Born in Hyogo, Japan ,1951. Photographer


2016  My Gunkanjima works was published in "Firenze Architettura". Fiernzee ITALIA
2012  Lecturer at Musashino Art University (Tokyo, Japan)
    A series of "The portrait of the lamps" is begun to "Geijutsu Shinncho" (to 2014)
     ( "Geijutsu Shinncho" is Japanese Art magazine of monthly )"
2004  Superintended the workshop of a photograph (to 2011).
2002  NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation) produced and broadcasted a TV Program,
      Hi-Vision Special "Visit the old Roman Cathoric church in Nagasaki -
      Photographer SAIGA yuji's world"
     Lecturer at Tokyo College of Photography.
1994 NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation) produced and broadcasted a TV Program,
      "The moonlight was lighting up the Gunkanjima" : History of Gunkanjima and residents in island -
      20 years of Gunkanjima to followed in the photos of SAIGA yuji.
1989  Part-time Lecturer at Aichi Prefectural University of Fine Arts.(to 1999)
1987  Started to photograph Tenshudo (Ecclesia : the old Roman Cathoric church)
      in Nagasaki (untill 1984).
1984  Returned to Gunkanjima after 10 years . Started to photograph the deserted
      island continuing until now.
1981  Moved to Tokyo.
1976  Receved BA in Design, Aichi Prefectural University of Fine Arts.
    Worked as Photographer and Graphic designer while working at
      Nagoya College of Creative Arts (untill 1979).
1974  Travelled to Gunkanjima for the first time. When the mines were shut down,
      continued to photograph Gunkanjima until the inhabitants deserted the
1973  Started to photograph the Kirishitan (Roman Cathorics) in Nagasaki (untill 1984).
    I devote myself to photograph.
1971  Entered Aichi Prefectural University of Fine Arts majoring in Design.
      Self - studied photography during university years.
1964  Learned about Gunkanjima,12 years old.(Properly Hashima Island - called by
      this name because the silhouette of the island resembled gunkan or battleship.)


1987  Most Excellent Artist Award for Emerging Artist (for the book
      Gunkanjima-Views of an Abandoned Island), by Japanese Government
1976  Kuwabara Prize for outstanding scholarship


2016 "Japon TEXT ÎLE(S) : Gunkanjima, l'île fantôme" Musée-mine (Tarn, France)
      two person exhibition
2002  Shijima, Gallery Wada,Tokyo
1999  Borderland, Yokohama Port side Gallery
      "Borderland" exhibited "GROUND" and "Tsuki no Michi-Borderland"
    Brightness,Tenshudo (Ecclesia : the old Roman Cathoric church),
      Gallery Wada,Tokyo
1993  Tsuki no Michi-Borderland, Photo Gallery International,Tokyo
    Tsuki no Michi-Borderland, Nagasaki Shimbunsha Gallery,Nagasaki
1990  Tenshudo(Ecclesia), Photo Gallery International,Tokyo
    Tenshudo(Ecclesia), Picture Photo Space,Osaka. and etc.
1986  Gunkanjima-Views of an Abandoned Island,Ginza Nikon Salon,Tokyo
    Gunkanjima-Views of an Abandoned Island,Wakita Gallery,Nagoya
    Gunkanjima-Views of an Abandoned Island,Nagasaki Shimbunsha
1984  Faraway Island, Shinjuku Nikon Salon,Tokyo
1979  Beyond the Tasman Sea, Wakita Gallerly,Nagoya. and etc.
1978  Kirishitan(Roman Cathorics in Japan), Wakita Gallerly,Nagoya
1977  Kirishitan(Roman Cathorics in Japan),Shinjuku Nikon Salon,Tokyo
    Closing-Gunkanjima, Elba Bed Studio, welighnton,NewZealand
    Closing-Gunkanjima, Auckland City Museum,NewZealand
    Closing-Gunkanjima, National Festival of the Arts (by invitation).
      Canterbury Society of Arts, Christchurch, NewZealand
    Closing-Gunkanjima, Ginza Nikon Salon,Tokyo. and etc.


2013  "Aesthetics of the phtos - Five elements"  Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography.
2007-8  "Showa : Photos of 1945 -1989" Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography,
      and others (Traveling Exhibition)
2005  "Photos Nagasaki"  Nagasaki-prefecture art museum
2004-5 "Shrinkng Cities"   Berlin (Germany) and others (Traveling Exhibition).
    "The landscape of the mind"  Kure-city art museum, Kure (Hiroshima)
2001  History of Modern Photos,
      Ginza Nikon Salon,Tokyo. Osaka Nikon Salon(2002)
    Kou Isoda and 7 Artists, Hanshin Depatment Store, Osaka.
      Art and Culture Center of Aichi Prefectur(2002)
1998  Waterproof,Culture Center of Belem, Lisbon, Portugal
1997  Land of Paradox, Traveling Exhibition in Japan:
      Tonami City Museum of Art,Toyama
      Ashiya City Museum of Art & History,Hyogo
      Niigata City Art Museum,Niigata
      Mitaka City Gallery of Art,Mitaka,Tokyo(1998)
    Mr.Tohru Sunouchi and Japanese Modern Arts,
      Traveling Exhibition in Japan:
      Meguro Art Museum,Tokyo
      Hyogo Prefectural Museum of Modern Art
      Nariwa Museam ,Okayama
      Ehime Prefectural Museam ,Ehime
1996  Land of Paradox, Traveling Exhibition in USA:
      Photographic Resource Center,Boston,
      Ansel Adams Center for Photography,San Francisco,
      Southeast Museum of Photography,Datona Beach,Florida
      Halsey Gallery,College of Charleston,South Carolina(1997)
      The Chrysler Museum of Art,Norfolk,Virginia(1997)
1995  Texture and Touch:Contemporary Japanese Photography,
      The Art Gallery of New South Wales,Sydney,Australia
    The Eyes to Documents and Creation:
      The History of Japanese Contemporary Photography,
      Nabio Museum of Art,Osaka
      Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi Depatment Store,Tokyo
    Objects,Faces,and Anti-Narratives:Rethinking Modernism,
      Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography
1990  Masterpieces of Ocean Photography Exhibition,
      Shimonoseki City Art Museum,Yamaguchi
1987  Japan Photographer's Society Exhibition (by invitation),
      Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Art,Tokyo
      Kyoto City Museum of Art,Kyoto


(Please refer to "My Books.")

2004  Tenshudo : Architectures filled in light, Tankohsha Publishing Co.,Ltd., Japan
2003  Gunkanjima : Awakening of a Dead Island, Tankohsha Publishing Co.,Ltd., Japan
2000  LUNA CORNEA 19, Joint work, Centro de la Imagen, Mexico
1997  Land of Paradox, Joint work by four photographers,
     Tankohsha Publishing Co.,Ltd., Japan
1993  Tuki no Michi-Borderland, Shinchosha, Japan
1990  Tenshudo(Ecclesia), Shinchosha, Japan
    Story of Tenshudo, Shinchosha, Japan
1986  Gunkanjima-Views of an Abandoned Island, Shinchosha, Japan


    Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography
    Japan Photographer's Society
    Aichi Prefectural University of Arts
    Kure Municipal Museum of Art


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