UI-View32 V2.03 for SatGate

a) Go to Install
b) Go to MIC-E
c) Go to SSET

How to install UI-View32

UI-View32 program is available at http://www.ui-view.net/ UI-View32 settings for SatGate: 1. Refer to http://www.apritch.myby.co.uk/uiv32.htm about "Validation number". 2. Press Insert button on PC in UIView32 - Setup - APRS Server Stup - Select One Or More Servers 3. Add and check (ex) satgate.aprsca.net:10150 in UIView32 - Setup - APRS Server Stup - Select One Or More Servers 4. Extra log-on text: filter p/ANDE-1/ANDE-2/RAFT/W3ADO-1 d/ANDE-1/ANDE-2/RAFT/W3ADO-1 5. UIView32 - Action - Click: Connect To APRS Server 6. Confirm at http://satgate.aprsca.net:14501/
PortClientCallsighVerifiedSoftwareSA Setting
14580124.155.85.205:2224JE9PELYesUI-View32 V2.03p/ANDE-1/ANDE-2/RAFT/W3ADO-1
7. When you can receive RAFT/ANDE signals, send automatically to APRS SatGate these data. Confirm at http://www.findu.com/cgi-bin/pcsat.cgi?absolute=1 8. Confirm in MonLog folder of UI-View32 as follows. >201753zUI-View32 V2.03 # javAPRSSrvr 3.12b10 # logresp JE9PEL verified, server T2SOCAL JE9PEL>APU25N,TCPIP*:=3522.51N/13936.48E- {UIV32N} RAFT>BEACON,SGATE [03/21/07 03:06:35] <UI>:T#400,078,002,035,034,068,10000000,999 RAFT>BEACON,SGATE [03/21/07 03:06:55] <UI>:T#402,078,002,035,034,067,10000000,999 RAFT>BEACON,SGATE [03/21/07 03:07:35] <UI>:T#406,078,002,034,034,066,10000000,999 RAFT>BEACON,SGATE [03/21/07 03:07:38] <UI>:>13 Mar 1403z RAFT>BEACON,SGATE [03/21/07 03:08:05] <UI>:T#409,078,002,034,033,067,10000000,999 9. You can send a messages to RAFT/ANDE after setting UIView32 - Terminal - Conv, and after writing in To and Text box of UIView32 - Messages as above, and after pressing Enter key at the last in Text box. 10. Confirm at http://www.findu.com/cgi-bin/find.cgi?JE9PEL http://www.db0anf.de/app/aprs/stations/basic-JE9PEL Type your callsign in CallSign. Japan Map for UISS: japan_je9pel (building now) Japan Map for UISS: japanggl-uiss (building now) Japan Map for UI-View32: japanggl-uiv32 (building now) Japan Map for UI-View32: japan-pl (update) Cf. APRS Protocol Reference http://www.ui-view.org/files/APRS101.pdf =3523.05N/13936.61E- Yokohama Japan bottom top

MIC-E format

JA6PL received my JE9PEL MIC-E format signal as follows. UPLINK CHANNELS: GO-32 has two uplink channels that can work for APRS packets... One will allow only the Mic-E format APRS packets (D7 and D700 tactical position reporting) and the other will only work for APRS or UI messaging... This is in hardware, due to front-end filtering parameters, not due to any arbitrary policy... 145.85 MHz All APRS messaging (or fixed station non-Mic-E positions)... Only TOCALLs that begin with "APxxxx". 145.93 MHz All APRS Mic-E positions and status(D7, D700 and D710s with comment set to "Committed, Special or PRIORITY"... http://web.usna.navy.mil/~bruninga/GO32-ops.html GO-32 MIC-E success! (A part of \\\ are the binary data.) JE9PEL>3URSP5,4XTECH* [11/13/07 19:14:12] <UI R>:`C@Y\\\-/test MIC-E JA6PL>APRS,4XTECH* [11/13/07 19:14:52] <UI R>: =3352.11N/13043.13E- CQ de JA6PL Kitakyushu City JAPAN JE9PEL>3URSP5,4XTECH* [11/13/07 19:15:03] <UI R>:`C@Y\\\-/test MIC-E JA5BLZ>APRS,4XTECH* [11/13/07 19:15:10] <UI>:GE JA6PL JA6PL>APRS,4XTECH* [11/13/07 19:15:30] <UI R>:JA5BLZ UR 599 TU JA6PL>APRS,4XTECH* [11/13/07 19:15:41] <UI R>:JE9PEL UR 599 TU JA5BLZ>APRS,4XTECH* [11/13/07 19:15:45] :JA6PL TNX 73 JA6PL>APRS,4XTECH* [11/13/07 19:16:03] <UI R>:QSL 73 JE9PEL>APRS,4XTECH* [11/13/07 19:17:44] <UI R>:MIC-E test success! JE9PEL>3URSP5,4XTECH* [11/13/07 19:26:02] <UI R>:`C@Y\\\-/up 145.930 MHz ISS, APRS MIC-E RS0ISS-4>CQ,SGATE [11/18/07 22:48:46] <UI R>:>ARISS - International Space Station (BBS/APRS on) JE9PEL>APRS,RS0ISS-4* [11/18/07 22:48:51] <UI R>:=3523.05N/13936.61E- YOKOHAMA JAPAN {UIV32N} JE9PEL>APRS,RS0ISS-4* [11/18/07 22:49:32] <UI R>:=3523.05N/13936.61E- YOKOHAMA JAPAN {UIV32N} JE9PEL>3URSP5,RS0ISS-4* [11/18/07 22:51:35] <UI R>:`C@Y\\\-/test MIC-E via ISS JE9PEL>3URSP5,RS0ISS-4* [11/18/07 22:52:40] <UI R>:`C@Y\\\-/test MIC-E via ISS JE9PEL>3URSP5,RS0ISS-4* [11/18/07 22:53:26] <UI R>:`C@Y\\\-/APRS MIC-E success via ISS! APRS Protocol Reference (Ch.10 MIC-E format) http://www.ui-view.org/files/APRS101.pdf LATI/LONG -> MIC-E Converter Ver1.1 http://www.ne.jp/asahi/hamradio/je9pel/miceconv.zip ex. ------------------------ Lati 35d23m3s N 35d23.05m N Long 139d36m36.5s E 139d36.61m E Speed 0 knots Cource 0 deg. Destination 3URSP5 Information `C@Y\\\-/ ------------------------ This \\\ are Binary Data. JE9PEL>3URSP5,4XTECH* [11/24/07 20:18:19] <UI R>:`C@Y\\\-/MIC-E, 73 ALL http://www.db0anf.de/app/aprs/stations/basic-JE9PEL bottom top

SatSE Test

GO-32 SSET success! Satellite Simulated Emergency Test http://web.usna.navy.mil/~bruninga/sset.html WU2Z>APM385,TCPIP*,qAC,FIRST::JE9PEL :ack WU2Z>APM385,TCPIP*,qAC,FIRST:=4027.00N/07428.68WMPHG0000/MacAPRS 3.8.2 -NJMIDNO BRUNS-385-<4b6> WU2Z>APM385,TCPIP*,qAC,FIRST::JE9PEL :EMail message delivered OK{667 JE9PEL>APU25N,TCPIP*::WU2Z :ack667 JE9PEL>APRS,4XTECH*[11/12/07 19:41:17] <UI R>::EMAIL :ei7m-wkt@asahi-net.or.jp SatSE Test JE9PEL>APRS,4XTECH*[11/12/07 19:41:40] <UI R>:=3523.05N/13936.61E- YOKOHAMA JAPAN {UIV32N} JE9PEL>APU25N*[11/12/07 19:42:50] <UI R>::EMAIL :ei7m-wkt@asahi-net.or.jp SatSE Test{70 WU2Z>APM385,TCPIP*,qAC,FIRST::JE9PEL :ack70 WU2Z>APM385,TCPIP*,qAC,FIRST::JE9PEL :EMail message delivered OK{668 JE9PEL>APU25N,TCPIP*::WU2Z :ack668 WU2Z>APM385,TCPIP*,qAC,FIRST:=4027.00N/07428.68WMPHG0000/MacAPRS 3.8.2 -NJMIDNO BRUNS-385-<4b6> JE9PEL>APU25N [11/12/07 19:45:14] <UI R>:EMAIL test success! JE9PEL>APRS,4XTECH*[11/12/07 19:47:59] <UI R>:EMAIL test success! http://www.db0anf.de/app/aprs/stations/messages-JE9PEL ---------------------------------------------- Subject: APRS Message from JE9PEL From: ...@....rutgers.edu Date: Mon, 12 Nov 2007 05:40:26 -0500 (EST) SatSE Test Message received by MacAPRS IGate station WU2Z Located in NO BRUNSWICK, NJ APRS path = JE9PEL>APRS,TCPIP*,qAC,T2SOCAL ---------------------------------------------- JE9PEL>APRS,4XTECH* [11/14/07 18:50:36] <UI R>:=3523.05N/13936.61E- YOKOHAMA JAPAN {UIV32N} JE9PEL>APRS,4XTECH* [11/14/07 18:51:18] <UI R>:=3523.05N/13936.61E- YOKOHAMA JAPAN {UIV32N} JH1BCL>APRS,4XTECH* [11/14/07 18:51:28] <UI R>:=3615.39N/13909.03E-SAITAMA JAPAN {UIV32N} JE9PEL>APRS,4XTECH* [11/14/07 18:51:52] <UI R>:Hello JH1BCL JE9PEL>APRS,4XTECH* [11/14/07 18:52:10] <UI R>:599 to you JH1BCL>APRS,4XTECH* [11/14/07 18:52:24] <UI R>:JE9PEL UR 599 JE9PEL>APRS,4XTECH* [11/14/07 18:52:42] <UI R>:Ok to JH1BCL JE9PEL>APRS,4XTECH* [11/14/07 18:52:54] <UI R>:73 JH1BCL>APRS,4XTECH* [11/14/07 18:52:59] <UI R>:QSL 73 JH1BCL>APRS,4XTECH* [11/14/07 18:53:40] <UI R>:JE9PEL TNX 73 yorosiku JE9PEL>APRS,4XTECH* [11/14/07 18:55:12] <UI R>::EMAIL :ei7m-wkt@asahi-net.or.jp /SatSE Test JE9PEL>APRS,4XTECH* [11/14/07 18:56:06] <UI R>:SSET email test success again! JE9PEL>APRS,4XTECH* [11/14/07 18:56:14] <UI R>:SSET email test success again! JE9PEL>APRS,4XTECH* [11/14/07 18:56:49] <UI R>:CQ all JE9PEL>APRS,4XTECH* [11/14/07 18:57:27] <UI R>:Today GO-32 digi NICE! JE9PEL>APRS,4XTECH* [11/14/07 18:57:56] <UI R>:Today GO-32 digi NICE! JH1BCL>APRS,4XTECH* [11/14/07 18:58:18] <UI R>:vy gd condx de jh1bcl JH1BCL>APRS,4XTECH* [11/14/07 18:58:59] <UI R>:vy gd cindx today JE9PEL>3URSP5,4XTECH* [11/14/07 18:59:07] <UI R>:`C@Y\\\-/test MIC-E, 145.930 MHz up JA0CAW>APRS,4XTECH* [11/14/07 18:59:24] <UI>:CQCQ JA0CAW JA0CAW>APRS,4XTECH* [11/14/07 18:59:44] <UI>:CQCQ JA0CAW JA0CAW>APRS,4XTECH* [11/14/07 18:59:57] <UI>:CQCQ JA0CAW JE9PEL>3URSP5,4XTECH* [11/14/07 19:01:41] <UI R>:`C@Y\\\-/MIC-E test success again! JA0CAW>APRS,4XTECH* [11/14/07 19:02:22] <UI>:CQCQ JA0CAW JA0CAW>APRS,4XTECH* [11/14/07 19:02:41] <UI>:=3755.04N/13907.29E-CQ CQ JA0CAW {UISS51}

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