'.

6. Run FCHIDBL.exe in 'FCHIDBL001\FCHIDBL___Win32_Debug' folder.
   Click 'Open file' and Select 'export18j.pro.bin'.


7. Click 'Write firmware' on FCHIDBL.exe. Wait for several seconds.


8. Click 'Verify firmware' on FCHIDBL.exe.


9. Click 'Reset to app' on FCHIDBL.exe.
   Don't mind the error message.
   Verify the message of 'Query message: FCDAPP 18.10 Brd 1.0 No blk'.


10.Run 'FCHid.exe' in the 'FCHID006 - Debug' folder after extracting 'FCHID006.zip'
   and confirm that update was completed.


11.Download 'satcontrol_fcd 0.9.14.zip' in 'SATCONTROL_FCD' folder.
   If it doesn't start, run the following procedure 12. & 13.
   SATCONTROL_FCD Ver 0.9.2 Update



12.Download 'Newer_ExtIO_FCD_G0MJW.dll' in 'ExtIO_FCD.dll G0MJW' folder, and remove
   'Newer_' part in the file name, and put it into your FCD, HDSDR folder etc.
   It is neccessary when you check in the box of 'connect FUNcube dongle' in
   'satcontrol_fcd.exe' and HDSDR operation.

13.Download OCX file, and extract mscomm32.ocx in it and put your FCD folder.

14.Enter the offset value in the input box of 'Settings - Frequency Offsets', namely
   "satcontrol_fcd.exe - FCD Control-G0MJW - Expert - Frequency Offsets - IF(kHz)".
   Then you can synchronize the value of 'Frequency(MHz)' and the value of
   'FCD returns Hz frequency' in 'FCD Control - G0MJW'.
   In case of my FCD, FO-29 -> +46.18kHz, CO-65 -> +46.37kHz, 145MHz -> +15kHz.

15.Connection Example:
   Antenna -> FUNcube Dongle (USB) -> PC (setting: Monaural mixer)
                                             -> HDSDR (input: FUNcube Dongle)
                                                      (output: Soundcard)

   Run HDSDR -> Set frequency in HDSDR -> Run satcontrol_fcd
    -> Check "connect FUNcube dongle" -> Expert -> Frequency Offsets -> HDSDR "Start"

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