UISS SatGate update

UISS software updated recently to Ver5.4.0, and the related UISS_SatGate 
software updated to Ver2.0. The minor change of up to Ver1.3 was just unzip
as it is in the same folder of UISS, but you need to set from the beginning
properly in UISS since Ver2.0 is a full model change.  Normally, to start
the other software automatically after UISS start, you need check to "Auto
Run Application" in "UISS-Setup-Setup-Extra-Run Applcation on Start-Up".
Because such as this UISS_SatGate2 and UISS_MapView are the module that is
strongly related to UISS, you must be run directly from UISS-Modules in UISS
without checked to here. (Note: It works only with UISS Pro-Edition.)

You need fill in in "UISS-Modules-UISS_SatGat2-Program-Settings". And you
need fill in the important Host name and the five-digit "Validation #".
There are many host around the world, and it is commentary in My_HP how to
get this Validation number. It is common to the Validation number to fill
in the settings UI-View32 software. As shown in the following of the first
image, if you check to "Auto Connect (30 sec. after Start)", you can connect
automatically to the server within 30 seconds after UISS_SatGate2 start.

In the second image, you need remove the check of "Position Beacon-Send".
Since the default is checked here, it becomes annoying because would put
the beacon every 15 minutes. And in the third image, you need check both
"RF to Inet" and "Inet to RF". There are items of "ISS Position Object" in
the 4th image. Because an error in the transmission operation of every 2 
inutes had been displayed when I check here, I was later removed this check.
The 5th image is a screen shot of UISS after finished the various settings.
The 6th image is a screen shot of "Verified Yes" after a server connection.
If you do not fill in the "Validation #" in the first setting, it will be
displayed here as the red "Verified No".



In SatGate Ver2.0, I could confirm "Inet to RF", but I can not confirm
"RF to Inet" really. Therefore, unavoidably I was back to SatGate Ver1.3.
In this Ver1.3, I have confimed both the data flow of "Inet to RF" and
"RF to Inet". As a reminder, I will show the similar images of settings
of Ver1.3. The difference of settings is I have the set of "IGate TxPort"
to "0". But I can not be set individually "0" in "IGate TxPort"of Ver2.0.
This is unclear whether reasons it's not possible "RF to Inet" in Ver2.0.


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