—Magazine of Shin Buddhists\


No. 10

March 2014



     i     Editorial

    iii    Frontispiece (a wasan)

    v     A Reflection on the Wasan

           What color are we shining?

           Masumi KIKUCHI, Japan


I. Kyoto Conference

     Tomoikiso, Kyoto, Japan

     September 8th-9th, 2011

   2    < Pictures of the Participants >

   3    Opening Speech

         Encountering (lchigū)

         Michio TOKUNAGA, Japan

  11    Report of Kyoto Conference

         The Kyoto Conference and the Memorial

         —The European Shinshū Pilgrimage

         to Shinran Shoninfs 750th Memorial in Kyoto—

         Hoyu ISHIDA, Japan


II.     Presentations

17    < Pictures of the Conference >

19    Across the gDutch Bridgeh

         —Encounters with Jōdo Shinshū in the Netherlands—

         Frits BOT, Netherlands

31    A Buddhist Investigation on gEncountering (lchigū)h

         —From Both Buddhist and Modern Physics Perspective—

         Iulia DINCA, Romania

49    Whatfs in a Word?

         —Relating the meaning of gencounteringh

         in different languages with Jōdo Shinshū concepts—

         Fons MARTENS, Belgium

61    Scolding Ānanda

         —The Buddhafs Compassionate Means

         and Ānandafs Final Acceptance—

         Toshikazu ARAI, Japan

71    Shinran

         A Manifestation

         of Amida Buddha and Avalokitesvara

         Adrian CÎRLEA, Romania

85    A Small Place to Share the Dharma

         Essay about the idea

         of founding a new nembutsu group in Germany

         and its development up to this date—

         Frank KOBS, Germany

93    Encountering the Spiritus Loci

         —Being Touched by the Spirit of the Place—

         Sándor KÓSA-KISS, Hungary

99    The Light of Amida Buddha Envelope Us

         —What the core of Shinran Shōninfs teaching means

         in our lives—

         Jérôme DUCOR, Switzerland

105   Legacy of Encounter

         between Jack AUSTIN and Zuiken INAGAKI

        Gary ROBINSON, United Kingdom

113   The Ten Ox-herding Pictures

         in Relation to the Nembutsu Teaching

         Thomas MOSER, Germany

123   Living in the Here and Now

         into which the Future Manifests

         Hoyu ISHIDA, Japan

133   Encountering the Buddha via Translations

         Marc NOTTELMANN-FEIL, Germany


III. Pilgrimage

     Kyoto & Shiga, Japan

     September 10th, 2011

143   < Pictures of the Pilgrimage >

145   Report of Pilgrimage

         Pilgrimage to Shinran Shoninfs Historic Sites

         at Mt. Hiei and Rokkaku-dō temple

         Joshin KAMURO, Japan


IV. Poems

151   Statements

         Marcus CUMBERLEGE, Belgium

153   Land of Bliss

         Marcus CUMBERLEGE, Belgium





Calligraphy:   Ryoko SHIBATA

Kiri-e Art:       Daido KATO

Woodblock:   Kantatsu YOSHIZAWA

                     Esho SASAKI