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ankoku butoh

The world of Butoh Dance

Butoh Dance is a Japanese avant-garde dance
originated by HIJIKATA,Tatsumi in 1950s.

Itto Morita and Mika Takeuchi
have been preserving Ankoku Butoh
by Butoh "GooSayTen" in Sapporo, Japan.

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Butoh GooSayTen
Itto Morita and Mika Takeuchi
Sapporo, Japan

The following contents are old materials
for reference
of GooSayTen since 1996.

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GooSayTen Butoh Performance 2012

We had 3 intensive Butoh workshops in 2012 in Sapporo, Japan. Howeber, both Itto (psychologist) and Mika (dancetherapist) were very busy working for colleges and hospitals, based on Butoh therapy approach. Mika was also occupied with her studies and preparations for her Master thesis, missing several big performance opportunities, to our regret.

Mika was given "Kita no koe (North voice)" Art Prize (Nov.2, 2012) from Bunkajuku Sapporo Artlabo. One old distinguished sculptor got the first prize, Mika and a young artist got the second prizes.

And, Mika's butoh students below, such as Risa Chikita and Zamuko Gootama, were actively performing this year and becoming beautiful and dreadful butoh dancers with their own butoh dance styles, of which we are very proud.

Butoh Hana Douji (Risa Chikita + Zamuko Gootama)

"Ribon Ribon"
  • Venue: Spice Dining CHANDAMA
  • Sapporo: Chuoh-ku, N3W7 Ryokuen Buil.
  • on Sep. 29 at 1800 (Dinner) : Butoh starts at 1930
  • 2000YEN (with Curry Dinner)
  • Reservation: [by mail] TEL: 011-577-9487 (Chandama)
    * No Cameras and Videocameras.

  • CHANDAM Homepage http://www.chandama.net/index.php

GooSayTen Butoh Performance 2011

Mika Takeuchi Butoh
"Mermaid Princess"

Butoh: Mika Takeuhi + Storyteller: Mattsu
When the words echo in Butoh dance...


October 15(Sat) 14:00-, 19:00-
October 16(Sun) 14:00-

This Butoh piece acquired "SURPRISE AWARD"
in Sapporo Art Stage 2010,
Awaited performance !

[photos] (added. Nov.3, 2011)

Hata, Kanoko Butoh performance
Taiwan July 26-30
Hirishima August 6-7

Mika Takeuchi Requiem Butoh
on July 25th
at Sapporo Hokko Church

with Finland string "kantele"

Check this in detail →

Intensive Butoh workshops in Sapporo, Japan

due to the disasters
by those gigantic earthquakes and tsunmai on March 11, 2011

(March 16th, 2011)

  • March 27th(Sun) to April 1st(Fri) : 6 days

  • [details]

We have started workshops in 2012: [ Butoh therapy ]

Wishing a peaceful new year
amidst a crouching small world.

Itto Solo in Utrecht, Netherlands (2009)

Finger miniature butoh performance

YouTube (8 min) [bigger screen] (8 min)

Mika Takeuchi and S.Chino (piano) with
sumie drawings by M.Sugiyoshi (2010)

Butoh and piano improvisation at Sapporo PATOS

[Dreams for Two Nights] (1min54sec)

GooSayTen Butoh Performance 2010

Mika Takeuchi Butoh performance

[pictures] [ video ]

Memorial event of 15 years anniversay

Mika Takeuchi started Butoh activities in 1995 by founding Butoh Dance "GooSayTen" together with Itto Morita. Since then, Mika, one of the dreadful female Butoh-ists in Japan, has been performing Butoh and collaborated with a variety of artists, performers around the world.
Mika is a certified dance therapist, giving Butoh related psychosomatic workshops at mental clinics and teaching Art therapy and Dance therapy at a department of clinical psychology in Sapporo.

Butoh collaboration
with Mitsugu Sugiyoshi (Caligrapher)
and Shuichi Chino (Jazz pianist)

Date: June 26(Sat) and 27th(Sun), 2010
Venue: Sapporo Kotoni "PATOS" (Tozai line subway)
for more information/reservation:

ITTO performs in UK and Europe 2010 !

ITTO in UK and Europe 2009

  • Itto Butoh workshop in Goldsmiths Univ. of London
    (Dec.8, 2009)

  • Itto's Butoh workshop in Rotterdam (Netherland)
    November 20th (Fri) 14.00-18.00

  • Itto's Butoh performance in Utrecht (Netherland)
    November 21st (Sat) 18.00-

  • Butoh Workshop in UK 2009
    Tuesday and Thursday morning lesson from Oct.13 to Nov.5

  • Itto Solo performance on 4th November in London
    with London Butoh Asylum

    (videos added)

  • Barcelona Butoh workshops (Spain) (October 5-11)

  • Itto solo performance in Oxford (July 11)
    for "Cafe Reason" !

    [Itto Solo video] (3 min.)

    [Sound by Tim (Efthymios Chatzigiannis)]

  • Dance with peacocks in Oxford (July10, July18, 2009)

    Programmed by Helen Edwards

  • GooSayTen Butoh Performance 2009

    50th Anniversary of Butoh Dance

    - Butoh Performance 2009 -

    "To the Flowers of Beginning"

    Butoh: Itto Morita, Mika Takeuchi
    Imei, ikura, Sayaka

    Email us:

    Data: March 8th (Sun) 18:00 (open 17:30)
    Venue: Sapporo Kotoni " Patos "
    Subway Tozai Line "Kotoni" station
    *Go down by the elevator at the bus terminal.
    50 years has passed since Hijikata originated Ankoku Butoh, and it has been proliferating in each country around the world. Itt Morita and Mika Takeuchi have been keeping Ankoku Butoh for 20 years in Sapporo for people who need the spirit of Butoh.
    From April, Itto will stay and perform in the UK during 2009, and a couple of Butoh colleagues will start their new life in other cities. GooSayTen and Takeuchi Mika Butoh Unit "KA-EN" will dance "To the Flowers of Beginning". 
    /Coopertation: Concarinho
    /lighting: Masakazu Takahashi
    / GooSayTen Butoh Event    


    "KAMA ITACHI" 2009
    Eiko Hosoe Photograph Exhibition
    of the Butoh Dancer "Tatsumi Hijikata"

    Jan.21(Wed) - 2/20(Fri) at ART SPACE THISIS
    Kushiro shi, Hokkaido prefecture
    Tel/Fax 0154-22-2519

    OPENING EVENT Jan.21(Wed)
    • Drum Solo performance: Shota Koyama
    • Talk: Eiko Hosoe and Yoshito Ohno
    • Butoh performance: Yoshito Ohno
    A small coffee shop of jazz in Kushiro... Kazuo Ohno, Yoshito Ohno and Akiko Motofuji (Hijikata's wife) and other Butoh dancers have performed at the small Butoh space for years.
    On January 21st, the death day of 1986 of Tatsumi Hijikata, Yoshito Ohno performs and talks with Hosoe about Hijikata and Butoh at Art Space THISIS. They all have loved the place and the owner, Azuma Kobayashi. Send FAX to THISIS for detailed information.

    GooSayTen Butoh Performance 2008


    INTENSIVE Butoh WORKSHOPS in Sapporo!
    in September, October, and November 2008

    From April 14th to 27th (finished.)

    [Newspaper article of Butoh workshop]
    We thank all the participants to these Butoh workshops all the way from U.S.A.,UK,France,Germany,Poland,Argentina, etc.

    GooSayTen Butoh Performance 2007

    Butoh and Violin at Sapporo LIB gallery Sep.16(SUN)
    Mika Takeuchi Butoh dance live
    with Violinist Chie Morimoto



    GooSayTen Butoh Performance 2006

    GooSayTen's New England PremiumTour 2006!
    "To the White; To the Sky"


    The Japan Society

    Supporting organizations:

    Hokkaido Massachusetts Society

    (2006 Supported event)

    Into the light of Ankoku Butoh:
    Butoh video & talk & Butoh live performance

    • VENUE Sapporo Sunpiazza Theater(Japanese)
      (near from "Shin Sapporo" JR station and "Shin Sapporo" subway station of Tozai-line)

    • DATE September 29th (Fri)
      • PART1 13:00-15:00 Talk1, Butoh video1, and Butoh live performance1
      • PART2 15:30-17:30 Talk2, Butoh video2, and Butoh live performance2
      • PART3 19:00-21:00 Talk3, Butoh video3, and Butoh live performance3
        The contents of three parts (talk, video and performance) will be different.

    Talk Title
    "Ankoku Butoh - current situations in foreign countries
    and development toward dancetherapy"

    By Prof. T.Kasai
    Department of Clinical Psychology, Faculty of Humanities, Sapporo Gakuin University

    Mika Takeuchi (GooSayTen Butoh dancer) and
    "KA-EN" (Takeuchi Mika Butoh unit with Manami, Sayaka, Ikura)
    will perform in the PART 3 !

    contact: GooSayTen10th Anniversay Memorial Event
    - Sunpiazza Theater's Cultural Event Support 2006 -

    Mika Takeuchi Butoh Solo Performance
    in "Ullambana" 2006

    It will be adreadful Butoh in the very Obon season,
    when departed souls are coming back...

    • August 12th (Sat) Open 19:00 / Start 19:30
      August 13th (Sun) Open14:30 / Start15:00
    • Sapporo Concarino Hall
      Hachiken 1-1, Nishi-ku, The Tower Place 1F.
    • Reserved ticket 2,500yen / on the day 3,000yen
      Student reserved ticket 1,500yen/ on the day 2,000yen

    • See Concarino WEBSITE (Japanese) !
      *A couple of contemporary dancers will perform in their turns.

    GooSayTen Butoh Performance 2005

    Mika Takeuchi with her Butoh disciples, Satomi and Manami

    A Butoh Night at Sapporo Gakuin University Campus, Sapporo
    for 14th Convention of Japan Dance Therapy Association.


    "To the sky, To the white"(Shiroi sora e)
    on March 23-24 at Kotoni-PATOS, Sapporo, Japan 2005

    Shoot the Works!(Japanese) presented by NPO Concarinho.

    (C)Photographs by Katsumi Takahashi,2005 (from NPO-Concarinho web-site.)

    GooSayTen in Bilbao, Spain 2005
    *GooSayTen deeply appreciate Sua Urana and NPO Arteandando
    for the Butoh events in Bilbao, Spain.

    GooSayTen in 2003

    GooSayTen in Poland 2003
    for "Human Body - Universal Sign" Conference in Krakow

    GooSayTen 2000-2002 -
    Performance in Vancouver, Seattle, Asheville, Poland, and Japan

    Butoh Duo "GooSayTen" in Sapporo Performance Festival 2002
    Daidonden Festival in Sapporo

    GooSayTen for the dance festivals 2000

    GooSayTen in " Ex..it!'99 "

    Ex...it!'99 - month long Butoh project in Germany (Aug.1-30, 1999)
    Itto Morita & Mika Takeuchi(C)Photograph by Marcus Lieberenz, 1999

    GooSayTen1999 performances -
    GooSayTen in U.S.A, Germany, and Poland

    GooSayTen 1998 - GooSayTen gave a new Butoh piece.
    GooSayTen 1997 - The piece "Shinobigoto" gained appreciation.
    Butoh Duo GooSayTen 1996 - GooSayTen started in 1995, Sapporo by Itto and Mika

    This website has been run by Itto/kasait,and WHO IS ITTO/KASAIT?

    Butoh Dance started in Japan in 1950s.

    Butoh related activities and materials.

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