UI-View32 & UISS easy guide

  1.UI-View32 SatGate   UI-View32 V2.03 for SatGate
  2.UISS setting up     UISS setting up with Interface
  3.UISS & UI-View32    How to use UISS and UI-View32
  4.UISS translation    UISS translation into Japanese
  5.Google Earth        Japan Map for UI-View32 & UISS
  6.UISS-SatGate 1.0    How to SatGate using UISS only
  7.UISS-SatGate TNC    UISS-SatGate with TNC
  8.Soundmodem #1       Soundmodem + UISS setup
  9.Soundmodem #2       Soundmodem + UI_View32 setup
 10.Soundmodem #3       UISS using Soundmodem_1k2 (PC Interface)
 11.Soundmodem #4       APRS using Soundmodem_9k6 (FCD + SDR#)
 12.ISS-PBBS            ISS-PBBS using UISS, MixW
 13.SatGate #1          ISS SatGate to APRS
 14.SatGate #2          UISS SatGate update
 15.AGWPE, Soundmodem   UISS on Windows10

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