A & B Report

Winter 2010

A Happy New Year !

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You can see large ones by click on the photos in this page
Newest Books

The fourth and fifth books about my garden railway (only Japanese)

Ordinary service

No.19 loco DB81, No.2 loco AB10 and No.12 loco AB20 working mainly in my garden railway

No.10 loco Inspection car (also called Camera boy or Rail bus), caboose and Henry the Rail Star

Here are some movies of Inspection car running in the garden.
*MOVIE in YouTube*
*MOVIE in YouTube*
*MOVIE in YouTube*

No.20 loco Pink Shay and No.15 loco Koppel

Here are two movies of driving Shay.
*MOVIE in YouTube*
*MOVIE in YouTube*
And two movies of driving Koppel.
*MOVIE in YouTube*
*MOVIE in YouTube*

Small size locomotives

45mm gauge Shay by Streamlines and 7/8inch scale Bagnal remodeled from Accucraft Mortimer

Here is a movie of running Bagnal.
*MOVIE in YouTube*

Upper type one cylinder industrial locomotive

Here is a movie of this locomotive running.
*MOVIE in YouTube*

45mm gauge Shay remodeled from the shay by Hyde Out Mountain Live Steam

Here is a movie of this Shay running.
*MOVIE in YouTube*

16mm scale 32mm gauge DL, 45mm gauge Rail Jeep from cookie canister, and 32mm gauge Zephyr with handmade trucks shown in the photo

Here is a movie of Rail Jeep running. *MOVIE in YouTube*
And Zephyr in the evening. *MOVIE in YouTube*

Single driver

45mm gauge live steam single driver built with parts in hand such as Mamod's boiler and Aster's wheels

Chassis, burner and fuel tank were built of steel sheet, and the locomotive named Sindbat (not Sindbad).

Here is a movie of Sindbat running. *MOVIE in YouTube*

Engine and toy

Old straight three cylinders oscillating engine and tin toy clockwork train set Biller Bahn

Here is a movie of three cylinders engine running *MOVIE in YouTube*
Biller Bahn's train running *MOVIE in YouTube*

Open days

Mr. Sato's Washington 4-4-0, Mr. Kiuchi's DL and Mr.Sato's dog Aru on AB20 train in Special Open day at 14th November

Mr. Wada's 45mm gauge eccentric train, Mr. Inoue's 45mm gauge live steam Garratt, and small HO gauge live steam Dockside built by Mr. Wada for me.

Last fall open day in Bentengaoka Short Line

Here are two movies of Jack running
*MOVIE in YouTube*
*MOVIE in YouTube*
AB10 train into the garage *MOVIE in YouTube*
AB20 train arriving porch side *MOVIE in YouTube*
AB20 train through the garage *MOVIE in YouTube*
Shay running through the Rose station *MOVIE in YouTube*
Jack train running around the garden *MOVIE in YouTube*

Study on gyro monorail
Gyro monorail is a vehicle runs on single rail track by using gyro system with spinning wheel. It was developed by Louis Brennan, August Scherl, Piotr Schilovsky about 100 years ago. The mechanism of gyro monorail without electronic part such as sensor of IC became a low technology today, so it is considered that the right technique of it has been lost in the world.

I started to the study about gyro monorail, researched several old articles, and carried out the many experiments using simple models. Now, my experimental model No.9 can run on single rail successfully as shown in following movie.
*MOVIE in YouTube*

Experimental model No.2, No.3, and No.4 with single wheel gyro or twin wheel gyro

Here is a movies of model No.2 standing on a bar *MOVIE in YouTube*
Model No.3 with battery standing on the table *MOVIE in YouTube*
Model No.3 with balancing system by moving payload *MOVIE in YouTube*

Experimental model No.6 with payload balancing system, one adding impulsion mechanism, and model No.8 with vertical spin axis gyro

Most big success in this study was developing the gimbal control balancing system as shown in following movie, though it was by manual control.
*MOVIE in YouTube*

First automatic balancing system on model No.6, new larger twin gyro built at once, and new builtin balancing system

Model No.8 with new gyro, new gimbal control system on the gyro, and latest gyro system on model No.9

A movie of model No.8 standing with automatic system *MOVIE in YouTube*
Test of one side load by model No.8 *MOVIE in YouTube*

The crews of model No.9 are Sky Crawler's figures and latest photo of model No.9

Spec of gyro monorail experimental model No.9;
length: 440mm, width: 200mm, weight: 3.0kg, gyro wheel: 50mm diameter and 168g weight, motors of gyro: Mabuchi 380X2 by 7.2V, gimbal control motors: Mabuchi 260X2 by 6V, impulsion motor: Mabuchi 260 by 6V

Ruuning test of model No.9 by old balancing system *MOVIE in YouTube* and *MOVIE in YouTube*
Test of new balancing system on model No.9 *MOVIE in YouTube*
Running test of model No.9 by new balancing system *MOVIE in YouTube*

I am happy to receive many mails and comments from the world after uploading the movies of my gyro monorail on YouTube. But a lot of problems still lie before me, so more exciting experience may be wait onward.

last snowscape in Bentengaoka Short Line?

After Akubi Lightweight Railway moves to new estate in next summer, Bentengaoka Short Line will close a service. So, it is the last winter scene here.

Many movies of Stationmaster Pascal can be found in Akubi L.R. channel in YouTube.

Keep on toward !

Stationmaster inspecting the construction of new house, and the locomotives waiting for their works in new world.

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