"Artist House" Project
at the Gallery Artlier by Museum City Project

Japanese page/2004

Fukuoka Art Magazine Project in 2005

The Museum City Project produces the Gallery Artlier
from June 2004 named "Artist's House" project.

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[Museum City Project]

[Gallery Artlier (in the Arts & Culture@Information@Center: artlier),
Fukuoka City Foundation for Arts and Cultural Promotion]
phone +81-92-281-0081
gallery direct phone +81-92-281-0127

Hakata Riverain Center Bld. B2 fl.
3-1 Shimo-kawabata Hakata-ku Fukuoka
812-0027 Japan

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2005.03.04: #7 and #8 info
2005.01.11: #6 event info
2004.12.31: new year events info
2004.12.27: #7 info
2004.12.06: #4, #5, #6 information, new MCP official address
2004.09.10, past and present
2004.08.26, *CandyFactory info and Egami's Photo Report Page Link
2004.07.26, Egami's DM, Talk info
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Program #8
[Dr Yoshitaka Mourifs Reception Room/Art and Documentation]
March 4 (Fri.) - March 27(Sun.), 2005
Open everyday, 10:00-20:00

Admission Free

Artlier looks at the relationships between art and documentation.
Documentation is usually seen as secondary to art, but, in fact, art is often experienced only through documentation.
What will happen if we see documentation as primary?

Director: Yoshitaka Mouri
Space Design: Keifichi Miyagawa
Artists: Kei'ichi Miyagawa, Atsushi Suzuki, Takamasa Sumi
(Artists' Profile in Japanese)

Party: 10 March (Thu.), 18:30-, admission 1000yen
Discussion 1 [Art and Documentation] , 17 March (Thu.) 18:30-, admission free
Discussion 2 [History and Documentation], 24 March (Thu.) 18:30-, admission free

Dr. Mouri's Profile
Dr. Yoshitaka Mori is a sociologist and cultural critic, working on contemporary art, popular culture and media. His publication includes eCulture=Politicsf in Inter-Asia Cultural Studies vol.6 no.1 Routledge: London

Program #7
[The Other Side of a Garden; Concerning Plants]

January 28 (Fri.) - February 27 (Sun.), 2005
Open everyday, 10:00-20:00

Admission Free

Inoue Ayako, Morita Kanako, Kimura Hidekazu, Hara Mutsuki
(artists' profile in Japanese)

Talk and Party
Jan. 30, 2005: talk 16-, party 18-

Program #6
-- an experiment of underground town --

December 17 (Fri.), 2004 to January 23 (Sun.), 2005
10:00-20:00, Open everyday except January 1, 2005.
Admission free except workshops

Whole "Artlier" space is likened with a town space, and fictitious "Art Town" is directed with art flea markets, workshops, exhibition things, etc.
Exhibition exchange is planned in part from January 11.

Abe Taisuke, Oogi Kanae, eito, Obata Yuuya, Iyama Keiko,
Hara Mutsuki, Ikezawa Hirokazu, Kikutake Susumu,
Miyata Chika, Setoguchi Akiko and others

Artists's Profile Page (Japanese only)

Workshop and Performances
Jan. 2-3, 11-19, Drawing your face by Imatsuru Jun, **continueing randam date 300yen
Jan. 9/16/23, Bag making by eito (1,000yen)
Jan. 9-10, 12-18, Drawing your tree (not face), by Suzuki Atsushi (deposit 100yen)
Jan. 10, 15, 16, 22, 23, Oogi Kanae Workshop

Opening party
Dec. 17 (Fri.), start 18:30, admission 1000 yen

Jan. 2-, 12-, Lucky Bag Sale
1000yen and 5000yen

Gallery talk by IAF SHOP* staffs (Kikutake Susumu, Satou Keiichi, Matsumoto Ayaji) and Yamano Shingo [MCP director]
Jan. 13 (Thu.) start 18:30, admission free (Japanese language)

Organized by the Fukuoka City Foundation for Arts and Cultural Promotion
Produced + Directed by the Museum City Project
Coopered with IAF SHOP*

Program #5
[Hospital Art]

November 12 (Fri.) - Dec. 12 (Sun.), 2004
open everyday 10:00-20:00

admission free

Organized by the Fukuoka City Foundation for Arts and Cultural Promotion
Produced by the Museum City Project
Directed and Designed by KDK + O.S.L.
Cooperated with Akimoto Hospital, Kiyokado Houka-ten (shoes maker), the Material

* Party: November 16 (Tue.), 18:30 start, 1000yen.

* Gallery Talk: December 9 (Thu.), 18:30 start, admission free
[Reality of the Hospital Art Show]
Un'no Yasuomi, artist
Fukuda Tadaaki, City Planning, KDK
moderator: Yamano Shingo (MCP)

Akimoto Hospital Producing Events
* Showing the new hospital: December 26 (Sun.) 11-16
venue: the new Akimoto Hospital
(Kego 1-8-3, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka)
phone +81-(0)92-771-6361

* Opening Talk Session with Tea: December 26 (Sun.) 13-15
venue: the 2nd Fl. lobby in new Akimoto Hospital
theme: What is an ideal community-opened hospital ?
panelist: Akimoto Ryouichi, Akimoto Hospital Director
Yamano Shingo, MCP
Kuroiwa Kaworu, Medical Risk Communication
moderator: Satou Toshirou, KDK

Program #4
[Lobby of Artist's House (as an Art Center)]

October 1 (Fri.) - 24 (Sun.), 2004
open everyday 10:00-20:00

admission free

Organized by the Fukuoka City Foundation for Arts and Cultural Promotion
Produced by the Museum City Project

Concierge: Harada Maki, the formere curator of the Tagawa Museum of Art
Presentation Artist: Hamatake Mutsuko, Artist (painting)
Construction of the site: Un'no Yasuomi, Artist

* Party and Talk: October 7 (Tue.), 18:30 start, 1000yen.
* Artist Talk: October 20 (Wed.), 18:30 start, admission free
talk by Hamatake Mutsuko with Kawanami Chizuru (Fukuoka Prefectural Museum of Art)

Program #3

Previous work photo「BOOGIE WOOGIE WONDERLAND (installation view)」

Miyagawa Keiichi (artist and Gallery SOAP producer)

September 3 (Fri.) to September 26 (Sun.), 2004
open everyday, 10:00-20:00

at the Gallery Artlier (Hakata Riverain B2)

Admission Free

*CANDY FACTORY website [http://www.trans.artnet.or.jp/~transart/]

Event [Artist Talk]
September 16 (Thu.) 18:30 to 19:50, at the Gallery Artlier
Artist: KogoTakuji (*CANDY FACTORY)
 Moderator: Miyagawa Keiichi (artist and Gallery SOAP producer)

Program #2
[Egami Keita's Room 1]

past work

Solo Exhibition "UTOPIAN MELANCHOLIA" 2002 Fukuoka Art Museum
(photo: Yamasaki Shin'ichi)

directed by Yamano Shingo (MCP)

July 30 (Fri.) to Aug. 29 (Sun.), 2004
open everyday, 10:00-20:00

Egami Keita--Egami's website

*Admission Free

*Artists Talk: Aug. 5 (Thu.) 18:30-19:50, Japanese Only (Admission Free)

Artist: Egami Keita

Moderator: Hanada Shin'chi  (Kitakyushu Municipal Museum of Art)

Photo Report


2-Events (Opening Party and Artist Talk)



Program #1 (Opening Program)
[Relief Construction]

June 4 (Fri.) - July 25 (Sun.), 2004
open everyday, 10:00-20:00

at the Gallery Artlier (Hakata Riverain B2)

Abe Takasumi
Okayama Naoyuki
Kusano Kiyo
Hirohashi Isao
S.L.O. (Takeno Yasuaki, Maruyama Yuuji, Tanaka Kazuhiro, SotodaHisao, Miyagawa Keiichi)

*Admission Free

*Artists Talk "Double Header"

1st, June 10 (Thu.) 18:30-19:50
"Joy of Interactive Art"
Okayama Naoyukivs Abe Takasumi
Moderator: Mouri Yoshitaka (Kyushu University)

2nd, June 25 (Fri.) 18:30-19:50
"Between 2 dimentions and 3 dimentions"
Hirohashi Isao vsKusano Kiyo
Moderator: Mouri Yoshitaka (Kyushu University)

3rd, July 8 (Thu.) 18:30-19:50
"Secter Talk about the Birth of S.L.O"
--talk and performance event.