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- はじめに -

当ウェブサイトは2006年9月30日に開設しました。コレクションを公開する前に私はアート・フィッツパトリック氏に作品の使用許可を求める手紙を送りました。その結果、アート・フィッツパトリック氏から返信メールをいただき、身の引き締まる思いをしました。 ここに本文の一部を引用して紹介したいと思います。


This website was launched on September 30, 2006. Before making the collection public, I sent a letter to Mr.Art Fitzpatrick asking for permission to use his artwork. As a result, I was humbled to receive a reply email from Mr.Art Fitzpatrick. I would like to quote and introduce part of the text here.

"What is AF-VK Artwork?"
Designer AF(Art Fitzpatrick) drew the object(car) and Designer VK(Van Kaufman) drew the background.
Such collaborative design methods influenced the advertising industry and designers at the time.

✽デザイナー AF-VK(Art Fitzpatrick/アート・フィッツパトリックVan Kaufman/ヴァン・カウフマン)氏によるArtworkは、AF氏が自動車描画、VK氏が背景描画を担当した。コラボレーションによるイラストレーションはFord Motor社の1949年Mercuryの広告で使用が始まり、1954-1957年にはGM社のBuickの広告で採用された。(※1)




※1  1954-1957 Buick Ads

※2   1971-1973 Opel Ads & Brochures


✽描画されたイラストは当時のアメリカ国やアメリカ人のライフスタイルの理想、又は現実がテーマになっている。 広告のキャッチフレーズはイラストに関連していると思われ、気の利いたコンテンツはポンティアックの魅力的な新機能をアピールしている。以前開設されていたArt Fitzpatrick氏のWebsite には160余点に簡単なキャプションが付けられていた。


This is AF-VK Artwork.
From 1959 to 1971 many illustrations were used for Pontiac ads at LIFE magazine( photography magazine) and other, were used in brochure also. From 1971 to 1973 this design technique were similarly used for Opel magazine ads and brochure.

※2   1971-1973 Opel Ads & Brochures

Designer AF(Art Fitzpatrick) drew the object(car) and Designer VK(VanKaufman) drew the background.
Such collaborative design methods influenced the advertising industry and designers at the time. The first AF-VK Artwork was used at magazine ads of Ford Motor's Mercury ads in 1949. Today we are able to confirm their artwork by the magazine ads of General Motors's 1954-1957 Buick, 1959-1971 Pontiac and 1971-1973 Opel. Just now more than 50 years, we are able to recognize that the high level design technique has obtained high evaluation.

※1  1954-1957 Buick Ads

The theme of the illustration drawn is the ideals or reality of America and Americans lifestyles at the time. The catch phrase of the ad is related to the illustration, and the nifty content appeals about Pontiac's fascinating new features.
There were 160 or more works in former AF's website, also we were able to know by an easy caption about the theme(place, actions, etc.) adopted in the background.

Many Pontiac ads and brochures have used AF-VK Artwork.I have classified the items collected by the sales year and the series.
I think this collection will be a valuable reference materials for those who love Pontiac and are interested in AF-VK artwork.