Cute-1.7+APDII camera Earth Picture #2,#3,#4

Earth 2nd picture  (See 1st picture: cut17apd)

CUTE-1.7+APDII grand station says:
> This is second picture which was taken by Cute-1.7 + APD II.
> The exposure is a little excessive, but it is clearly understood that
> it is the earth and taken a picture in the sky over Brazil by ADCS.
> The consideration of the place from the shape of the cloud is difficult
> this time, so please inform if you were able to specify it somewhere.

Earth 3rd picture

Position of the satellite was;
Lat: 44.9 degN
Lon: 134.3 degE
Alt: 621.3 km
Horizontal angle of view is 58degrees.
Over Russia Vladivostok

(C) Tokyo Institute of Technology


Earth 4th picture

Re: CUTE-1.7+APDII camera Earth Picture

The grand station says as follows:

The CMOS camera like Mobile device is carried in Cute-1.7 + APD II.
A picture is acquired by controlling from PDA which is OBC.
Furthermore JPEG conversion is performed inside PDA. And the file size
is compressed, and the downlink is carried out on the ground station
using FM packet with a U-band.

When a camera turned to the direction of the earth, a photograph was
set up and taken so that a shutter might be cut. However, since this
function worked normally, it is still under examination whether it is
that the earth was reflected.

Cute-1.7 + APD II took four photographs by the present and carried out
the downlink of the thumbnail (64*48 pixels) about these all.
The photograph of the full-size picture (640*480 pixels) which the earth
is reflected finely and the downlink has completed is only what was
exhibited on my website the other day.

Japanese Terminal Software:

Japanese Photo-Integrater:

Japanese Explanation how to integrate CMOS data:

Earth Picture #1
Earth Picture #2,#3,#4
Earth Picture #5,#6

CUTE-1.7+APDII Earth Movie

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