Mt. Daisen

1,729m (Kengamine Peak)

Tottori prefecture
Mt.Daisen from south
Viewing from West area that has old name "Izumo", Mt.Daisen become Mt.Fuji-like. So this mountain is called "Izumo-Fuji", or from the name of province it besides, "Houki-Fuji". Except west side there are steep slope face on the mountain, not gentle like Mt.Fuji. As Mt.Daisen rises almost from sea level, aside its relative lowness in this country, its figure is impressive and view at the top is scenic. But note that traverse between peaks on this mountain are too perilous and death accident has happened many times. Then the traverse is inhibited now. Please don't try.

It was one clear day in May. I visited Daisen-village to climb Mt.Diasen. In the evening I met many students after climbing conducted by their tearchers, some were laughing joyfully, some vanishing a expression from their faces by exhaustion. In any case It would become a good memory for them.
Next day I went up. Passing through Japanese beech forest of fresh green full of light, looking at the left-side rock face which was almost plumb, the mountain path being constatnt steeply inclined became gentle finally. Then Trees named Daisen-kyaraboku which resembled Pinus pumila extending a greeting branch from ground began to be sighted, as I got to look over the trees those became a dark green see, dull reflection of sunlight of early summer. And I got possible to observe ground level things around the mountain. Houses, fields, forests. I walked to the end of a wood-panel road then there was Misen Peak, regarding as the "top" of Mt.Daisen, not the highest point of this mountain. Near the triangulation point I went to and sat down.
All around were open, but my eyes were fixed in the scene of the face of the mountain, just like scooped out its meat. steep slopes of color of bone which constant collapse carried away surface soil. Only the edge of sub-ridges colored by grasses slightly. white triangles to overlap with many layers. So it seemed to be Gohei, zigzag paper streamer used in Shinto rituals. The thin and dangerous summit ridge which connected the triangles' tops, up and down and curving , going gradually high and distantly, reached the highest point Kengamine Peak, and disappeared in the sky. It was attractive look getting feeling danger, though this mountain exceeded only 1700m slightly.
Kengamine Peak from Misen Peak
Kengamine Peak, viewing from Misen Peak
The trace of former path that had reached Kengamine Peak was on the mountain ridge, but it had disappeared from the guide map, no a solid line meant general route nor a dashed line not general. the upper end of collapse place seemed to break down from a one's step only walking there. They said the person who fell from there die definitely, and the person who went there was apt to fall. But a view of Kengamine from here was still wonderful. I came to want to go to there. Mt. Daisen may be described as masculine for wearing rock faces in three directions, but Kengamine Peak viewing from Misen Peak is similar to a beautiful woman who provokes to death.
Subtle sounds of a falling rock frequently from anywhere. At the mountain ridge wind blowing not so strong. Only delicate balance lost, stones or rocks might be falling from several hundred meter height.
Charmed and sat down for a long time, suddenly I heard a intense sound anything flying away at both sides of me simultaneously. I caught sight of two swallows gliding in the air alongside harmoniously. For a while in the very front of me they were like floating elegantly and turned to the left to the right repeatedly, then down to the Japanese beech forest extending beneath far from here. They seemed just like to say, "you have a partner left home, haven't you? Go back down not hesitating".

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