Association Budo Culture for the Disabled    ABCD

Q: Who is lecturers ?
A: We will invite some lecturers from Sweden. The nucleus of the group named Mr. Pontus Johansson, he was the memeber of swimmer belongs to Sweden team for paralympic. He was connect swimming training wiht learning banlance through the Budo. So he have experience of warking himself when he was sixteen years old. Most disabled people are doing karate, Aikido, kendo and Judo nowadays in Sweden.
Q: How much is the cost for join in ?
A: If you don't have money, it will be free.
    If you have money, donate to our activity, please.
Q: What is new characteristic of this lecture meeting ?
A: Of course we don't mind you are disabled people or not and doesn't matter what kind of diablity you have. At the same time the all participants will pass through and discover what you can do. Abled people will go and choose what kind of difficulty you want to do at the entrance and tie up your body with band, Obi. Abled people and disabled people will do warming up together and do karate, Aikido, Kendo and Judo practice together. It doesn't matter that you don't have experience of Budo. All you have to do is having your clothing for training.
Q: How to do Budo competition by disabled people ?
A: Competition is important in Budo. But it is not everything. For example each person make efforts at the training and be change
Q: Make use of rehabilitation for the disabled people ?
A: Of course they need the specialist of rehabilitation. But in Sweden they have big success about going to gym and do training with friends with big voice.
Q: Is the lecture meeting in Swedish or Japanese ?
A: We will do in English.
Q: How is the Japanese circumstance ?
A: In Japan also many instructors make efforts and try Budo for disabled people. We do not forget their effort and success. But that case is not enough for whole of present conditions. We don't mind which Budo school or item and we hope this lecture meeting can help you something in your life.