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Nakajima Aircraft, founded by leader Chikuhei Nakajima and other eight members, grew brilliantly and ended its fated life along with World War II, resembling that of an image on a shadow-picture lantern. But its spirit has been inherited by many later generations in various fields.

Dr.Koyama, a representing chief engineer of Nakajima Aircraft, said at the end of the war, "We, as Nakajima aircraft engineers, have been doing our best in engineering and producing aircraft for the survival of the nation, but there is an unmistakable truth that the aircraft bereaved many young precious lives. We should never glorify or romanticize these past aircraft." This was engrained into each engineer's mind, and because of this, there are very few records or memoirs of Nakajima Aircraft.

The energy of the engineers who pursued their dreams was taunted by the abnormal historical events of the war, but if we look back at their activities, "Figures and aspects of frontiers who purely pursue the facts and pioneer new things" come to be recognized.

The aircraft as a weapon is debatable, but the keen-edged beauty, portrayed by the aircraft, has the aura of a roman inviting to a new world. This is especially true of the reciprocated engine plane that slashes the air with its propeller and grabs the air with its own wings. It makes us feel as if we can see the engineer's face upon it.

With these feelings in mind, I decided to make this home page hoping to provide footsteps for their predecessors. Please be sure to visit the Color Illustration Page designed by Shigeo Koike. It would also be appreciated if you were able to take the time to answer the attached questionnaires.

30 years History of Nakajima Aircraft (1) (2) (3) (4)

The Anecdote of Mr. NAKAJIMA, Chikuhei (Japanese only)

Record of the engineer that worked in Nakashima

(1) Noboru Saito (Japanese only)

(2) Kunihiro Aoki (Japanese only)

The most representative airplane of Nakashima

Nakajima Type5 (Trainer)
Nakajima Army Type 91 (Fighter)
AT-2 (Passenger-plane)
Army Type 97 Ki27 (Fighter)
Navy Type 97 KANKOU (Carrieratack-bomber)
GEKKO (Night Fighter)
HAYABUSA (Fighter)
SHYOUKI (Fighter)
HAYATE (Fighter)
DONRYU (Bomber)
TENZAN (Carrieratack-bomber)
TENRAI (Fighter)
SHINZAN (Bomber)
RENZAN (Bomber)

The first jet plane in Japan "KIKKA"(Japanese only)

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