Museum City Project, Official Website
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MCP is the nonprofit organization
which is having the projects in connection with urban town and art
since 1990 in Fukuoka City, Japan.
Consists of artists, companies and government people.

**MCP's address (postal) **
c/o Gallery Artlier
Hakata Riverain B2 fl.
Shimo-kawabata 3-1, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka 812-0027 JAPAN

direct phone and fax +81-92-282-0553

contact e-mail []
* we change the contact address in March 2007.

English weblog [ohaz's daily life] (since March 31, 2007)

Photo page [flickr/ohaz88]

what's new (within 3 months)

March 31, 2007: Change the contact email addres, new blog and flickr link
May 29, 2006: Changed the postal address [name of the building]
April 1, 2006: Link to Fabe and Gallery Artlier Blog

* Gallery Artlier (organized by the Fukuoka City Foundation for Arts and Cultural Promotion)
MCP has been producing the Gallery Artlier since June 2004.
[Artist House Project] in 2004
[Fukuokia Art Magazine Project] in 2005
Gallery Artlier Blog (Since March 2006)

* fabe: Fukuoka Art BBS in English (managed by MCP)
Art information web-board in Fukuoka, Japan.

* MCP's Project
MCP history (English)

MCP book information (English/Japanese)

Museum City Project 2002 [Home Room] (English/Japanese)

2001 artbus (English/Japanese)

Toyota Art Management, 2001 "Reisen Art House" (English/Japanese)

Museum City Fukuoka 2000 [art out] (English/Japanese)

Museum City Prpject 1999 WochenKlausur: Art and Concrete Intervention (English/Japanese)

Museum City Fukuoka 1998 (English/Japanese)

Museum City Tenjin 1996 (English/Japanese)

art link (English)

* others
art bar Minggu, open ! (April 2002/opening info) (English/Japanese)

bunkahou_lecture (Feb. 2002/info and repo) (English/Japanese)

d-ART (diary) (Japanese only)

* old forgetten pages
Fukuoka Art Schedule (Japanese)-- To get new info, check the bbs (Japanese).

REPORT PAGE 2001 (English/Japanese)

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