The Second session of the Preparatory Committee for the 2010 nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty Review Conference was held from April 28 to May 9, 2008.
NGO presentations were held during a plenary session on April 29.
As one of the speakers, Terumi TANAKA, Secretary General of Hidankyo, made a speech, "Appeal of the Hibakusha."

Hidankyo sent a protest letter against the DPRK's nuclear test to the Six-Party talks member states (DPRK, Unites States, Russia, China, Republic of Korea and Japan).

International Citizens' Conference for No More Hiroshimas & Nagasakis is held from July 29th to 31st in Tokyo.(See Citizens' Conference)

Hibakusha delegates tell their testimonies and message for peace in Belgium, Italy and the US this summer. Mr. Yoshio Sato visits Belgium to join in the peacewalk starting from July 26. Ms. Seiko Ikeda tells her experience around in Milan, Italy from August 5 to 10.
Four delegates visit the US from August 3 to 10, of whom Mr. Satoru Konishi stays in Dallas, Austin and Livermore, Mr. Koji Ueda and Ms. Masako Hashida in Los Alamos and Mr. Eiji Nakanishi in Oak Ridge and Atlanta. more informaton

Again Message to the World July 2005

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