International Association of Buddhist Culture

2. Activities

1. Conference of Jodoshinshu

13th European Shin Conference
Antwerp, Belgium
August 24-27, 2004

14th European Shin Conference
Düsseldorf, Germany
August 22-25, 2006

15th European Shin Conference
Bad Reichenhall, Germany
August 26-29, 2008

Thirtieth Anniversary of the IABC Foundation
Monbou Kaikan, just north of the Nishi Hongwanji, Kyoto
December 10, 2010

The European Shinshu Pilgrimage to Shinran Shonin's 750th Memorial in Kyoto
September 8-9, 2011

16th European Shin Conference
Düsseldorf, Germany
August 29-September 2, 2012

17th European Shin Conference
Southampton, UK
September 1-4, 2014


18th European Shin Conference
Antwerp, Belgium
August 23-26, 2016


IABC Public Lecture (Admission Free)

supported by Hongwanji International Center
Hongwanji Mombo Kaikan, Kyoto, Japan

IABC Public Lecture 1 (October 20, 2001)
Prof. Michio Tokunaga (Kyoto Women's Univ, Japan)
"What is Shin Buddhism?"
- An Introduction to Shinran's Teaching in English -

IABC Public Lecture 2 (October 5, 2002)
Prof. Kenneth Tanaka (Musashino Women's Univ, Japan)
"Introduction to Pure Land Buddhism II"
- Its Spirituality Through Stories, Music and Humor -

IABC Public Lecture 3 (October 11, November 8 , 2003; February 7, 2004)
Prof. Toshikazu Arai (Soai University, Japan)
"The Essentials of Pure Land Buddhism"
- Based on Tannisho, or A Record in Lament of Divergencies -

IABC Public Lecture 4 (January 22, February 12, February 26, 2005)
Prof. Emeritus
Jokai Asai (Ryukoku University, Japan)
"Nembutsu:The Essentials of Mahâyâna Buddhism"

3. IABC Grant Aid Information

We, International Association of Buddhist Culture, offer several kinds of financial support to our Buddhist friends who hope to contribute themselves to Buddhism, especially in Europe:
(1) a grant aid to sangha for their organizational activities
(2) a grant aid to sangha for their organizational publication (books, newsletters, etc)
(3) a grant aid to those who hope to publish books written in English or other European languages
(4) a scholarship to those who come from Europe to study Buddhism in Japan
(5) a scholarship to those who go abroad from Japan to study in Europe

Period of Grant Aid: from June through May of the next year
Period of Application: Submit your application during January and February

Application Form:
There are three types of application form:
Please fill out the application form, giving requested information in Section 1 to Section 5, and sign in Section 6. Please attach additional documents including your personal or organizational information.


IABC Grant Application Form:


       Type A

to apply for (1) or (2),

a grant aid to organizational activities or publication

       Type B

 to apply for (3),

a grant aid to personal publication

       Type C

to apply for (4) or (5),

a scholarship


Report Form
A grantee who receives IABC Grant needs to submit a report to IABC committee. The report must be submitted during January and February of the following year after the grantee receives the IABC Grant. It is to be disclosed on the IABC web site.
There are also three types of report form, which correspond to the types of application form:
Please attach additional documents (newsletters published by your own organization, articles on your project published in the media such as Buddhist journals, local newspapers, etc). Fill out the form and sign below.

IABC Grant Report Form

Report Type A (organizational activities or publication)
Report  Type B (personal publication)
Report  Type C (scholarship)



4. IABC Grant Report 2015

1. White Lotus Center
2. Chomon House
3. Jikoji
4. NCC
5. Tariki Dojo


302 Namba Royal Heights
112 Nakaicho KYOTO 600-8219 JAPAN

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