WiSP hints by ST2NH and JE9PEL

The following photos show some hints about WiSP.
See for more information ST2NH Satellite Blog.

Upload file

Directory maintenance

1- Do File Housekeeping and Directory maintenance.
2- Delete any partial upload file ! I notice HO-68 refuse / deny
   the existence of any partial upload file on its BBS.
3- Use the faster PC you have.
4- IMHO - XP is the best OS for Wisp!
5- Many friends asked me about Wisp's setup -see photos pse

Update keps

It was an old problem in Wisp to update the satellite database easy!

ST2NH's solution,

1- Deleting the old wisp keps file.
2- Update only the keps for the satellite you want to use.eg AO-51,GO-32,HO-68
   No need for the other sats at database file.
3- Prepate the keps for the satellites you want to use in a Notepad text file.
4- Re-update database .

Fast upload

Hints to make Wisp more faster to upload messages to satellite
especially for HO-68 satellite.

1st- Prepare fresh messages and delete any none uploaded messages.

2nd- Do not make Wisp busy by requesting Dir or reading a file.
     on the other hand DO NOT make the satellite busy too.

     ( DO NOTHING ) Let Wisp Hear the satellite.
     Wisp w'll do every thing automatically to upload your files.

     This is very important step (advice) and I'll say it again !!
     (DO NOTHING ) Just watch your screen and enjoy your hot tea
     and let Wisp hear and talk with the satellite alone.

3rd- The above advice wll prevent collision of the packet data between
     your station and satellite .So more faster handshake of data in less time.

4th- Prepare your message with short title.

5th- Write your message in shorthand style.

6th- No need for HUGE signatures. See below the cool Alan's post at AMSAT 28 Jun 2000

Subject: Newbie observation - pacsat message signatures
From: "Alan K. Adamson"
Date: Wed, 28 Jun 2000 20:46:54 -0400
I've noticed that there are some *huge* signatures on messages posted to the
sats. I'm all for telling people who you are and what you do. But I saw
one that had to be over 20 lines. It was more than the message. Isn't that
kinda wasted bandwidth? If there wasn't email or qrz.com, maybe I could see
it, but I'd think it would be better to place that stuff on a web page and
not *every* message.

See photos for more info.

Reference by JE9PEL

What is WiSP ?

How to install and UNinstall WiSP

How to setup WiSP on Vista

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