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The world of Butoh Dance : The Butoh dancer - Hijikata, Tatsumi

(1928 Mar.9 - 1986 Jan.21)

Hijikata, Tatsumi

from Hjikata Tatsumi postcards by ASBESTOS Studio.


Photo by Masahisa Fukase(C)1989

1972. 1972. 1972.

"Gibasan": Photo by Hiroshi Yamazaki(C)1998


Performance poster for "Shizukana Ie":

Photo by Hiroshi Yamazaki, Design by Ikko Tanaka(C)1998

"Bara Iro Dance",1965

From photo album "Kamaitachi",1968


"at the lesson room",1972

Photographs by (C) Eikoh Hosoe

Eikoh Hosoe published one of the most famous photographic albums
of Hijikata,Tatsumi named "Kamaitachi" in 1968.


"Shizukana Ie",1973

"Shizukana Ie",1973

Photographs by (C) Makoto Onozuka

"Yume no Shima yori",1972

Photograph by (C) Akio Yoshino

has been run by Ms.Akiko Motofuji, Hijikata's wife, and
is one of Butoh dance centers where Butoh dance performances
and workshops have been held.

Akiko Motofuji, Tatsumi Hijikata's wife and co-originator of Butoh,
passed away on October 19th, 2003, in Tokyo.
We offer our deep condolences to her,
and dream that she can have a dance with Hijikata again,
in Heaven. (Oct.2003)

The Asbestos Studio has been sold off by a bank after Akiko's decease.

* Keio University, Tokyo, started a systematic collection of Hijikata's
stage properties, manuscripts, books, posters, etc.
in cooperation with ASBESTOS Studio.
It will be a most intensive center for Hijikata studies.

(C) for Akiko Motofuji 1998-2003. Made by ITTO
Itto deeply thanks Akiko Motofuji's cooperation
for citing Hijikata's pohotographs at this website. (1998)