Chinese satellites #5: LQSat

The launch of Chinese satellite LQSat postponed to October 7, 04:05-04:45 UTC, 2015.
The commercial satellite Jilin-1A/1B/1C are scheduled to be launched by CZ-2D rocket,
and the amateur satellite LQSat will also ride together. The operation period is
one year. Since the packet telemetry is LINUX specification protocol called CSP:
Cubesat Space Protocol like as XW-2(CAS-3) and TW-1, I think decoding is not easy.

LingQiao LQSat
40x40x60cm  50kg
437.650MHz  4k8bps MSK,CW
2404.000MHz 1Mbps QPSK

Changchun Institute of Optics, Fine Mechanics and Physics (CIOMP)

(C)China Spaceflight


LQSat launched successfully at 04:13UTC October 7, 2015.

Both photos: Received by JH1OKL and Imaged by JE1CVL, 19 Oct 2015

LQSat 2.4GHz challenging

In the tonight path (12:42 UTC, 23 Oct 2015, Ele 84 deg), I tried to challenge FCD-SDR
reception, but I could not hear 2.4GHz signal from LQSat.  I will try to receive again
the signal in the next morning path.

I assume the center frequency is 2404.030MHz. And when considering the Doppler shift
of +/- 50kHz, the receiving frequency will change from 2404.080MHz to 2403.980MHz, ie
from 148.080 to 147.980MHz.

LQSat 2.4GHz heard
00:34-00:46 UTC
31 Oct 2015, Ele 21 NE-E-ES, 2404.035MHz USB, Converted 2404MHz -> 148MHz

I heard LQSat 2.4GHz signal at last. The center frequency is about 2404.035 MHz
that is about 35kHz higher than the nominal frequency. It always is not transmitting.
In addition, because the signal strength is very weak, the capture of LQSat's 2.4GHz
signal is very difficult. The satellites transmitting 2.4GHz signal at present were
confirmed to be two satellites DTUsat2 and LQSat.


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