Day 3: June 4


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3-1. Maesa Elephant Camp

I was looking forward to an elephant ride in Chiang Mai. I had never been it. Ms. Koh and I left for "Maesa Elephant Camp" by a hotel limousine at 8:30 AM.

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Photo: Elephant Show

The camp admission fee was 80 Baht per person. First, we saw that many elephants took a shower on the river. They enjoyed it very much. Next, we saw an elephant show. The show was twice a day. The first show was from 8:00 AM to 8:45 AM, and the second one was from 9:40 AM to 10:30 AM. It was interesting.

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3-2. A Jungle Tour on Elephant Back

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Photo: Riding Point

An elephant ride was able to do any time throughout the day. We chose one-hour tour (500 Baht). A riding point was made as same as an elephant height. There was a chair on elephant back. After we sat down on the chair, an elephant trainer ordered the elephant to leave at once.

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Photo: Elephant Ride

We rode on elephant back at the jungle tour. After a while, the trainer told us that we were able to sit on elephant neck if we wanted to. It was special present for us. We were so happy. I sat on the neck immediately and put my hands on the elephant's head. My legs were behind the elephant's ears. My legs touched her large ears whenever she flapped her large ears. The trainer walked in front of the elephant. He made her go straight ahead. The elephant followed his order and walked slowly. The elephant rocked. I was afraid to fall down on the neck, for she was very tall. But, elephant neck riding was amazing. I could not help being excited.

Before long the trainer made the elephant stop. It was Ms. Koh's turn to sit on elephant neck. I returned the chair. Ms. Koh sat on neck. He climbed to the chair and sat next to me. The elephant went down on a pass. The pass was very rough. The chair rocked and rocked. I had to hang on to the chair.

After that, the elephant arrived at the river. The elephant wanted to drink water, so she bowed her head lower. Ms. Koh had to press her legs against the elephant to support herself. Ms. Koh did not want to fall into the river. The elephant watered and bathed herself on her nose. The elephant washed Ms. Koh's legs. The trainer ordered the elephant to stop taking a shower. Ms. Koh returned the chair and he sat on the elephant's neck again.

Finally, the elephant walked in the river to return to the riding point. The bottom of the river was generally flat. The chair rocked gently. I was deeply disappointed that our one-hour jungle tour would be finished soon. When we got off the elephant, we tipped the trainer 20 Baht. I will never forget the amazing experience as long as I live.

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3-3. The Orchid and Butterfly Farm

We went to "The Orchid and Butterfly Farm" to have lunch. The farm admission fee was 20 Baht per person. I ordered "rice top chicken" and mineral water (60 Baht). "rice top chicken" was steamed rice topped with fried chicken and vegetables in oyster source. It was nice.

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Photo: The Orchid and Butterfly Farm

Thailand is the kingdom of orchid. There were orchids in the farm. They were beautiful. There were butterflies, too. However, I was not interested in them. So, I did not see the farm. We returned the hotel at 2:30 PM and tipped a driver 50 Baht. I reserved "Kantoke Dinner Tour" at the tour desk on the lobby.

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3-4. Kantoke Dinner and the Night Bazaar

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Photo: Kantoke Dinner

At 7:00 PM, we got on a tour bus to go to "Old Chiang Mai Cultural Center". The tour fee was 400 Baht per person. "Kantoke Dinner" is one of the northern Thai food. We were seated on the floor around a red circular tray. We ate them while watching traditional northern Thai dances. I enjoyed "deep fried crispy pork with the chili sauce", "Burmese pork curry", "crispy fried noodles" and "steamed rice with a bamboo basket". They were very good. After the dinner, we moved to another theater. We watched hill tribe culture shows.

We got off the bus at "the Night Bazaar". There were many shops. We looked around Thai silks, clothes and handicrafts. I went to the Internet Cafe to send E-mail. A sales clerk told me to use "Microsoft Hot Mail". The fee was 5 Baht per a minute. It was interesting to type Thai-English keyboard.

We picked up a tuk tuk. It was a motorized three-wheel open-air taxi. Before riding, we had to negotiate with a driver about our destination and fee. We returned the hotel by tuk tuk at 10:40 PM. The fare was 50 Baht, and we tipped a driver 10 Baht.

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