Download Pixia for Windows

Click the links below to download Pixia and/or other related files. The help file for Pixia v.4 should be installed after Pixia is installed. There is currently no help file for Pixia v.6.

Translation Note: As Pixia was translated primarily from Japanese to English by non–native English speakers, you may find that a few terms might sound unnatural. You may also find a few areas where English hasn't yet been translated. We're always working to find and correct the fragments of English left to translate. We welcome your suggestions for English translation. Please post in our discussion board or send us an email.

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Obsolete: Only Pixia's English edition is actively developed. Maintaining multiple translations of Pixia was too cumbersome. However, we list the other–language versions of Pixia below for your convenience.

Pixia and exPhoto English Installation Files

The installers below are Automatic Installation Files. Double–click the downloaded file and the installer will launch automatically. If you have trouble installing, you may need to make sure you launch the installer file with Administrative Privilages. To do so, right–click on Pixia's EXE file and select "Run as Administrator".

Pixia 32–bit is developed more than Pixia 64–bit. All essential features are the same on both, but there are more add–ons and extensions for Pixia 32–bit at this time. If you'd like to install both, you can do so! Pixia v.6 64–bit can be installed indendently as a seperate program alongside with Pixia v.6 32–bit and Pixia v.4.

*CURRENT* Pixia 64–bit v.6 English Edition

pix64_650ve.exe Windows 8 / 8.1 / 10 64–bit. Cannot be installed on Windows 32–bit.
pix64_650ve.exe (41,290KB)
If you are using an XP-PEN tablet, make sure to check the checkbox of "Windows Ink" in the setting dialog of XP-PEN driver (located at the task tray) to activate pen-pressure.

*CURRENT* Pixia 32–bit v.6 English Edition

pix650ue.exe Windows 8 / 8.1 / 10 32–bit/64–bit
pix650ue.exe (41,859kb)
If you are using an XP-PEN tablet on Windows 8 or later, make sure to check the checkbox of "Windows Ink" in the setting dialog of XP-PEN driver (located at the task tray) in order to activate pen-pressure.

Pixia 32–bit v.4 English Edition

pix481ae.exe Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 32–bit/64–bit
pix481ae.exe (15,644KB)

*CURRENT* exPhoto 32–bit English Edition

exphoto_setup.exe Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 32–bit/64–bit
exphoto_setup.exe (22,981KB)

Pixia In Other Languages

Pixia Japanese Edition (日本語版)


Pixia Korean (한국어) Edition

pix430mk.exe Windows XP, Vista and 7 32–bit/64–bit
pix430mk.exe (6,765KB)

Pixia Simplified Chinese (简体中文) Edition

pix430msc.exe Windows XP, Vista and 7 32–bit/64–bit
pix430msc.exe (6,407KB)

Pixia Traditional Chinese (繁體中文) Edition

pix430mtc.exe Windows XP, Vista and 7 32–bit/64–bit
pix430mtc.exe (6,406KB)

Other Pixia Files

Pixia Additional Filters

These files work in Pixia v.6 32–bit, but not Pixia v.6 64–bit.
The filters will automatically install when you run the excutable file. Open Pixia and go to Filters. You'll find a new group named "Effect2" with five new filters in it: "Unglazed Tiles", "Highlight", "Watercolor", "Pastel", and "Cell Mosaic."

pxadfl_e.exe (819KB)

Ver. 4 Help File

This help file will not work in Pixia 6x versions.
Run the installer. The help files will automatically install into Pixia. To access, open Pixia and go to Help at the top.

pixhlp_e.exe (1,637KB)

Pixia plugin for Photoshop filters

Double–click the downloaded file to automatically install the filters into Pixia. Then open Pixia and go to Filters. You'll see a new filter group called"Ebisawa" and the plugin "8bfpxa". Open the ReadMe (8bfpxa.txt) file in Pixia's C:/Program Files installation directory and scroll to the end for how to use Ebisawa. Note: this is an experimental plugin and the author is no longer with us to offer future updates. Therefore, Ebisawa may not work with all Photoshop filters. It may also not work properly (or at all) on Windows Vista or later versions.

pxaplgin.exe (706KB)

Fantasy Pendata (made by Gabriele Z.):

Fantasy pendata set. Double–click the file and it will create a new pendata group called "Fantasy." You'll see it in the Brushes Panel in Pixia.

fantasy.exe (687KB)