--Magazine of Shin Buddhists --

No. 7

Marchr 2005


>1< Editorial
>5< Frontispiece (a wasan)
>7< A Reflection on the Wasan (by H. Kiyomoto)

I. Memorials for the late Zenmon, Kôshô Ohtani & Zen-ourakata, theLady Yoshiko Ohtani:
3 < Pictures of the memorials >
5 Tribute to the late Zenmon & Zen-ourakata; Reports of Funeral Services an Dharma-life history (Editors)
11 Memorial addresses
11 Zenmon sama and Europe
Jérôme DUCOR, Shingyoji, Geneva
18 A Tribute from Switzerland
Jean ERACLE, Shingyoji, Geneva
26 Memorial for Zenmon Ohtani Kôshô
Adrian PEEL,
Jikoji, Antwerpen
31 Remembering Zenmon Kôshô Ohtani
Jim Pym, United Kingdom
34 Formal Visits to Europe by Shônyo Shônin, the late Zenmon sama
Joryu CHIBA,, Japan
37 In Memory of Zenmon, the Founder of European Shin Buddhism
Hisao Zuio INAGAKI, Japan

II. The Twelfth European Shin Buddhist Conference -- at Lausanne University, Lausanne, Switzerland:
47 <Pctures of the Conference>
49 Report on the Conference (by Eishô Nasu)
54 Addresses to the Conference & to the Memorial Services for the Late Kôshô Ohtani, the Lady Ohtani, & Harry Pieper
61 Presentations at the Conference:
61 On Dôshu: The Resolutions Made on 24th December, 1st Year of Bunki
Kenmyo Taira SATO
75 The Perspective on Shin Buddhism in Romania
87 Our Daily Life of Shinjin Followers (2): Learnig from the Eshinni's Letters
105 Past an Future, East an West, Shinshu and I
Kokei ERI & Naoki ERI (Read by Fons Martens)
113 Blurred Image of Shinran in Contemporary Japan

III. Tokudo Special: Impressions of the Tokudo ordination rites, 6 - 16, October, 2003, & another one:
139 <Pictures of the tokudo session>
141 On the Tokudo Ordination Rites, with Editor's commets
Jérôme DUCOR & Editors
149 Impressions of the Tokudo
149 My Tokudo Impression
Diane JOHNSON-VAN PARIJS: Shaku Jishin, Alaska
153 Impression on the Tokudo Session
Adrian G. CÎRLEA: Shaku Jôshô, Romania
158 Mein Weg zur Buddhistischen Priesterin
(My Way to Become a Buddhist Priest)
Hannelore FREUNDT: Shaku Isshin, Germany
170 Tokudo Paths
Jeanette SHIN: Shaku Yuinen, USA
174 Being Chosen: Some Reflections on Tokudo
José M. TIRADO:Shaku Kôkai, Iceland
182 Reflections on Tokudo
Joel L. Merchant: Shaku Kôzai, USA
187 Impression of Tokudo
Gregg HEATHOCOTE: Shaku Jôon, Australia
190 Tokudo Thoughts
Mark HEALSMITH: Shaku Jozen, Australia
193 My Tokudo Experience
Clifton ONG: Shaku Dôdatsu, Singapore

III. Poems & Book Review:
201 Promise
Marcus Cumberiege
202 Mottainai: Waste not, want no
Tr. by Tomomasa TERAMOTO & Victoria YOSHIMURA
205 A Book Review (1):
Hisao INAGAKI (Tr): Kyôgyôshinshô: On the Teaching, Practice, Faith, and Enlightenment by Shinran
212 A Book Review (2):
Shinshu Gongyoshu (Collection of Shinshu Services) Revised edition, Published by the IABC, Kyoto, 2004
Jim Pym

600-8342 Kyoto Japan

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