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Monthly Paper "Hidankyo" -Back numbers-

Dec. 2003 Lawyers and supporters of concerted lawsuits for the official recognition of A-bomb diseases gathered
Nov. 2003 Against "Restoration of the Enola Gay", petition began.
Oct. 2003 "No More Hiroshima, No More Nagasaki" in 2005
Nov. 2001 Organizing for Peace in the Wake of September 11
Apr. 2001 Hibakusha appealed at The World Court of Women Against War, for Peace
Feb. 2001 Toward a nuclear free 21st century
Jan. 2001 Hibakusha visit Nevada US.
Dec.2000 Three Hibakusha visit Germany.
Jun. 2000 Hibakusha appealed at the Millennium Forum
Apr. 2000 Requests to the NGO Millennium Forum
Feb. 2000 Millennium 2000 - Walking the ways of Peace in Nevada
Millennial message to the world from Nihon Hidankyo
Dec. 1999 Hidankyo sent letter to the heads of the world
Aug. 1999 Hibakusha delegation visits the USA
May. 1999 Hibakusha appeal at the Hague
Apr. 1999 Primary school children learned the A-bomning of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
Mar. 1999 Protest the US 6th subcritical nuclear test  A-bomb exhibit in Russia
Fev. 1999 The A-Bomb and Humanity exhibit Speaking tour to Pakistan and Sri Lanka
Jan.1999 Protest the subcritical nuclear tests  The Hague Appeal for Peace
Nov. 1998 Panel discussion for overseas A-bomb sufferers
Oct. 1998 Protest the US subcritical nuclear test
Sep. 1998 Let's hand down the lesson of Hiroshima and Nagasaki
Aug. 1998 Event for the nuclear free 21st century  
The A-bomb and Humanity exhibit in Marseilles Hibakusha delegation visit USA
June. 1998 Protest the underground nuclear tests India and Pakistan conducted
Photo panel exhibit in Russia and Britain
May. 1998 All assemblies in Chibe Prefecture adopted non-nuclear declaration
A-bomb exhibition in India
Apr. 1998 Protest against the US third subcritical test
Hidankyo called on the India's government
Mar. 1998 100,000 people visited the exhibit "The A-Bomb and Humanity"
Public opinion prevented the US military threat against Iraq
Jan. 1998 Hidankyo Phot panel set "The A-Bomb and Humanity" -Beyond the seas
Dec. 1997 The Nagasaki Matsuya Lawsuit won at the Fukuoka High Court
Nov. 1997 Hidankyo supports the Appeal for the Nobel Peace prize Laureates
Sep. 1997 Hidankyo held the event "Let's hand down the lessons of Hiroshima
and Nagasaki"  Hidankyo sent the delegation to USA
Memorial ceremony of Korean Hibakusha in Seou
Aug. 1997 Overseas A-bomb victims seek funds
Jun. 1997 Peace March toward Hiroshima and Nagasaki
Hidankyo photo panel set "The A-Bomb and Humanity" completed
May. 1997 Hidankyo April action for the Government
Action at Nevada Nuclear Test Site
Apr. 1997 Every city, town and village assembly in Mie Prefecture made
non-nuclear declaration
Mar. 1997 The Monument on the hypocenter in Nagasaki was maintained
Feb./Jan. 1997 A-Bomb Dome was registered as a World Heritage Site
Hibakusha talked about own experience in India

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