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ankoku butoh

The world of Butoh Dance

Butoh Dance is a Japanese avant-garde dance
originated by HIJIKATA,Tatsumi in 1950s.

Itto Morita, with his 31st year of butoh activities,
and Mika Takeuchi, with her 26th year,
have been preserving Ankoku Butoh by Butoh "GooSayTen"
in Sapporo, Japan. [butoh-tree]

Proceed to Itto Morita and Mika Takeuchi of Butoh GooSayTen

Butoh GooSayTen
Itto Morita and Mika Takeuchi
Sapporo, Japan 2019

GooSayTen's Butoh approach:
Please read about our Butoh!

The new Emperor succeeded,
and Japan has just entered a new era

on May 1st, 2019,
- named REIWA [ray-wah] -

*Photographs from street performances in Sapporo.

Intensive Butoh Workshops in August 2019

Butoh Events in 2018

PATOS Theatre Booking Live : THE FINAL !

Ankoku BUTOH by GooTama ZAMUKO
- A Flowr Root -

  • DATA: 2018 June 9th (SAT) 1700 - 2100
  • VENUE: PATOS Theatre
    Kotoni 1-4, Nishi-ku, Sapporo: Kotoni Subway station B2F
  • Admission: 500yen
  • ZAMUKO performance : 1725 to 1755
Reservation and Inquiry:
TEL 011(612)8383 or Check PATOS EVENT(pdf)!

BUTOH Mika Takeuchi

Mika has moved to New York this spring,
and will return to Sapporo in the summer.
And, we are expecting her new approach in butoh.

Dance Video Exhibition 2018
- The Chain of ZA -

  • Date: 7th(Wed)March - 9th(金) 1200-2000

  • Venue: HUE (Hokkaido Univ. of Education) Gallery
    North1 East1, Sapporo "Sapporo Nanseki KURA"
Talk event by Artists on 9th (1800 - 1900)


Detailed information.

  • 2017 Dec. 28 (Thu)
  • VENUE: Concarinho Theatre
    Nishi-ku, Sapporo
    Opens at 1830
  • FEE: 800 yen (1 drink order)

  • Performers
  • 1900 SD-Light
    1915 GooTama Zamuko Ankoku Butoh "Grass-soil-woman-bug"
    1935 DJ time
    1945 8 more performances! until 2130

2017 Butoh GooSayTen (reference)

Butoh GooSayTen in Minsk (Belarus)
Sep.7-11, 2017

"The Beauty of Dark BUTOH"

Japanese Autumn in Belarus:

One of the cultural exchange events of "Japan Cultural Festival"
of The Embassy of Japan in Belarus.
- 25th anniversary year of Japan-Belarus diplomaic relationship.
- 5th anniversay year of "Japanese Autumn in Belarus"

In 1999, Itto and Mika were invited for an international butoh project
"EX..IT! 99" in Berlin, Schloss Broelin. We met Slava, a nice performer from Belarus...
Over these 18 years, he invited us and we will perform in Minsk !

  • Sep.8 Butoh workshop
  • Sep.9-10 Seminar Body Intellects
  • Sep.11 Butoh performance

Detailed information [Facebook]

Gootama Zamuko Butoh "the flower sky"

Patos Booking Live

  • DATA: 16th September (Sat), Opens at 1830
  • VENUE: Plaza Kotoni "PATOS"
    Kotoni1-4, Nishi-ku, Sapporo Subway"KOTONI" underground.
  • FEE: 500yen
    Gootama will performe at 1900 - 1930

Reservation and Inquiry:011(612)8383 "PATOS" theater

Gootama Zamuko Ankoku Butoh "BenBen Festival"
Patos Theatre Booking Live Performance

  • DATA:6th May (Sat), 2017. Opens at 1715
  • VENUE: Terminal Plaza Kotoni "PATOS"
    Kotoni 1-4, Nishi-Ward, Sapporo.
    Subway "Kotoni" station, underground 2F.
  • TICKETS: 500yen
  • Reservations/Information:TEL 011-612-8383

Website of PATOS Theatre http://www.concarino.or.jp/patos/

  • 17:45 Aya / 18:10 Koichi Kobayashi / 18:35 Kotoni Jazz Hiphop KJH/
  • 19:00 Orion / 19:35 Sakaisujisen Ongakuka / 20:00 Beast Valco Jam/
  • 20:40 Butoh Gootama Zamuko

Mika Takeuchi and Gootama Zamuko collaboration !

"Fuki no Tori (the bird of Fuki)"

The first collaboration Mika and Zamuko

  • DATE: March 7th (Tue) from 2100 to 21:30
  • VENUE: Sapporo Concarinho Theater

A theatrical exhibition by various performers -

DATE: from March 6th(Mon) to March 12th(Sun)


Butoh GooSayTen

Mika Takeuchi and Itto Morita at Concarinho Theater, Sapporo Japan

"Beautiful Dark Light of Butoh"

Lighting by Masakazu Takahashi.
Costume design by Kaoru Iiri and Chiaki M.
(C) Photographs by Katsumi Takahashi, 2016

All Rights Reserved by GooSayTen 2017

Gootama Zamuko BUTOH dance "BLACK KINTA"


The experiment of experiment Vol.6
12 groups/individual's experimental performances.
  • 27th December (Tue) : Opens at 1900, starts at 1930
    Gootama Zamuko Butoh starts at 2000 - 2020
  • VENUE: Concarinho Sapporo
  • Admission 800yen +150(one drink)
  • Reservations: ticket.fireworks@gmail.com

Gootama Zamuko BUTOH dance "POKOPOKO MAN"

Patos Booking Live Show

  • 2017 9th January (Mon:Holiday). Starts at 1730
  • VENUE: Terminal Plaza Kotoni "PATOS"
    Kononi 1-4, Nishi-ku, Sapporo.
    Subway "KOTONI" station, Underground 2F.
  • Admission 500yen
  • Gootama Zamuko BUTOH starts at 2055

  • Reservation: 011(612)8383


Butoh GooSayTen Performance 2016

- Beautiful Dark Dance
and a Beam of Light -

Mika Takeuchi and Itto Morita

  • DATE: August 28th (Sun), 2016: Open 1800

  • VENUE: Cancarino Theater

    The Tower Place(1F), Hachiken-1, west 1, Nishi-ku, Sapporo
Beautifully dancing Mika in the darkenss,
with squirming dark Itto behind her...

Awaited peformance !
After butoh peformances around the world, in more than 30 cities.


GooTama Zamuko Collaboration
 Butoh dance with Cajon

  GooTama + Tomotami = Zamu_Tami

  • Concarino Theatre Summer Festival 2016

  • 17th, July 2016
  • Venu: Cancarino Theatre Sapporo

    email: mail@concarino.or.jp

  • Summer Festival: free charge !
  • Time: 1305 - 1325 Zamu_Tami performance

Concarino Event information

GooTama Zamuko
Ankoku BUTOH "O.KA.I.MO.NO" (shopping)

  • PATOS booking Live performance show

  • Date: May 3rd (TUE)
  • Venue: Terminal Plaza Kotoni "PATOS"
    Kotoni 1-4, Nishi-ku, Sapporo
    Subway station "KOTONI" BF2
    Tel:011612)8383 FAX:011612)6656
  • Ticket: 500 yen (anytime)
  • 18:00 open
    18:30 Kotoni Jazz Hiphop KJH
    19:00 Orion
    19:35 Avancool
    20:00 Sakura Alice
    20:30 GooTama Zamuko performs at 2030

"PATOS" information

Gootama Zamko

Ankoku Butoh " O-sho-gatsu "
(the new year)

Patos Booking Live performance  
  • DATA: 9th, January (Sat)
  • VENUE: "PATOS" Kotoni Terminal Plaza
    Sapporo, Subwary station "Kotoni" underground BF2
    Tel: 011 612 8383 /FAX:011 612 6656
  • Ticket: 500 yen
    17:00 open
    18:00 - various live shows/ performancef
    20:20 Gootama Zamko

    Gootama Zamko performs at 20:20 -

Event information "PATOS" http://www.concarino.or.jp/patos/

The year of 2015

Butoh GooSayTen in Palermo, Italy
for the 13th ECArTE 2015

Mika Takeuchi Butoh presentation with Itto Morita

Mika gave Butoh presentation for ECArTE
in Lucca(Italy 2011), Paris (2013), and Palermo (2015).

at Palazzo Steri o Chiaramontemaximum, University of Palermo, Sicily, Italy

Gootama Zamko
Ankoku Butoh "SA-KE-ME"(a crack)

  • The Experiment of Experiment
    - Specially featured by Drama Theatre - FIREWORKS

  • DATA: October 28th(Wed), 2015
  • VENUE: Theater Concarihno
    Hachiken 2 west 1, Nishi-ku, Sapporo: The Tower Place 1F
  • Zamuko 2030 - 2100
information Theatre fireworks(Japanese)

Mika Takeuchi for Ryu Ohshima Woodblock Printings 

* (photographs and video added)

Gootama Zamuko
Butoh Live performance
" RIVER BED 2015"

  • Patos Booking Live Performance
  • DATE: 24th (Sun) May, 2015
  • TIME: The live starts at 1800
    Zamuko performance starts at 2105 - 2135 (30min.)

  • VENUE: Kotoni "PATOS"
    Basement 2nd Floor of Subway station "KOTONI", Sapporo
  • Information: http://www.concarino.or.jp/patos/ MAP !

performance photo

In modern Latin dances such as salsa and tango, lifting techniques are important and give strong impressions to the performance. Also in butoh dance, we have a long history and traditions of lifting a partner.
Butoh GooSayTen, Itto Morita and Mika Takeuchi, has utilized butoh lifts for years. Please read and understand the meaning and significance of lifting in butoh as Hijikata's heritage.

About butoh dance lifts [explanations and photos/videos]

The year of 2014

Butoh Mika Takeuchi with Shuuichi Chino (piano)

at Lib Gallery, Sapporo Japan
September 15th, 2014

GooSayTen at a local festival in Hokkaido, Japan

Ittomika Mika
Mika - Itto Mika - Itto
* To our regret, Mika broke one of her toe bones this year,
and we have to keep silent as if we are under a heavy snow fall...

Mika's butoh solo performance
with the improvisation piano by Shuichi Chino

- The awaited collaboration again in Sapporo !

- DATE: September 15th, 2014
- VENUE: LIB Gallery, Sapporo.
- Open 1900. - Reservation: 2500yen (3000yen on the day)

Check the poster for detailed information ! [poster]

Intensive Butoh Workshop 2014
In Sapporo, Japan

Summer Intensive Butoh Workshops in Sapporo
  • Workshop (C) July 26th(Sat) - August 2nd(Sat)
  • Workshop (D) August 4th(Mon) - 11th(Mon)

A Butoh paper by Helen Smith
"Be Moved - The Transformative Power of Butoh :
Towards An Articulation of An Aesthetics of Butoh"
Helen Smith visited our studio in Sapporo to attend an intensive butoh workshop in 2013. She asked many things about butoh based upon her longtime practices and multilayered theoretical approaches.
I believe that her thesis will be helpful for the people who are eager to catch Butoh "slippery fish".

*Please visit a corner of "Butoh related materials".

Itto Morita (Feb. 24, 2014)

Gootama ZamukoButoh Live performance "A Blue Lady"

  • Patos Booking Live Performance
  • DATE: 31st(Sun) May, 2014
  • TIME: The live starts at 1800
    Zamuko performance starts at 1915〜(30min.)

  • VENUE: Kotoni "PATOS"
    Basement 2nd Floor of Subway station "KOTONI", Sapporo
  • Information: http://www.concarino.or.jp/patos/ MAP !


Gootama ZamukoButoh Performance "Riverside No.2"

  • DATE March 29th (Sat) 2014
    dinner time 1800〜
    performance starts at 1900〜
  • VENUE Spice Dining "Chandama"
    Ryokuen Buil. BF1, Nort3 West 7, Chuo-ku, Sapporo
  • 2000Yen Butoh + curry dinner

[Gootama Zamuko website]

Gootama Zamuko BUTOH "O-TSU-KA-I"

  • Patos Theater "Booking Live Performace"
  • DATE: 2014 January 19th (Sun)
  • START: at 1745
    Zamuko performance: at 1935 (30min.)

  • VENUE:Terminal Plaza KOTONI PATOS
    Kotoni 1-4, Sapporo: Subway "Konoti" B2F
  • TEL:011(612)8383
  • Performance information: http://www.concarino.or.jp/patos/ (MAP)


Mika and Itto Butoh presentation for ECArTE 2013 in Paris

(ECArTE: European Consortium for Arts Therapies Education)

[YouTube- GooSayTen Butoh Performance video]
(32min.) by Mirei Yazawa 2013.

Crazy for Asia : Dance collaboration with butoh

Thai dance, Java dance, and Butoh with percussions !
A rare event of three different dance styles collaborating together.

Takako Iwasawa (Thai dance), Shin Takuma (Java dance), and Mika Takeuchi (Butoh)
with a percussionist HAM.

  • Date: September 8th, from 1330 to 1530.
  • Venue: Sapporo Shiryokan (ducuments museum) 2F, Odori west 13, Chuo-ku.
  • Ticket: 2000yen.
  • Ask for information: -EMAIL-

Ankoku BUTOH "Waterdrops of the summer"

Butoh HANADOUJI (Chikita Risa and Gootama Zamuko)

  • DATE: August 11th (Sun) Dinner time 1800, Butoh starts 1900
  • VENUE: Spice Dining CHANDAMA
    North3 West 7, Chuo-ku, Sapporo Ryokuen buil. (BF1)
  • 2000YEN (Butoh +dinner: Curry selections)
  • Reservation: 011-577-9487 CHANDAMA (map)
    Ask for information: gootama.z@gmail.com

    Poster [PDF]


Mika Takeuchi Butoh "Mermaid Princess"
Butoh by Mika Takeuchi and Storytelling by Mattsu

June 22nd (Sat) Starts at 1900
June 23rd(Sun) Starts at 1400
Sapporo YAMABIKO-ZA (East ward, N27E15)

"Mermaid Princess" obtained
"Sapporo Art Stage Surprise Prize" in 2010.
After the repeat performance in 2011,
the awaited butoh piece will be once again on stage!

- Lighting: Masakazu Takahashi (NPO Sapporo Concarinho)
Sapporo Art Fesival
  (Entry No.1307) 2013

- poster -

Gootama Zamuko

  • Patos Booking Live Events
  • DATA: JUNE 16th (Sat)
  • Events start at 1745
    Gootama performance starts at 2055 (30min)
  • VENUE: Terminal Plaza Kotoni "PATOS"
    * Located under the subway station "KOTONI"
    Address: Kotoni 1-4, Nishi-ku, Sapporo
  • CALL Patos hall: 011(612)8383
  • http://www.concarino.or.jp/patos/[Patos MAP] (Japanese)


Gootama Zamuko :
Ankoku Butoh Solo "Princess Gold"

Gootama Zamuko Website
  • Patos Booking Live Events
  • DATA: May 3rd (Fri)
  • Events start at 1745
    Gootama performance starts at 1925 (30min)
  • VENUE: Terminal Plaza Kotoni "PATOS"
    Address: Kotoni 1-4, Nishi-ku, Sapporo
  • CALL Patos hall: 011(612)8383
  • http://www.concarino.or.jp/patos/[Patos MAP] (Japanese)

Mika Takeuchi Butoh Lecture

" BUTOH and the BODY - between the stage art and body-mind therapy"

MAP presents :

DATE: April 26th (Fri) 2013 at TO-ON CAFE
VENUE: South 9 West 3, 1st floor of Madison Heights, Sapporo.

Gootama Zamuko Ankoku Butoh Solo "Riverside"

  • Date: March 23rd (Sat) Dinner time at 1800, Starts at 1900
  • Venue:Spice dining "Chandama"  (map)
    Ryokuen buil. (BF1), Nort3 West7, Sapporo (10 minute walk from JR Sapporo station)
  • Fee: Dinner + Butoh 2000JPY (Curry dinner set)

Detailed information → [Gootama Zamuko HP] (Japanese)

Mika Takeuchi Butoh "to the Forest of Night Dreams"

B U T O H :Mika Takeuchi Beautiful and dreadful butoh dancer in Japan...

P I A N O : Shuichi Chino Japanese Jazz pianist living in Berlin.

L I G H T I N G : Masakazu Takahashi  Lighting artist of Theatre "Concarinho".

DATA:2013 February 20th (WED)
Opens at 1900 / Starts at 1930

VENUE : Gallery MONMA - MAP -
  • TEL. 011-562-1055
  • Asahigaoka 2chome, 3-38, Chuo-ku, Sapporo
Ticket Reservation - 3000yen(Student 1500yen)
Ticket : 3500yen(Student 2000yen)

[ RESERVE your tickets! ]

Ask for information :
(FAX 011-671-5860)

Butoh improvisation with Jazz pianist Shuichi Chino

They collaborated in 2010, amalgamating Butoh and Jazz piano. Awaited performance again !

Butoh Dance "GooSayTen"
Itto and Mika

Mika and Itto, praying for a peaceful world ...

GooSayTen Butoh Videos !
Street performance with Mika
(updated: Jan.02, 2011)

(C)Photographs by Katsumi Takahashi, 1996 Itto sits.
(C)Photographs by Katsumi Takahashi, 1996 Itto crouches.
(C)Photographs by Katsumi Takahashi, 1998 Itto walks.
VIDEO: Itto in spasm

Mika website

[Butoh lesson in Japan] Studio
-Hokkaido is the northernmost prefecture of Japan.
Sapporo is the capital city with 2 million population
where the Winter Olympic Games was held in 1972.

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