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The world of Butoh Dance : Motofuji, Akiko

Butoh dance colaboration with M.Abakanowicz, a Polish sculptor, in Warsaw (1995)

A piece by Abakanowicz A.Motofuji and M.Abakanowicz

*ASBESTOS STUDIO, which has been run by Ms.Akiko Motofuji,
Hijikata's wife, is one of Butoh dance centers where Butoh dance
performance and workshops have been held.
ASBESTOS STUDIO, Nakamachi 1-6-17, Meguro-ku, Tokyo 153, Japan

Akiko Motofuji, Tatsumi Hijikata's wife and co-originator of Butoh,
passed away on October 19th, 2003, in Tokyo.
We offer our deep condolences to her.

(C) Made by ITTO
For memorial of ASBESTOS STUDIO and Akiko Motofuji,1998-2006