XW-1/HO-68 digital using WiSP

XW-1 launch information


XW-1 PacSat received

I received XW-1 PacSat data using WiSP program.


XW-1 BBS digital uplink

I succeeded in uplink to BBS digital store-forward transponder.
There are many interferences between FM transponder and digital BBS.
Therefore the file upload to the BBS was not completed.

It's completely automatic performance in WiSP, and the digital
signals are always transmitted and received. Because it influence
by the living together of FM and digital BBS each other, this use
feels like being difficult.

XW-1 = HO-68

Subject: [amsat-bb] ANS-355 AMSAT News Service Special Bulletin
         XW-1 Designated Hope OSCAR 68
Date: Mon, 21 Dec 2009 08:47:15 -0600


SB SAT @ AMSAT $ANS-355.01
ANS Special Bulletin - AMSAT China XW-1 Designated Hope OSCAR 68

AMSAT News Service Special Bulletin 355.01
December 21, 2009
BID: $ANS-355.01

AMSAT-NA OSCAR Number Coordinator Bill Tynan, W3XO has informed Alan
Kung, BA1DU, Amateur Satellite Project Manager and Chief Executive
Officer of AMSAT-China that XW-1 is now designated as Hope OSCAR 68,
or HO-68.

Bill wrote, "The satellite was launched successfully 15 December from
the Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center of China, on a CZ-4C rocket.
Amateur Radio Operators around the world have received beacon signals
from XW-1."

Bill continues, "Further, I have been informed that XW-1 has been
coordinated through IARU Amateur Satellite Frequency Coordination Panel.
As XW in Chinese means 'hope', it had been requested that this word be
used as the prefix for the new OSCAR number. Therefore, with the above
information and the authority vested in me by the AMSAT-NA President,
I hereby designate this latest amateur radio satellite as Hope Oscar 68
or HO-68."

Congratulations to AMSAT-China. Bill concludes, "On behalf of AMSAT-NA
and the world's amateur radio satellite community I congratulate those
responsible for building, testing and launching this new satellite.
May it have a long and successful life."
The latest official information can be found on-line on the AMSAT-China
web page at: http://www.camsat.cn/

The AMSAT-NA Satellite Status Web may also be consulted for frequency
and operating mode information at: amsat-new

HO-68/XW-1 (FM, Linear, CW) consideration by JE1CVL
http://heiseiturezuregusa.blog.ocn.ne.jp/a/2009/12/1222_d208.html (Japanese)

XW-1 digipeat success, 12:12 UTC, 24 Dec 2009

  Broadcast Callsign: BJ1SA-11
  BBS Callsign:       BJ1SA-12
  VIA Callsign:       BJ1SA

My WiSP log:
JH1BCL>BBSTAT,BJ1SA-12 [12/24/09  21:17:21] <UI>:JE9PEL HELLO

So possibly VIA Callsign may be BJ1SA-12.
Both of BJ1SA and BJ1SA-12 were possible as the result of digipeat test.

The following is a log that JH1BCL received.
12:12 JH1BCL/BJ1SA>CQ>UI,?,F0 (1199 baud):
12:13 JH1BCL/BJ1SA>CQ>UI,?,F0 (1198 baud):
12:14 BJ1SA-12>JE9PEL>UA,F
12:15 BJ1SA-12>JE9PEL>RR0,P
12:15 BJ1SA-12>JE9PEL>RR0,P
12:15 BJ1SA-12>JE9PEL>RR0,P
12:15 BJ1SA-12>JE9PEL>DISC,P
12:15 BJ1SA-12>JE9PEL>DISC,P
12:15 BJ1SA-12>JE9PEL>DISC,P
12:16 BJ1SA-12>JE9PEL>DISC,P
12:16 BJ1SA-12>BBSTAT>UI,C,F0 (1198 baud):
Open BJ1SA-12:0
12:17 JH1BCL/BJ1SA-12>BBSTAT>UI,?,F0 (1199 baud):
12:18 JH1BCL/BJ1SA-12>BBSTAT>UI,?,F0 (1198 baud):
12:21 BJ1SA-12>BBSTAT>UI,C,F0 (1199 baud):
Open BJ1SA-12:0

XW-1 SSB loop test

Tx fix, up145.930(LSB) / down435.760(USB),
then I received a response at 435.7654 MHz.

HO-68 (changing modes, commands)

Q. The satellite was over Chile that time. Do we need an earth ground
   station in South America, inside the footprint of the satellite,
   to send the operational changing command to the bird for HO-68 real
   time answer to the request or only the Chinese controler sent the
   command, for satellite store the information and, at appropriated
   time, far way from Asian footprint, HO-68 active the ordered?

A. We upload programm command to the satellite when the satellite pass
   Chinese airspace and then the satellite act the order at appropriated time.

   Alan Kung, BA1DU
   HO-68(XW-1) Project Manager

HO-68 FM/Packet Understanding

FM / Digital working principle is that whoever will relay signal to who
should transmit first. the transponder is not torn between the uplink

In other words, if the voice first, open the repeater and talk, this time
where the transmitting packet data is necessary to wait for voice
communication before end of the processing voice. By the same token, if
you are transmitting Packet data into voice link from time to time, the
satellite will continue to transmit the packet data to complete the data
frame, and then process voice request if the request is still active.

On the other hand, if there are a lot of very strong signals transmit to
the satellite at same time, the satellite receiver may be unable to decode
67Hz PL correctly, so voice will be unable to be replied in that case.

Alan Kung, BA1DU
HO-68(XW-1) Project Manager

XW-1 BBS message uploaded

Finally DK3WN was successful with upload a message to the XW-1 BBS.
The file number is C0. The directory should now not empty anymore.
Maybe you can check this in your next passes.

XW-1 three channels

There seem to be the three BBS channels of XW-1(Hope-1, HO-68).

> Open BJ1SA-12:0
> Open BJ1SA-12:1
> Open BJ1SA-12:2

Hope-1 satellite bbs messages


HO-68 BBS upload!!

I succeeded in upload a file into BBS using WiSP, the file number was 'CB'.

HO-68 upload image

WiSP update


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