UISS using Soundmodem_1k2 (PC Interface)

I write again how to access ISS using the "Soundmodem_1k2 + UISS" via soundcard without TNC.
This is the way JA0CAW was described previously. I also wrote in the following URL for more
information and I write the imprtant points again as follows.

 1. Make an interface (See below)
 2. Soundmodem -> Setting -> Device -> Set PTT_Port(COM2)
 3. UISS -> Setup -> Main_LAN -> Check Enable_LAN_Mode


As you can see the figure below, it is written in black in Soundmodem and in red in UISS
by default when I successfully digipeat. Satellite callsign is RS0ISS or RS0ISS-4.
It can support both if you set to "ARISS" in the "Via:" of the upper part of UISS.

11:29-11:38UTC, 20 Jun 2013, Ele 21 WN-N-NE, 145.825MHZ AFSK

[UISS Auto-Log data - Mode: All Packets - Date:2013/06/20]
Fm RS0ISS To CQ <UI pid=F0 Len=36 > [20:31:05]
>ARISS - International Space Station

Fm JE9PEL To APRS Via ARISS <UI pid=F0 Len=52 > [20:34:48]
=3523.05N/13936.61E- Yokohama Japan via ISS {UISS53}

Fm JE9PEL To APRS Via RS0ISS* <UI pid=F0 Len=52 > [20:34:50]
=3523.05N/13936.61E- Yokohama Japan via ISS {UISS53}

Fm JE9PEL To APRS Via ARISS <UI pid=F0 Len=24 > [20:35:56]
:SAT      :Hello via ISS

Fm JE9PEL To APRS Via RS0ISS* <UI pid=F0 Len=24 > [20:35:58]
:SAT      :Hello via ISS




      Interface between PC and RIG

(1) Red: PC earphone terminal for 1k2/9k6 uplink
    White: PC microphone terminal for 1k2/9k6 downlink

(2) White: Transistor(2SC1815) + Diode(1S1588)
    Yellow: Transformer ST71(600:600) + Capacitor(10uF)

(3) Switching connector for 1k2/9k6
(4) Connector between PC_COM2(USB) and RIG_PTT
(5) Inside of this switching connector

(6) Yellow: RIG microphone terminal for 1k2 uplink
    White: RIG earphone terminal for 1k2 downlink
    Connect directly to the inside of the radio by
    replacing the switching connector(3) for 9k6.
    (Connectable to 9k6 data terminal of RIG.)

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