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Profile Self introduction, family and friends, my  workshop etc.
Biotope My garden is full of seasonal flowers, herbs, birds and  insects.  I enjoy gardening  and  planting.
Outdoor I love the outdoors.  I like trekking, (hot) springs, driving and  camping.
Area My house is near public gardens, parks and historic sites  in and  around  Nihonmatsu. I like to take a walk.
Photo I like film camera. I have my own  dark room  and  have been enjoyed developing  monochrome photographs. I also enjoy digital camera now.
Theater I enjoy a wide variety  of music and  movies in my ARK (audio visual home theater-my hiding place).  I also enjoy   DIY  carpentry .I have made some handmade speaker  systems. 
access  Gourmet I prefer homemade natural foods, vegetable gardening, fruit growing, favorite sake and  anything tastes delicious.
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