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Gyro Monorail Workshop [Apr. 1, 2017] NEW!
Sorry some are only Japanese now, but English publication began.

Outline of A kubi L.R. B entengaoka S.L.
Track plan [July 12, 2009]
Locomotives & rollingstocks [Mar. 4, 2017] NEW!
Equipments [Nov. 30, 2007]
YouTube site [since 2009] NEW!
Old movie [July 12, 2009]
Blog (Japanese only) [since 2009] NEW!

A & B Reports (First stage)
Start of construction [Jan. 8, 2002] (The construction starts at May 2001)
Under construction [Jan. 15, 2002] (Change of line layout)
Under construction part 2 [Jan. 28, 2002] (Sidetrack and manufacture of wagon car)
Under construction part 3 [Feb. 4, 2002] (Consideration of Line Plan)
Spring is yet young [Mar. 4, 2002] (G gauge structure and manufacture of log car)
Starting Goose project! [Mar. 25, 2002] (Design and manufacture of goose)
Finished goose [Apr. 15, 2002] (Goose and construction of delta track)
Flourishing [May 7, 2002] (Big size photos in meeting)
Summer closure [June 10, 2002] (Closed line but operation secretly)
Summer closure part 2 [July 1, 2002] (New kit of locomotive)
Busy of A&B factory [July 22, 2002] (Construction of Deki-3)
Nights of A&B factory [Sept. 8, 2002] (Construction of Deki-3)
Construction of wooddeck and Deki-3 [Sept. 16, 2002] (Painting on deck and finished Deki-3)
Debut of Deki-3 [Sept. 23, 2002] (Opening of A&B)
Night run [Oct. 6, 2002] (Good season comes!)
Slope and live steam [Oct. 14, 2002] (Carrying method of heavy locomotive and old steam loco)
Construction and maintenance [Nov. 3, 2002] (Engine house, brake system and G gauge)
Run on fallen leaves [Nov. 17, 2002] (Scene in autumn)
Increase of cars [Dec. 14, 2002] (Manufacture of Van and tank cars)
Winter of A&B [Dec. 23, 2002] (Construction of turn table)
New year run [Jan. 2, 2003] (First run in 2003 and hot-air balloon)
Snow and cold [Jan. 26, 2003] (Scene in winter)
Expectation of new line [Feb. 23, 2003] (Preparation of rail for new line)

The book named "Miniature Garden Railway" was published describing above A&B reports (first stage) in Japanese.

A & B Reports (Second stage)
Starting construction of new line [Mar. 23, 2003] (New garage line)
New workshop [Apr. 27, 2003] (Lathe and milling machine come)
Extending line [May 18, 2003] (construction continues and big strange loco)
Deck line [June 3, 2003] (More extension and new cars)
Summer closure [July 6, 2003] (Meeting and condition of weed)
Track in garage [July 26, 2003] (Yard line and G gauge digitizing)
Metal craft [Aug. 3, 2003] (Manufacture of tipper wagon)
Wood craft [Aug. 13, 2003] (Manufacture of passenger car and digital G gauge)
Narrow loco kit [Aug. 30, 2003] (Construction of Small loco kit and G gauge layout)
I love Logging ! [Sept. 14, 2003] (Manufacture of scale caboose)
A&B technical laboratory [Sept. 28, 2003] (Manufacture of single rail point)
Opening of A&B [Oct. 5, 2003] (Manufacture of point, movie, technical information)
Development and enjoyment [Oct. 19, 2003] (Gasoline engine loco, guests driving in party)
Slow autumn [Nov. 9, 2003] (Engine sound, crossing, Playmobil)
Slow construction [Nov. 16, 2003] (Bridge design, small live steams)
Brisk sunshine [Dec. 13, 2003] (New trailer, new 4-cycle engine loco)
Four cycle sound [Dec. 21, 2003] (Kato 7ton, snow day, new live steam)
Steam up ! [Dec. 27, 2003] (Driving of live steam Sapphire)

The book named "Miniature Garden Railway 2" was published describing above A&B reports (second stage) in Japanese.

A & B Reports (Third stage)
Let's do the garden railroading ! [Jan. 4, 2004] (New trailer, water tower, driving of Sapphire)
An ideal day for Garden railroading [Jan. 12, 2004] (New coach, goose, driving of Sapphire)
Warm days in the winter [Feb. 1, 2004] (Small coach, cutting pine trees, logging car)
Philosophic winter [Feb. 12, 2004] (Tiny ideas, small coach, tipper wagon)
Collecting materials [Mar. 3, 2004] (DL kit construction, TV interview)
Lovely model shop [Mar. 18, 2004] (Shingaku-do, New line construction)
Vernal sunshine [Apr. 1, 2004] (New DL, construction, Gulliver Line)
Garden construction [Apr. 15, 2004] (Stone pavement, point equipment)
Garden construction part 2 [Apr. 25, 2004] (Stone pavement, track works, signal)
Garden construction part 3 [May 9, 2004] (Brick wall, painting, flat car)
Garden construction part 4 [May 16, 2004] (Brick column, block wall, flat car)
Garden construction part 5 [May 23, 2004] (Arch bridge, deck track construction)
Garden construction part 6 [June 2, 2004] (Arch bridge, brick structures)
Garden construction part 7 [June 13, 2004] (Path and stream, G gauge small layout)
Garden construction part 8 [June 27, 2004] (Dusk in the garden, test run of new line)
A&B completely reopened ! [July 4, 2004] (Main line reopened, evening run, signal)
Summer in Bentengaoka [July 16, 2004] (Construction completed, Shay of G gauge)
Summer evening train [Aug. 1, 2004] (Signs, RC goose, barbecue)
RC camera car [Aug. 16, 2004] (RC car with ccd camera, pool)
Scene with track [Aug. 30, 2004] (International convention, photo gallery)

The book named "Miniature Garden Railway 3" was published describing above A&B reports (third stage) in Japanese.

A & B Reports (Forth stage)
Orange and cream [Sept. 15, 2004] (Koppel, Camera car, movie)
Small and Narrow [Sept. 26, 2004] (Koppel, On30 layout, Camera car)
After the rain [Oct. 11, 2004] (On30 layout and Shay, Old model kits)
The season for garden railway [Oct. 30, 2004] (Nice day, On Shay, Old O gauge)
A&B open day [Nov. 23, 2004] (Interview, A&B open day)
First general meeting of shareholders [Dec. 18, 2004] (general meeting, snowplow, steam up)
Workshop in New Year's Eve [Jan. 1, 2005] (Koppel, 45mm gauge, snowplow)
Railmotor steam up! [Jan. 10, 2005] (Railmotor first steam up, On layout)
Underground activities [Feb. 5, 2005] (Snow garden, snowplow)
New capital locomotive [Feb. 21, 2005] (New EL constructing, paper craft)
A sign of spring [Mar. 7, 2005] (New EL body craft, flowers, On30 rail truck)
Debut in the spring [Mar. 22, 2005] (Debut of AB20, double header, open day)
A&B president on holiday [Aug. 27, 2005] (Signal bridge, JAM convention)
Reopening of service [Oct. 2, 2005] (New stationmaster, open day)
Small and large construction [Oct. 25, 2005] (Mortar structure, river works)
Shay ran in A&B [Nov. 7, 2005] (Completed river works, 5 inches Shay)
A&B in late autumn [Nov. 27, 2005] (Handrail of bridge, strange old model)
Inspection tour in winter [Dec. 19, 2005] (Usui Pass Museum, open day)
New Year's run [Jan. 10, 2006] (Report from UK, 45mm live steam)
Construction in winter [Feb. 23, 2006] (45mm renewal track, new locomotive)
The coming of spring [Mar. 29, 2006] (Visit to JCFC, new locomotive)
Lady Madcap steam-up! [Apr. 25, 2006] (new locomotive, special open day)
Stimulative May [May 21, 2006] (new loco, open day, Bandai collection)
Her name is Popinjay [June 27, 2006] (Popinjay debut, UK reports)
Small live steam [July 26, 2006] (Instant live steam in 32mm gauge)
JAM Convention 2006 [Aug. 20, 2006] (Displays in 7th JAM Convention in Osaka)
Industrial autumn [Sept. 23, 2006] (2B1, new trailer, steam tram)
Steam railmotor car [Oct. 27, 2006] (Construction of steam car, autumn open day)
Stars in Special Open Day [Nov. 21, 2006] (Visitation reports, special open day)
Snug December [Dec. 24, 2006] (Ruby Forney, repairing signal)

The book named "Garden Railway Life" was published describing above A&B reports (forth stage) in Japanese.

A & B Reports (Fifth stage)
Little structure construction [Jan. 19, 2007] (Structure building, mortar work)
Stagnant February [Feb. 28, 2007] (Logging Mallet, Garratt)
Signs in March [Mar. 29, 2007] (Mortar structure, building of Koppel)
April relaxes us [Apr. 30, 2007] (Try of Koppel, building tender)
Special May [May 26, 2007] (Special open day, Improving of turnout)
Gentle June [June 28, 2007] (Peter Sam, Construction of turntable)
Rainy July [July 29, 2007] (Turntable, EL restoration, old & new steamer)
Appealing August [Aug. 25, 2007] (JAM Convention, Jack on first run)
Rolling September [Sept. 22, 2007] (Ajax, Mini Railway Festival, Lumber Jack)
Constructive October [Oct. 30, 2007] (Steam tram, Baltic, DB81, Jack)
Glorious November [Nov. 25, 2007] (Autumn open day, special open day)
Reverberant December [Dec. 25, 2007] (Repair of Ajax, shed and signal construction)
New year with steaming [Jan. 20, 2008] (Improvements of Sapphire & Lady Madcap)
Steam in the snow [Feb. 21, 2008] (Hunslet kit, yard in garage, snowscape)
Sharp spring [Mar. 20, 2008] (Porchside L.R., Coach kit, Body of Baltic)
Warm and bloom [Apr. 23, 2008] (New Baltic, donkey pump, open day)
Shay and Shay [May 23, 2008] (New Shay, special open day)
Against rainy season [June 23, 2008] (Many tippers, Shay, Jack)
Break for heat wave [July 28, 2008] (Caboose kit, challenge of Stationmaster)
Convention in summer [Aug. 26, 2008] (JAM Convention, new project started)
Little autumn with little steam [Sept. 28, 2008] (Steam tram test run, new caboose)
Orange and violet [Oct. 25, 2008] (Building caboose, steam tram completed)
Fall in steam [Nov. 24, 2008] (Live steamers, special open day)
Garden steamer [Dec. 24, 2008] (OS's Forte, Dr. Yellow, Henry)
Handmade live steamers [Jan. 30, 2009] (Building 1B tender, Simple Mecanical)

The book named "Steam in the Garden" was published describing above A&B reports (fifth stage) in Japanese.

A & B Reports (Sixth stage)
Summer 2009 [July 22, 2009] (1 truck Shay, double Fairlie Pandora)
Autumn 2009 [Oct. 15, 2009] (Alice, JAM Convention, Shay & Heisler)
Winter 2010 [Jan. 8, 2010] (Single driver, open day, Gyro monorail)
Spring 2010 [Apr. 28, 2010] (Gyro monorail, Kozo's locos, last open day)
Summer 2010 [July 16, 2010] (We moved from Bentengaoka to Bontenzaka)
Autumn 2010 [Oct. 20, 2010] (Track construction in Bontenzaka line)
Winter 2011 [Jan. 19, 2011] (New layout, Gyro monorail No.10 and 11)
Spring 2011 [Apr. 17, 2011] (Industrial locomotives, assistant stationmaster)
Summer 2011 [July 23, 2011] (Special Openday, track constructions)
Autumn 2011 [Oct. 20, 2011] (Structure construction, Baldwin project)
Winter 2012 [Jan. 22, 2012] (Judith M, blower car, Baldwin air test)
Spring 2012 [Apr. 18, 2012] (Rotary snowplow, building of Baldwin)
Summer 2012 [July 18, 2012] (Wood deck, high-speed car, Big railcar)
Autumn 2012 [Oct. 19, 2012] (Railcar completed, New driving wagon)
Winter 2013 [Jan. 19, 2013] (Baldwin first run, tank car, LBSC Bass)
Spring 2013 [Apr. 22, 2013] (Tunnel, tunnel portal, Whitcomb)
Summer 2013 [July 26, 2013] (Tunnel, truss bridge, new line, Whitcomb)
Autumn 2013 [Oct. 23, 2013] (Big Railbus, signal system construction)
Winter 2014 [Jan. 24, 2014] (Coal fired Robert, fan driven car)
Spring 2014 [Apr. 22, 2014] (3/4inch scale Jack, Krauss, Remodeling Dora)
Summer 2014 [July 24, 2014] (New line construction, windmill)
Autumn 2014 [Oct. 25, 2014] (5inch live steams, signal, platform roof)

A & B Reports (Newest stage)
2015 [Feb. 18, 2016] (New line, jet locomotive, building Jack)
2016 [Mar. 4, 2017] (Timber trestle, Pedal car, garden truck)
2017 [Mar. 14, 2018] (Construction, Volkswagen Type 2, AD67) NEW!

Visit Report
Switzerland and Italy [Aug. 26, 2002]

Old Album
Disposition in 2000 [Mar. 16, 2001] (G gauge and 5 inches gauge)
Investment in 2001 [Jan. 8, 2002] (G gauge layout in my hobby room)

More old Album
History [Dec. 23, 1996] (from HOe to 3.5 inches live steam)
Saving in 1996 [Jan. 20, 1997] (Shay and narrow gauges)
Stress in 1997 [Feb. 20, 1998] (Small live steam and antique)
Inconstancy in 1998 [Jan. 6, 1999] (no craft but only purchase)

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