Pixia Tutorials

Gurima's Tutorial (English)

Gurima's Tutorial

Gurima's Tutorial (1/17/2003) covers many Pixia basics from the interface and Pixia's tools to how to paint with layers and brushes and how to use selections. NOTE: This tutorial uses Pixia v 1.7, though most of the content can still apply to the latest Pixia version. Also, this tutorial is incomplete, since Gurima is no longer active due to a change of lifestyle.

Uran's Tutorials (English)

Uran tutorials show how to make logotypes for webpages and colorful print graphics. Tutorial 1 shows how to make a "clip logo". Tutorial 2 shows how to make a "line logo". NOTE: These tutorials use Pixia 1.9, but they still apply to the current version of Pixia.

More Tutorials

These Pixia tutorials below are in Japanese. Please use Google translate to get the just of the content.

iradukai – A beginner–friendly CG // illustration e–course site
One the TOP Pixia tutorial websites out there! Iradukai (Ee-rah-do-kai) features several Pixia painting tutorials done by top illustration professionals. The quality of the Anime and Manga illustrations will impress you!

Soraomoso's Color Painting Pixia Tutorials
Tutorials that review how to color a picture in Pixia from line art techniques all the way through to the very end, discussing skin, hair, clothing, shading, highlights, and more. These tutorials also discuss how to use background patterns and making embellishments for your artwork.

Plumi's Pixia tutorials
Plumi shows the basics of Pixia: how to color in Pixia with layers and masks, as well as how to change line art line color and how to use tones. Plumi also has a beautiful Pixia artwork gallery!

Minami Hamaoka's Piyotto and Palette Pixia Tutorials
All the basics! How to use Pixia, change line colors, color artwork, add text, and finish your picture!

Draw A Professional Anime Girl Scene in Pixia
A professional–quality Anime piece of a cute, dynamic girl! The entire tutorial combines images, text, and video so you can learn comprehensively how to paint well with Pixia!

Yahoo! Japan Pixia Tutorials
Fundamental Pixia tutorials that cover things like using the tone filter for Manga toning, making Manga speech bubbles, setting your resolution, using your tablet, and using textures.

Roz's Pixia Tutorials
Well–done, digestable videos showing how to do very useful things in Pixia to make your artwork better!