International Association of Buddhist Culture

4. IABC Publications

IABC Magazine:

Shin Buddhist, Magazine of Shin Buddhists

No. 1, March, 1993
No. 2, March, 1994
No. 3, December, 1995
No. 4, March, 1999
No. 5, March, 2000
No. 6, March, 2003
No. 7, March, 2005
No. 8, September, 2008
No. 9, March, 2010

No. 10, March, 2014

No. 11, September, 2016

No. 12, March, 2020

No. 13, March, 2022


Translation Series:

(French Translation)
Tannisho: tr. by J. Ducor, 1983.

(Esperanto Translation)
Tannisho: tr. by K. Sasaki and revised by S. Asano, 1984.

(German Translation)
Shoshinge: tr. by G. Kell, 1984.
Jodo Wasan: tr. by G. Kell, 1986.
Koso Wasan: tr. by G. Kell, 1986.
Tannisho: tr. by G. Kell, 1992.
Shozomatsu Wasan: tr. by G. Kell, 1995.

(Portuguese Translation)

 Portuguese translation of Igyobon (All rights reserved) tr. by Angela Andorade, 2019.

On Shin Buddhism:

Shinshu Service Book: ed. by J. Ducor and E. Sasaki, 1990.
Myokonin O-Karu and Her Poems of Shinjin: intro. and tr. by H. Ishida, 1990.
Revised Shinshu Service Book: ed. by J. Ducor and E. Sasaki (IABC Study Group), 2004.
Ojoraisan: Litergy for Birth compiled by Shan-tao-"Hymns for the service at the first watch of the night" (Chinese and English with music for chanting), 2000; revised 2006.

IABC Pamphlet Series

1. Bamboo Rain [Contemporary English haiku]: by L. Rosenthal, 1986.
2. The Nembutsu Way: by Shoken Yamasaki, 1987 (Japanese & English); out of print
3. Shinran and Jodoshinshu: by H. Inagaki, 1992.
4. Shinran et le Jodoshinshu: trad. par J. Eracle, 1994.
5. Shinran et il Jodoshinshu: trad. di S. Marcoz, 1995.
6. Shinran und Jodoshinshu: tr. von D & G. Kell, 1999.
7. Encounter with the Nembutsu Way, interviewed by T. Teramoto, 2001 (Japanese & English).
8. Cristianismo e Jodo Shinshu, Portuguese tr. of A Peel's "Christianity and Jodoshinshu" by A. Andrade, 2005.

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