For the Abolition of Nuclear Weapons

For abolition of nuclear weapons

Action against the subcritical nuclear testing

HIDANKYO took an action against the subcritical nuclear testing, conducted at Nevada Test Site in USA on July 2.

Since the US Department of Energy revealed the plan to conduct subcritical tests last December, HIDANKYO has repeatedly condemned for canceling the tests.(refer to Letter to the US President )

Nevertheless, the US Government conducted the testing, disregarding public opinion against subcritical tests.

On the next day of the testing, HIDANKYO members made a protest against the testing at Shibuya, downtown of Tokyo, and went to the US Embassy, where the members urged the US Government to take following action.

1. To cancel subcritical nuclear testing.

2. To conclude with the international treaty for the abolition of nuclear weapons.

3. To eliminate all nuclear weapons.

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