Support Group
For Ex-Korean
BC Class
War Criminals

Our organization is offcially named as
"Group to Support the ex-Korean BC Class War Criminals
Who Were Held Responsible in place of Japanese"
and was founded in March, 1991.
We have done a number of different activities.
At the headquaters, there is no paid staff.
The headquaters members consist of company employees,
studends, house wives, journalists, scholars and so forth
and meet in their free time.
The youngest is in his twenties
while the oldest is in his seventies.
We differe in nationalities as well:
Japanese in Japan, Koreans in Japan,
foreign students and so on.
We always welcome new members.
So please do call us.

We do the following things:
Support of the ongoing trial,

ex-Korean BC class war criminals
vs. Japanese government.
We gather information and urge people
to attend the proceedings
and information meetings.
Various meetings
We have held public meetings
on the Korean BC criminal issue,
video sessions, photo exhibitions and so on.
Publication of written testimonies
Unfortunately, at this point,
everything is in Japanese.
News Letters 'Bintang Besar
(meaning 'large star')"
Every other week, we publish
our news letter "Bintang Besar"
which is only in Japanese.
We send copies to the members.
Miscellaneous work

(This takes up most of our time)
Every other Monday, we have a staff meeting,
and every other Thursday, we work on the mails.
A documentary movie
on the Korean BC class war criminals

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