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Guide of "Space Dance in the Tube"

Exhibition { Kids Workshop {Space Dance Workshop { Space Dance Performance + Photo Gallery

Kids Space Dance on youtube

-"Everyday 300 visitors come to our museum to experience Space Tube. It was a wonderful spectacle. Many children got into Space Tube, and come out, then soon stood in line in front of Space Tube with quick running. And they come into Space Tube over and over. Before I never saw this kind of amzing scene about children's condition with big excitement. I felt Space Tube keeps some magical effects." Kumi Kawasaki, curator of Kawaguchi Arts Gallery-

Ÿ2007 -2013, at museums, theatres, and schools in the world, it was a talk of the town and TV and news papers(ASAHI News PapersEBang Kong PostESouth China Morning Post<1>ESouth China Morning Post<2>EYAMANASHI News Papers). On July 20-August 25 2013, during 37 days, at Yamanashi Prefectural Science Center 38,000 people come to enjoy Space Tube.


We hold "Space Dance in the Tube" as a social dedign project with "Exhibition { Kids Workshop {Space Dance Workshop { Space Dance Performance + Photo Gallery" in the world. If you want to hold it at your city, please contact with us. We will send its information to you more exactly.

Tetsuro Fukuhara & Tokyo Space Dance;

Yuichi Takayanagi
Director of Tama Science Museum, Ex-Commentator of NHK TV

Now people, in our present-day digital life, lose a kinetic sensation which exists on the source of the life activity for making an evolution as a human with the recognition towards the space using by our whole body. In that time, "Space Dance in the Tube" as a space experience and an expression with adventure will revive our kinetic sensation from our unconsciousness fields. I would like to call to everybody to join this experimental experience.

Asahi Newpaper, Tokyo Japan

In the symposium of "Space Dance in the Tube" at at National Museum of Emerging Science & Innovation in Tokyo, Tetsuro Fukuhara said "Sometimes the science forgets a life design based on the body, but our human always needs its enough familiar relationship between the body and the space for our daily life on the ground and ourter space. We can make its plan with Space Tube."


"Space Dance in the Tube, Exhibition { Kids Workshop {Space Dance Workshop { Space Dance Performance + Photo Gallery" is a new communication with our whole body. We think that this project is very useful as "Social Design" with 6 themes of Education, Health, Welfare, Art, Environment, and Universe. Its purpose is to get an awareness about our body, particularly the familiar relationship between the body and the space. This awareness with its enough reality is essential for the daily life in our information society.

Now we are planning to hold "Space Dance in the Tube" in the world for the general public, children, student, office worker, housewife, elderly people, handicapped people at museums, science museums, theatres, libraries, universities, schools, welfare facilities.

ŸConcept - Development of a New Scientific Sense

Now we have a serious crisis that threaten our existence. In our continuous search for convenience and comfort in today's information society, we began to lose our sense of raw reality, our kinetic sense, and our physical sensations. As one characteristic phenomenon, we have a difficult social condition where we can't judge the difference exactly between the real image and the virtual image.

Then, for children and adult, "Space Dance in the Tube" stimulate their bodies directly, and they can recognize themselves as the real existence with the body and awaken the original plentiful physical sensations as a human. Soon they can develop "a New Scientific Sense"

United Nations, Office of the Special Envoy of the Secretary-General for LRA-Affected Areas

"Space Dance in the Tube is an important and unique project. Not only is it interesting from the creative point of view giving Uganda artists an opportunity to enhance their contemporary dance skills to better compete internationally, but it is also a useful tool for working in areas formerly revaged by conflict. Space Dance could be a constructive technique working with rehabilitating children associated with armed conflict and vulnerable youths orphaned by war".

ŸWhat is Space Tube?

Space Tube has been estimated as a Boundary Object. Boundary Object, this means an object which exists on the bound. Both children and adult, both general people and a specialist, both a person who belongs to scientific fields and a person who belongs to artistic fields, they can feel same interests towards Space Tube with common sense.

Space Tube will be consisted by cloth, 1.4 meters height, 10 meters long. We hang Space Tube in the air, about 1 or 2 meters height from the floor using by 6 ropes. For this exhibition and workshop we need the space, about 12 meters wide, 12 meters length, 5-7 meters height, like a gymnasium, or like a big stage, or like a gallery space.

ŸSpace Tube Experience, What is the Posture?

Space Tube is not only a space to take a balance away from the participants, but also to give a beloved feeling to them, because always their movements decide the shape of Space Tube. We can't find this kind of experience in our modern architectural society any more.

In Space Tube, at first everybody lose a posture soft, secondly they try to get back it desperately. Its ways how to get back a posture are very different for them, so its experiences are very interesting and funny not only for them but also for visitors.

In short, the person who throw out his body naturally and make one unity with Space Tube as a given environment is expert. In that time Space Tube also support them using by the storong repulsions from the bottom and the sides with flexibility.

The participants, slowly, go ahead in the space tempted a beloved feeling and be able to try to make the several fluid postures like a fish, like a space walk, like a fetus, and like a unknown animal based on the basic postures of standing, sitting and lying as a human, and enjoy it heartily with something sweet memories.

Like that, the participants be able to learn two facts, one is that always we need the support from the space to keep our postures, other is that always we need to keep our characteristic postures for keeping our personalities.


[1] Exhibition

Everybody can come in Space Tube by free and enjoy Space Tube as the participants and the visitors.

[2] Kids Workshop

We hold Kids Workshop. Then, as a fruit of this workshop, the kids participants will try to make a Kids Space Dance Performance with a simple choreography "walking + entrustment + balance + strain to hear + floating" supported by Tokyo Space Dance members.

[3] Space Dance Workshop

We hold Space Dance Workshop for the proffesional dancers and artists with 6 themes "body foundation + walking dance + contact + spiritual journey + paradise in the little moving + space dance composition". Then we develop International Space Dancers.

[4] Space Dance Performance

Tokyo Space Dance members and guest dancers, as International Space Dancers, will dance in the Space Tube, as one artistic example how to use the Space Tube.

[5] Photo Gallery

We keep the photographs from "Space Dance in the Tube" in the world and exhibit it as "Photo Gallery".

ŸShowing Record

In foreign countries we have hold "Space Dance in the Tube" at many cities in the world. On April 2001, "Space Dance in the Tube" debuted as a social project at the United Nations in New York by Yulya Vanetik. This project is estimated as a new cultural event based on the body for the new age. On March 2014 we will present "Apalos Design" as a new space tube for the usual house in the world at SudioAnise in New York.

In Japan we have hold "Space Dance in the Tube" at Tsukuba Space Center(Tsukuba), Tokyo Design Center(Tokyo), National Museum of Emerging Science(Tokyo), Tama Rokuto Science Museum(Tokyo), Hoya Primary School(Tokyo), Sendai Children Museum(Sendai), Space World(Kita Kyushu), Mie Children Museum(Mie), Sanseido Bookshop(Tokyo), Asahi Arts Square(Tokyo), Inabe City(Mie), Shibuya University(Tokyo), Aeon Mole Kawaguchi(Kawaguchi), Arts Gallery Kawaguchi(Kawaguchi), Yokohama National University(Yokohama), Tokyo Electronics Unviersity(Tokyo), Niigata Science Museum(Niigata), Fukui Children Museum(Fukui), Sanuki Children Museum(Kagawa), Karuport Museum(Kochi), Komazawa Housing Display Park(Tokyo), Aeon Mole Nagoya Dome(Nagoya), Aeon Mole Osaka(Osaka), Mito Housing Display Park(Mito), Ario(Tokyo), Aeon Mole Kyoto(Kyoto), and Yamanashi Prefectural Sceince Center(Yamanashi). On January 2014 we will hold it at Nagoya Dome and Yamanashi Prefectural Sceince Center again.

ŸPhoto Gallery

Several Cities - Tokyo, Mie, Istanbul, Kampala 2001-2009

Bangkok 2009

Kampala, Uganda 2009

Japan 2009

Japan 2010-2012

Uganda, Kenya 2010-2012

London, NY, Tokyo 2012

Frankfurt 2012

Santiago, Chile 2013

Havana, Cuba 2013

Rio de Janeiro & Taubate, Brazil 2013

Mexico City & Oaxaca, Mexico 2013

Yamanashi Prefectural Science Center in Japan, January 2014


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