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This page contains detailed information about what is KsToDo and how to use it, as well as the download link for the current version.
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Features and requirements
Screen Shots
How to Install
Operation and Settings
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KsToDo is a replacement for built-in ToDo of Palm OS . While keeping basic appearance and operation of built-in ToDo, it has some advantages if you use it with KsDatebook. Since KsToDo uses the same database as built-in ToDo, you can still use the data that already exists, while the data inputted through KsToDo can be shown/editable in Palm Desktop on your PC by HotSync.


Features and Requirements

Features are as follows

It supports Hi-Res and jog dial of Sony Clie. It also supports Hi-Res+ of PEG-NR/NX.

It supports 5Way Navigator on Palm Tungsten T.

It corresponds with Agenda view of KsDatebook.

As a input assistance of template events, "Teikei DA" by quni can be integrated.
*You need to use version1.0.4 or later of Teikei DA.

It supports "tspatch" by Mr.Imazeki. Small fonts can be shown in ToDo view and comment view using with "tspatch".

It has supported landscape mode by PEG-UX50.

It has supported portrait and landscape mode (Dynamic Input Area) of Tungsten T3.
*You may need supporting modules provided by PalmOne. You can download them from here.

It supports the center jog dial of CLIE TJ25 or later.

It supports arrow keys on keyboard-devices such as CLIE UX50, the analog controller of Zodiac, and 5Way navigator of Treo600.

It's FREE !

KsToDo will run on all monochrome/ color devices that are running PalmOS 4.0 or later.
It does not launch on devices earlier than OS4.0.


Screen Shots

It keeps basic appearance and operation of built-in ToDo. It supports portrait Hi-Res+. If you launch KsToDo from KsDatebook, "Back" button will be shown. You can go back to KsDatebook by tapping this button.
If you also installed KsDatebook, you can show view icons of KsDatebook at the bottom of KsToDo. (You need to check on this option) You can jump to any view of KsDatebook by tapping the icon.



Please download from here.
Then extract KsToDo_enEN.prc from the downloaded file and install it by HotSync (as same as other Palm applications).


Operation and settings

Added ability to sort items with "desc, priority". This option enables sorting ToDo items with its description, in addition to the previous options. "Sorting by description" recognizes texts before the first space on each item. For example, if you insert marker texts as follows before items using such as "Teikei DA", you can organize related ToDo items as if they have an alternative category.

[Sorted by priority]
 Priority  Description
   1.   [Proj-A] Submit progression chart
   1.   [Proj-B] Make a statement of delivery
   2.   [Proj-B] Count the number of bugs
   2.   [Proj-C] Party
    3.   [Proj-A] Check database item

[Sorted by description]
 Priority  Description
   1.   [Proj-A] Submit progression chart
   3.   [Proj-A] Check database item
   1.   [Proj-B] Make a statement of delivery
   2.   [Proj-B] Count the number of bugs
   2.   [Proj-C] Party

For the most part, KsToDo maintains the same operation as built-in ToDo.
Since KsToDo shares the same setting with built-in ToDo, setting assigned in KsToDo reflects built-in ToDo and vice versa.

It has supported "tspatch" by Mr. Imazeki. In addition to built-in four fonts, you can use total six fonts including small and small bold fonts in ToDo view and comment view, if you have OS5 Tungsten, Zire, and CLIE.

It also has supported "Select Font" by Mr. Takumi. You can use as much as eight fonts with "Select Font" in ToDo view and comment view. If you have installed both "tspatch" and Select Font", "Select Font" dialog comes before "tspatch". You can find further information of "Select Font" here.

[Preferences dialog]
(1) Skip "All" category
When changing categories by a hard key on which KsToDo assigned (or a jog dial on Clie), you can check on this option if you want to skip "All" category. This is convenient if you have a lot of items.

(2) Show "Unfiled" category
When changing categories by a hard key on which KsToDo assigned (or a jog dial on Clie), you can check on this option if you want to show " Unfiled" category.

(3) Show datebook icon
This is only effective if you also have KsDatebook. If you check on this option, five view icons of KsDatebook are also shown at the bottom left of KsToDo. You can directly jump to any views of KsDatebook by tapping these icons. (If you check off this option, and if you launch KsToDo from Agenda view of KsDatebook, "Back" button will be displayed instead.)

(4)Scroll by lines with Jog dial
This option is only effective on Clie with a jog dial. If you check on this option, turning up/down a jog dial will scroll a selection up/down by lines, like built-in ToDo on Clie. (Page scroll will be a little bit different from built-in ToDo on Clie) Pressing a jog dial with selecting an item will on/off the completion status-check box.

(5) Do not highlight at launch
This option is only effective if you have KsDatebook installed. If you check on this option, an item will not be highlighted when launched from Agenda view of KsDatebook as well as launched from a launcher.



KsToDo is a freeware. You can use it for free.
Copyrights of KsToDo is owned by the author. A part of which is also owned by Palm Source Inc.
KsToDo is “use at your own risk” program. The author will not be liable for data loss, damages, loss of profits or any other kind of loss while using or misusing this software. In addition, please understand that the author has no obligation to respond the bug fixes.
You may not reverse engineer, decompile, or disassemble the software (KsToDo.prc)
If you are planning to introduce this software in magazines or other media, please inform me beforehand.
“Teikei DA” is made by quni. If you have questions, please contact quni.
“tsPatch” and “KeyQuick” is made by Mr. Imazeki. If you have questions, please contact Mr. Imazeki.
“Select Font” is made by Mr. Takumi. If you have questions, please contact Mr. Takumi.



If you have questions, suggestions, or bug reports, please mail to the following address.
(Sorry, I am not good at English. Therefore, please understand that the reply of mail may become slow or a reply may not be made.)


You can find the updated information at the following site.




I would like to thank the following individuals for their contributions to KsToDo.
hiro, who provided many suggestions when designing KsToDo,
Colonel "KA-TSU", Michiel, and Hiroshi who tested in real machines when supported 5Way navigator,

Special Thanks to rururu, who helped translation of this site and KsToDo!

And many users who gave me suggestions and bug reports.
Thank you very much.



Downloaded file may include the following files.
  readme.html(with images_en folder)

You can also download the current version (Ver 1.6.1(Jul,17 2004)) from here. I strongly recommend backup all the data before installing.

ZIP Format -> KsToDo161EN.zip

Caution: If you use KsToDo with KsDatebook, use KsDatebook version "1.6.1".

When using KsToDo by TungstenT3, You may need supporting modules
(AppSlipRotate.prc and StatusBarLib.prc) provided by PalmOne.
Please download “T3_DIA_Compatibility_prcs.zip”, extract it, and install them before installing KsToDo.




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