Below are some links to resources and artwork galleries by Pixia users. Most of the current links are in the Japanese language. Please use Google translate to get the just of what the content is about.

Pixia Links Listings Page

Comprehensive Pixia Links Page
A lengthy list of Japanese websites with a mixture of Pixia artwork and illustrations, tutorials, filters, and other Pixia goodies. Go explore!

Pixia Users Artwork Websites

Mezős Béla
A hungarian artist's artworks using Pixia.

Sample Layer File

Tsuchiya Tokuto, professional Manga Artist, provides a sample artwork file she made with Pixia so we can get a good idea how to make artwork with Pixia. Thank you! Download the zip file, extract the files, and open in Pixia.

Download PXA File

Other Pixia Resources and Add–ons

Rainbow Dad's Custom Pixia Icon Bases
Custom Pixia icon backgrounds with a fire, keyboard, renga, train, or water look!

Shalimar's Custom Partsbox Flowers
Lovely flowers you can download and use in your Partsbox!


Collections are pages that contain more than one type of Pixia goodie, from patterns to brushes and even to artwork.

Christina's Pixia Page
Christina regularly updates her page with new Pixia brushes, patterns, tutorials, or artwork.

Custom Pixia Filters

Most, or all of these filters may only work in Pixia 32–bit and most may contain some, or all Japanese language when installed.

Massa's Filter Site (English)
One of the old Pixia users, Massa, distributes useful filters he created.

Massa's Custom Pixia Filters
Massa's filters feature effects such as offset tile, metallic, RGB shift, image transparency, a filter pack, and a very useful, powerful JPG and PNG image export enhancer.

Rainbow Dad's Pixia Filters
Beautiful painting effects such as knit, scratch, stipple, and square glass.

Shalimar's Pixia Filters
Four Pixia filters for hot, noise, warmth, and color gradation.

Star's Manga and Toning Pixia Filters
Two excellent filters to help toning in Manga: A filter to draw movement or action lines, and another to help you with your toning.

Futano's Painting Effects Pixia Filters
Last link on the bottom of the page. Filters such as Soft (Blur), color toning, pattern overlays, and Color hue/saturation options.