OM-3,with mechanical shutter and manual metering, was considered as one of the best manual cameras in the past.
It was a big surprise with great pleasure when Olympus restarted to manufacture OM-3 with new titanium body in 1994.

But currently, this camera is no longer in production.
Olympus stopped sales of OM-3Ti body in early 2002, while they are rapidly moving into digital cameras.

In exposure metering, sensitivity of center part of viewfinder area is higher than that of old OM-3



Sound of mechanical shutter has high quality.
Good holding feeling with a standard grip added on the body.
With special brown-black color, outlook is much sophisticated.

[Not very good]

50mm-f1.2 lens has better holding feeling than 50mm-f1.8 lens because of larger outer diameter. But in case of 50mm-f1.2, diameter of aperture ring is smaller than that of focus ring, and finger touch on aperture ring is partly bothered by focus ring.

50mm-f1.4 lens has adequate length and diameter to hold and enables good operation of aperture ring. This is the best size standard lens to use.

Shutter sound(.wav)
Mechanical shutter, manual metering.
Start of sales : November 1994
Weight Body : 510g + 50mmf1.2 : 285g =795g

If you use OM-3Ti, please send me your impression.