This Mosrite Owners List is provided with Serial Number, Type, Color, Owner's Name, and Picture of the Mosrite. Please submit your info on who has what.

Mosrite Ventures Model Owners List
モズライト・ベンチャーズ・モデル オーナーリスト

Last Update: 2/11/99   
Name: Kiyoshi Mochizuki, Yokohama Japan (望月 清)
Total Visitors since 6/22/97:

Duplication of Serial Number
If you find Serial Number Duplication, please do not worry about and believe the both are Mosrite. Every Mosrite is "Built-in-Soul"!!!
When I met Semie Moseley in 1991, he said "I don't like to examine if Vintage Mosrite or not. My examination would hurt someone. If someone is happy with his Mosrite whatever his Mosrite is, I am also very happy to see such a guy and I don't care his Mosrite is vintage or not."
To get full information, I put the information from X-Owners to this list. So the serial number duplication would be seen sometime.

(Japanese) シリアルナンバーの重複
シリアルナンバーがときどき重複していることがあるようです。どれもモズライトに違いはないのだとお考え下さい。 いずれのモズライトも"Built-in-Soul"です!!!。

1017Proto-ModelSunburstKothenbeutel, B98-81959 bound(binding) sidejack with aluminum mute bridge. Says Joe Maphis Model on the head stock. Pots date 1958 but Andy Moseley said it was assembled in 59. Serial number on back of headstock. Mint condition.
Click Aluminum
SunburstNagasawa, K96-4Bound(binding) sidejack with aluminum mute bridge. Wood nut. Says Joe Maphis Model on the head stock. Is it a proto model for 1963 Ventures model??
Click 0005Aluminum
SunBurstShima,E94-10Binding, Sidejack,
Click 0006Aluminum
SunburstNagasawa, K96-41963, Binding, Sidejack, Wood nut
Click 0009Aluminum
SunburstNagasawa, K96-41963, Binding, Sidejack, Wood nut
SunburstKothenbeutel, B98-8Wood nut, Near mint
Click 0026SidejackSunburstNagasawa, K96-41963, Sidejack, Roller bridge
0039SidejackSunburstKothenbeutel, B 98-8Sidejack, Wood nut, Roller bridge
Click 0069SidejackSunburstNagasawa, K96-41963, Sidejack, Roller bridge
0124SidejackBlackKothenbeutel, B 98-8Sidejack, Roller bridge
Click 0127SidejackSunburstNagasawa, K96-41963,Sidejack, Roller bridge
Click 0134SideJackSunBurstYamada,H97-6Sidejacke, Roller bridge
Click 0141SideJackStrawberry
Yamada,H97-6Org:SunBurst, Sidejacke, Roller bridge
Click 0142SideJackSunBurstMinegishi,H91-6 Sidejacke, Roller ridge
Click 0172SideJackStrawberry
Minegishi,H91-6 Sidejacke, Roller ridge
0173VibramuteSunburstKothenbeutel, B98-8Bound(Binding), Top jack, Bolt on neck(covered), Pick guard screws, Pots dated 49th week of '63.
0190VibramuteSunburstKothenbeutel, B98-8Pots dated 49th week of '63.
Click 0236VibramuteBlueNagasawa, K96-41964, Top jack
0277VibramuteRedKothenbeutel, B98-8Red body, neck and headstock. Pots dated 49th week of '63
Click 0321VibramuteMetalicBlue
0365VibramuteSunburstKothenbeutel, B98-8Sunburst headstock with large logo.
0368VibramuteSunburstNeher,E98-12found my Ventures model (serial # 0368) through a friend in 1981...(paid $125 US)...originally sunburst finish although now it has been customized and is ivory white...back of neck is still sunburst
Wertz,G97-11Bought in 1985
Click 0491VibramuteBlack(ref.)Matsuoka, H98-9Org:Sunburst, He was born in 1967. The headstock detail and the serial number detail.
Click 0519VibramuteSunburst
Still,D97-10D.Still and Semie were friends and this guitar was at the factory for the refinish when Semie passed away.
VibramutePearlWhiteKayama,Y Given by the Ventures Summer 1965. The serial number was worn out and hard to read.
Click 0654VibramuteSunBurstUpdegrove,D98-4Bought it in 1985
Click 0759VibramuteSunBurstBeal,N97-11Front Jack 1964 type
0820VibramuteSunBurstKothenbeutel, B98-8
Click 0888VibramuteSunBurstShima,E94-10Now X-owner(98-8)
0913VibramuteMetaric Blue Kothenbeutel, B 98-8
Click 0913VibramutePearlWhiteOyama,Y98-1Bought Jan '98 thru DH. The neck joint has Nov '65 marking.
Click 0936VibramuteSunburstKoslow,K99-11964, Top jack. This guitar has had very little home use, and was the first one of its kind in Virginia (USA). Purchased by a fan who knows the group (Ventures) personally. Interested in selling this guitar.
Click 0944VibramutePearlWhiteNagasawa, K96-41964, Top jack
Kothenbeutel, B98-8Has plastic tuning buttons.
1010VibramuteSunburstKothenbeutel, B98-8
Click 1111VibramutePearlWhiteYamada,H97-6
Click 1165VibramutePearlWhiteIshimoto,R98-7Headstock close-up and Tailpiece close-up are attached.
Click 1240VibramuteBlack(ref.)Terauchi,T91-6Org:SunBurst
Click 1322VibramuteCandyRedMochizuki,K91-3
1437VibramuteSunBurstWertz,G97-11X-Owner. Bought in 1966 and sold in 1967.
Click 1505VibramuteCandyRedYamada,H97-6
Click 1545VibramuteCandyRedMinegishi,H91-6
Click 1562VibramutePearl WhiteGoto, N94-4
1611VibramutePearl WhiteKothenbeutel, B98-8
Click 1613VibramutePearl WhiteNagasawa, K96-41965
1652VibramuteSunburstKothenbeutel, B98-8
Click 1655VibramuteTurquoise
1696VibramuteStripeKothenbeutel, B98-8Red, white and blue striped.
1843VibramuteBlack(ref.)Slug,T 98-5It used to be sunburst but a previous owner had it redone in black. From Amsterdam.
Click 1861VibramuteRedBeal,N97-11Org:Sunburst
Click 1912VibramuteBlack(ref)Moriya,Y91-6Org:Sunburst
Click 1919VibramuteMetalicBlueBeal,N97-11
Click 2008VibramuteCandy RedNagasawa, K 96-41965
2034VibramuteSunburstHART,J98-11I am the original owner of Mosrite Ventures Model, Serial No. 2034. I bought my Mosrite in the summer of 1966.
Click 2043VibramuteSunburstEdwards, N 98-8Auctioned August 1998. M.Neff reports "When Nokie talked about this guitar you could see his eyes light up. I could tell he was upset by having it auctioned off."
2114SunburstMJMSAW99-1All original, The pick-ups have the Mosrite logo but no registered trademark R. The tone and volume knobs are the early plain type. I have owned and played this guitar since 1968.
Click 2192VibramuteCandy RedNagasawa, K96-41965
Click 2217VibramutePearlWhiteYamada,H97-6
2252Black(ref)Yakushiji,A98-10Bought it in 1983.
Click 2337VibramutePearlWhiteKobayashi,T97-10All original, Got it Jan '97
Click 2498VibramutePearlWhiteMinegishi,H91-6
2733MoseleySunburstPierce,J98-6With Ventures Logo. I've had this since December of 1997.
2759MoseleyWhiteBeal,N97-11Tortoise shell pickguard and white plastic button machine head. Currently at Bill Grudgette's shop for a refine. Bill Grudgette was the quality control manager for Semie during 60's Bakersfield production years. He was in charge of all finish procedures.
Click 2767MoseleyPearl WhiteNagasawa, K96-41965
Click 2795MoseleypurpleTubbs,B98-11It has a tortoise-shell pickguard. I purchased it 98-10 and it is a 1965 Ventures model.
2914MoseleyRed SparkleKothenbeutel, B98-8
2932MoseleyPearl WhiteKothenbeutel, B98-8
Click 2958MoseleyCandyRedYamada,H97-6
Click 2967MoseleyPearlWhite Halterman,E98-3Bought new in 1968. (E.Shigehiro) From Canada.
3333Candy RedWatson, A98-7
3453MoseleySunburst Egizio,R98-41966 Ventures Model
3522MoseleyPearl White Kothenbeutel, B98-8
3637MoseleySunburstGibson,J98-7I bought it used in 1971 .
4139MoseleySunburst Egizio,R98-41966 Ventures Model
4375MoseleyPearl White Sims, J98-7 It is Pearl White with a truss rod adjustment at the headstock. It is in an alligator case and it is in good condition.
Click 4617MoseleySunburst Barrett,T98-5 It was autographed by Nokie Edwards, Bob Bogle, Don Wilson, and Mel Taylor, the signatures and a "Ventures" logo are engraved into the body.
4774VibramuteWhiteChow,W98-4 I just bought a Mosrite Vibramute that has been refinished. It is white #4774. Want to know Grudgette's shop address for repair.
4945MoseleySunburstKothenbeutel, B98-8
Click V0003Mosely SunBurstYates,K98-4 Non-Ventures model, Headstock that reads Mosrite of California USA, by Moseley. It has Mosrite volume/tone control caps that are taller than those I've seen on other Mosrites. I believe that the tuners may be changed (The heads have 6-sided knobs). All other components appear original. The serial number is V0003 with the left hand side of the "V" having a bar across the top that resembles a "T".
V016 SunBurstMoore, R. Jr.98-31988. Signed by Semi
Click V0264 MoseleySunBurst Gottgetreu,G 97-7Serial Numbers starting with a V are reissue models manufactured at Semie's Jonas Ridge, North Carolina facility. They were made between 1988 and 1992.....Semie's last Hurrah! (Comments from DMisiak)
Click V0341Moseley SunBurstJones,G97-11There is no Ventures Model logo, under Mosrite is "of California USA" in small print and under that in smaller print is "by Semie Moseley".Two piece neck. See the headstock detail.
V0623Moseley PAUL98-2 With two Mosrite of California pickups. It has a Moseley US,237,502 with moseley at the bottom. The neck and the headstock are natural and say: Mosrite of California USA by Semie Moseley. This V0623 has the original small book to match. It is also in mint condition. The cases is like new and has the original set of two keys. I purchased this from Rex Crabtree who purchased them from a friend of his that personally knew Semie Moseley's brother somewhere in 1971 or 1972. I would love to see this guitar goes in a museum or under glass in a private collection. I am presently taking offers.
Click V5127Mosely SunBurstVanFossen,L98-4Purchased it in Japan in 1967. 2 pick up SB with the Ventures model logo on the head. It has the original strap with Mosrite on it and the red felt lined case. Close-up of the serial is attached.
Click V5315MoseleyBlueTietjen,B97-10
(almost purple)
Coulter,C99-1Ventures style non-logo, blonde neck and headstock
V5435SunburstAnzik,B98-6Does not have The Ventures logo on it.
Click V5439MoseleyDeep Purple Pierce, J98-9Moseley tailpiece, no ventures logo. Just purchased.
V5456SunburstCoulter,C99-1Ventures style non-logo, 'burst on back of neck with black headstock
Click V5509MoseleyCalifornia
Lackey, J 98-9I bought it from a gentleman down south whose name is Muddy Waters. (not the Muddy Waters).
Click V5510MoseleyCandyRedStadther,D97-11Bought 11/7/97, 1968, all original parts, Ventures style without "The Ventures" logo.
Click V5642MoseleySunburstPhillips, T98-8No Ventures Logo on headstock and the neck adjust cover on headstock. It was given to me by my father in 1973. He bought it from a friend that had bought a group of Mosrites at an auction in California. It is all original. I also have a Mosrite Fuzzrite Guitar Effect.
AF034VibramuteSunburstDegan,D98-6It was purchased new by myself on 6/27 1985. It is signed on the back of the headstock "Mosrite For Ever- Semie Moseley -1984." I spoke to Semie in 1987 and he explained to me the meaning of the 'AF' (After Fire) in the serial number. He told me that he thinks 034 was the last one made in that run.
Ciick AF1414Mark-ICalifornia
Still,D97-10AF:After the Fire of Jonas Ridge Shop, Built in 1984 This guitar was built, and puchased at the same time as the green triple. They both have AF serial no.s, which stand for,"After the Fire",that burned up the original Jonas Ridge factory. It is painted in "California Grape". The bluish streak in the middle of the body is really there. This thing changes colors in the light. It has a wider fingerboard than the green one AF2424, and is better suited for rhythm use.
Click AF2424GreenStill,D97-10AF:After the Fire of Jonas Ridge Shop,AF2424 is a triple pickup. no guard, translucent emerald green on maple. It has phase tapped pickups. The neck is laminated maple and rosewood with brass dots. It made of maple. On the back of the headstock it is signed, by Semie, "Mosrites Forever, 1984".
HK01SunburstKnoght, H98-2Had semi build me a sunburst delux venture model 1986( signed on back of head stock) while he was in north carolina. He made a delux sunburst venture model for a music museum in nashvill,ser # rc01, but gave it to me instead and sold it.
3c0062Moseley PAUL98-2 This one is I believe Maple. It is just as new condition. The headstock reads Mosrite of California USA by Semie Moseley. This guitar has the two Mosrite of California pickups and white guard and knob control plate. The case is like new and has the original set of two keys. This was specially made for a Star of The Grand Old Opery. I purchased it from Rex Crabtree who purchased it from a friend of his that personally knew Semie Moseley's brother somewhere in 1971 or 1972. I would love to see this guitar goes in a museum or under glass in a private collection. I am presently taking offers.
40th Aniv.Proto Dean,R98-3 Made 1991 and given to me by Loretta Moseley. It is signed by Semie and has a letter of authenticity from Loretta Moseley. Brazilian Rosewood top. Brazilian Rosewood and curly maple neck and back one volume control, no tone control, side jack, wierd tailpiece - tremolo and individual string height adjustments, binding on body, neck and head stock. I am very motivated to sale this fine collector piece.
Click 9000612 StringsPearl WhiteNagasawa, K96-41965, Vibramute 12 strings
T21412 StringsSunBurstKothenbeutel, B98-8Truss rod at body
T21712 StringsSunBurstSmith,D97-10Mark XII
Click T31012 StringsSunBurstMinegishi, H91-61966Model
T43112 Strings Svensson,L98-5I am a member of the Swedish Ventures fan club. I bought the guitar from an antik instrument dealer in Idaho U.S.A. some years ago.
Click T68312 StringsSunburstLackey, J 98-9All original parts.
12 StringsPearlWhiteStill,D97-10Mrak XII
Click H0007ComboRedNagasawa, K96-41966, Moseley
H0308ComboRedMoore, R. Jr.98-31965 or 1966(not sure)
Click H0553ComboRedMinegishi, H91-61966Model
Click H0555ComboSunburstNagasawa, K96-41967, Separate type Moseley
Click H0642ComboRedBlanco, E97-101967
H0723ComboSunburstHinely,R98-7I have a 60's model red/black sunburst/white pickguard, Moseley tremolo bar, maple headstock, serial # H0723, f-hole, original strap (Mosrite logo/white w/ gold), original case. It came with a mint chrome Fender wah/volume/fuzz pedal - Yeah ! All mint condition. The "story" behind it is it was an American soldiers that died in the Vietnam War. His parents sold it to the guy I got it from (dealer) - only $500.
H1147ComboRedLittle,K98-4 I recently purchased a red Mosrite Combo in mint condition, including case (also mint), brochure, and what I believe is the guitar strap originally sold with the guitar. This guitar looks as if no person has ever touched it!
1252ComboBlue/GreenCarte,M98-2 I've been a working musician in L.A. California for 25 years! About 20 years ago I had my Mosrite stolen out of my car. It was the blue/green Combo model #1252. I'd love to have it back.
layers of
Still,D97-10Semie's experimantal painting that looks deep blue-green, but changes in the light. Combos were offered either red or sunburst. I found this blue one in Hawaii. When I took it to Semie, he held it all day long. He told me it was an experimental paint job, that was not supposed to leave the factory. It has at least five different layers of paint on it, including black, red and gold, and the blue-green.
Click G0022Combo 12-stringsRed Nagasawa, K96-41966
0145Combo BassRedHylton,J98-10
Click R0075Combo BassSunburstNagasawa, K96-41967
ClickCelebrity1967 Model
Click 494CelebrityRedBeal,N97-111965 Celebrity
A0081CelebritySunBurstMoore, R. Jr.98-31968
Click A0513CelebrityCherryYates,K98-4 It has changed volume/tone potentiometers but otherwise appears original.
Click A0577CelebritySunburstHarris,J98-11
K0547CelebrityMarleau,R98-5From Canada.
K0948Celebrity Chadwell,W98-11Back in the 1960's, I bought a Mosrite Celebrity 12-string. I loved the guitar, but I sold it in 1973. I have recently purchased a Mosrite Celebrity 6-string. It's in pretty good condition, but it needs some work and there are a few things that are different from the original one that I owned.
M0276Celebrity Cherry
Chadwell,W99-2 It is a 6-string with a vibrato and multiple binding. It is in excellent condition and, if I can trust the pots, it is a 1968.
ClickCelebrity 12-StringsSunburstStill,D97-10
SunburstVazquez-Wolin, G98-7This instrument has excellent balance and playablity. It is the lightest bass I have ever played however, It does suffer from a minor intonation problem which can not be corrected by adjusting the bridge. But I love it none the less. I was wondering if any one out there In Mosrite land can find an original hardshell case for it. If so please contact me at
Click<200Ventures-IIBlueHarper,I97-8 Made August 1965
Click0202Ventures-IIWhite(ref)O'Hara, J97-101964, Org:Sunburst, non org tailpice/bridge/tuners/pickups
ClickVentures-IIWhiteShima,E94-10Non-original tailpiece
ClickVentures IIWhiteRamone,J97-8Non-original tailpiece/pickups
ClickVentures IIBrownRamone,J97-8Non-original tailpiece/pickup/Tuners
ClickB003Ventures-IIRed Egizio,R98-4 Non-original tuners. Original vibrato has been replaced with a genuine Moseley non-vibrato tailpiece. Signed by all of the Ramones on the pickguard.
ClickVentures-IICherry redMcGuire,T98-11I bought this guitar in 89, it was just the body and neck,everything else was long gone. But for 20 dollars I was shaking! I totally customised it. It says THE VENTURES II MODEL on the headstock, though the body shape looks like Mark-V.
Click B292Ventures-IIWas White,
Ref. to
Sonic Blue
Burbank,K98-12The shape is Mark-V but the headstock log is "Ventures II Model".
Mark-V was made in 1967, my Mosrite was made in December 1965 and was called a Ventrues II. The date stamped on the back of the neck is Dec 19, 1965. I heard from another Mosrite fan that in 1965, the Mark V and the Mosrite Ventures II were almost exactly the same except for the name and the date they were made. The older Ventures-II had a flat body.
This Ventures-II has an extended pickguard under the top pick-up unlike the Mark V that stops the pickguard 1/2 way. I don't know why.(K.Burbank's note)
Click B304 or
Mark-VRedBuja,B98-4 Oct. 65. Bought it in 1995. All original except for switch tip (plastic, not metal).
Click B791Mark-VMetaric BlueTietjen,B99-1
Click B830 or
Mark-VRedLutz,J98-5The vibrato is replaced with Bigsby and the tuner is also replaced. Close-up of the headstock is attached. From France.
Kaufman,K97-8Tortoise shell pick guard
B1469Mark-VSunburstKothenbeutel, B98-8
Click 0453Mark-VGold(ref)O'Hara, J97-101965, Org:Sunburst, Non original TP, PU, Tuners, Bridge
Click 050?Mark-VBlack(ref)O'Hara, J97-101965, Org:Black, Non original TP, PU's, Tuners, Bridge
ClickMark-VWhite(ref)O'Hara, J97-101965, Org:Blue, Non original tailpiece, bridge P/U,tuners.
ClickMark-VIWhite(ref)O'Hara, J97-101966, Org:Sunburst,Non original TP, PU's, Tuner, Bridge
0003double neck Joe MaphisBrashear,W98-10He had stage name of Walt Rogers, and had played lead guitar with Freddy Hart, a big country & western artist from the late 60s and early 70s. He also had played with Rose Lee Maphis, Joe's wife. He used to live in Sumter, South Carolina, but I have lost touch with him, not having seen him in about 17 years or so. (Report by J.Hylton)
Click D004Joe MaphisNaturalBeal,N97-11Forth one made. Has walnut back.
Click D191Joe MaphisNaturalLackey,J99-1This rings like a bell.(J.Lackey's note)
D270Joe MaphisNaturalCrawford, R 98-9It is Natural in color with 2 DeArmond pickups.
D574Joe MaphisBlondeCoulter,C99-1Blonde top/dark back, blonde neck and headstock
Click 91019Joe MaphisSunBurstBeal,N97-11Ten made. Maple body with Humbuckers. Custom
Joe Maphis '67SunBurstPerillard,P98-6Bought in 80s at Montreal Canada. I'm beginning to get some severe sustain problems caused by sandcasting the frets 3 times!!!. It's a moseley vibrato tail piece with rod upper head adjust and 2 original mosrite machine winding pick-ups.
Click N0028 Blues
ClickN0153 Blues
BlackGruggett,D98-12Made in 1969. It is black with a red tortoise shell pick guard. The scale is 1/8" shorter than the Gibson scale. After taking this picture, it has since been completely restored by my father, the master luthier Bill Gruggett, an original member of the Mosrite Guitars team. Original Mosrite parts were used from his personal stock, except for new high-quality PC-USA pickups, which I requested.
ClickN0162 Blues
layers of
Still,D97-10Semie's experimantal painting that looksdeep blue-green, but changes in the light.
97-10Jack Moseley is Semie's brother. Only one made for him in 1966.
98-7Custom Built for me by Semie, in his North Carolina Shop in the Late 80's. I Would consider Selling it... I'm a son of Andy, Semie's oldest brother. Andy's picture is on 1969 Mosrite Catalog
Click 2V0014V2SunburstFleet,M97-10V2 was made in '73 and the V2 business drove Mosrite to go bankrupt. V2 has two humbucker pickups with coil tap switches.
J.Wallace added 6/28/98 as "I think the blue butttons on the v2 are by-pass buttons. Pushing one of these routes the signal around the volume and tone controls directly to the output jack thereby boosting the output of the guitar 10%. Your owners list refers to these as coil taps."
2V0030V2Theriault, M97-10V2 was made in '73 and the V2 business drove Mosrite to go bankrupt. V2 has two humbucker pickups with coil tap switches.
 J.Wallace added 6/28/98 as "I think the blue butttons on the v2 are by-pass buttons. Pushing one of these routes the signal around the volume and tone controls directly to the output jack thereby boosting the output of the guitar 10%. Your owners list refers to these as coil taps."
0001BassZunz, I97-11With original shoreline gold finish & matching gold headstock. This bass was purchased by Ron Meagher of the Beau Brummels ("Laugh Laugh") in 1964.
5002BassSunburstKothenbeutel, B98-8 Early '63 bound(binding) sidejack bass with mute bridge and very large logo with no "The" above "Ventures".
5018Bass---Kothenbeutel, B98-8 Has been totally stripped. Planning to restore it to blue as on the "Knock me out" album.
Click 5025BassSunburstNagasawa, K96-4 1963, Side Jack, 1 pickup.
5056BassSunburstKothenbeutel, B98-8Top jack, sunburst head stock, large logo.
5058BassSunburstGallegos,D98-6 1964 Mosrite Ventures Model bass. Needs some work. Would someone be interested in buying it?
5081BassWhiteKothenbeutel, B98-8Small logo, white neck and head stock, flat lower horn. Pots date 31st week of '64.
5260BassBlackLewis, G98-8Mid 60s, 1 pickup, Autographed by Semie.
5532Bass Maroon
Lane,J98-3 Rosewood neck, Single neck pick up.
5586BassBlackKothenbeutel, B98-8
Kothenbeutel, B98-8
Click 6088BassPerl WhiteNagasawa, K96-41966, 2 pickups
Click 6114BassPerl WhiteNagasawa, K96-41966, 1 pickups
6259BassSunburstKothenbeutel, B98-82 pickups
6451BassRedNeely,R99-1Neck date 6-16-66. 2 pickup Mosrite Ventures Model bass. Purschased in 1988. ($295!!!)
6812BassCandy RedSanders,D98-12I have owned Ventures Model Mosrite Bass serial number 6812 since it was new. Originally Candy Apple Red, now blond. Two pickup, modified in the '80s to stereo. Bridge pickup replaced by after-market type after the original one fell out on stage one night in 1970's. Was purchased as a "second" from Mosrite along with a sunburst single-pickup bass in 1968 by Quilter Sound Company (Now QSC) when Mosrite factory was fabricating speaker cabinets for Quilter. Originally had a blemish in the red paint on the back of the body. Has been re-fretted 3 times in it's career.
6928BassMetaric BlueKothenbeutel, B98-82 pickups
Click 7112BassCherry Halterman,D98-3No Ventures logo 1967. From Canada.
Click B0107BassBlackSmith,D98-01Two pickups. The headstock says "Mosrite of California, by Semie Moseley", but does not say Ventures. What year was it made?
Click BassSunburstStill, D98-8No Ventures Logo, Two pickups
Click AB083BassEllis, M98-7I have a bass I bought in 1973. It's a Mosrite of California. It's not in the best shape. The chrome tailpiece is missing and one volume button is missing too. Do you know where I can buy a volume button?
  02788M-88 PearlWhite Keith98-2It is handmade and signed front and back of headstock by Semie Mosely. Willing to sell or trade my guitar for a Ventures reissue.
M-88 Landry,M98-2 Semie signed the face of the head stock " SEMIE MOSLEY" and the back of the head stock "MOSRITES FOREVER SEMIE MOSLEY 1988"
Click 05088V-88 PearWhite Beal,N97-11Pearl white with white pickups, Flame maple fretboard.
90014Nokie Model PeralWhite Dean,R98-3Made in december 1989. tortoise pick guard, vibramute, new hat knobs (no M), side jack, Signed"made by Semie Moseley 12/89". slab neck, Given to me by semie for christmas. According to Semie, 1 of 3 made. I am very motivated to sale the fine collector piece.
01287Re-Issue '65 SunBurst Anderson,G97-11Had this guitar built for me in 1987.
87043Re-Issue Emerald GreenKothenbeutel, B98-81987 bound(binding) sidejack with white pickup covers, Vibramute, glued neck, matching neck and headstock. Beautiful and mint.
2507Re-Issue SilverKothenbeutel, B98-825th anniversary model, Vibramute, only 12 made. (Although he planned to make 25), very striking.
6303Re-Issue Metaric
Kothenbeutel, B98-8'63 re-issue, Vibramute, made in 1991.
Click 93031Re-Issue '65 SunBurst Beal,N97-111965 Ventures Model, Pearl guard
1551Re-Issue '65 PearlWhite Okamoto, T 98-9USA Made, Bought Nov. 1997.
AvengerPearlwhiteKurtz, C98-8Bought at auction , Looking for bridge parts
Click005Brass RailBlackNagasawa, K96-41976
ClickF0286 SerenadeSunburstLackey,J99-1Serenade from '66 or '67 that has the most beautiful tone and ease of play.
ClickF0305SerenadeNaturalNagasawa, K96-41967
ClickGG0011 GospelCherry
Lackey,J99-1Mosrite Gospel from 1966 that I would like to know if there are more out there. Here's the headstock logo detail. (Lackey's note)
Click10UnknownBlackLackey, J98-9This item may be a Mosrite Bluesbender that looks closer to the brassrail. I believe it to be a 1976 model. The serial number is 10. I bought it this year from the original owner who bought it at Manny`s Music in New York City. All original parts. It says the new Mosrite of California on the headstock. Anyone with info on this guitar or just Mosrite fans are welcome to e-mail me at

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