"Soundmodem + UI_View32" setup

This article is the sequel of "Soundmodem + UISS" setup written by JA0CAW.
I, JE9PEL will supplement and write here for "Soundmodem + UI_View32" setup.

(1)          (2)          (3)          (4)          (5)          (6)
(7)          (8)          (9)          (10)         (11)         (12)

(1) Soundmodem -> Settings -> Devices -> Select PTT Port
(2) UI_View32 -> Setup -> Comms Setup -> Select AGWPE in Host Mode
(3) UI_View32 -> Setup -> Comms Setup -> Host Mode -> AGWPE ->Confirm in Setup
(4) UI_View32 -> Setup -> Station Setup -> Confirm in Unproto port and address
(5) AGWPE Ports Information will be popuped automatically.
(6) It's twice automatically sent to first in UI_View32.
(7) UI_View32 -> Messages -> Setup -> Message Retries -> Try 1 times
    The setting of this "1 times" is important. Because "1 times",
    the retry interval may be a number of seconds of any.
(8) You transmit and receive any messages in Messages window in UI_View32.
    Press Enter key after you fill in the To/Digi/Text column of the lower,
    then the messages are transmitted. Re-transmission is possible when you
    double-click on Sent column.
(9) UI_View32 -> Check the status in Terminal window. You can be transmit
    in Terminal window when the setting of HostMode=None and TNCtype=TNC2.
(10)The result of transmission and reception in UI_View32 are reflected in
    Soundmodem as it is.
(11)UI_View32 -> Action -> Connect Aprs Server, then it will be reflected
    in finducom_ISS.
(12)The result of transmission and reception with ISS will be reflected as
    the statistics also APRS Server.




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