Day 4: June 5


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4-1. Breakfast in the Westin Chiangmai

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Photo: Breakfast in the Westin Chiangmai

The Westin Chiangmai Hotel served Thai and western food buffets at the River Terrace Restaurant. It was in ground floor. Breakfast was 302.5 Baht.
This photo is an example. In the middle of photo, there are "pancakes", "pan fried fish fillet with lemon butter", "cream source potatoes", and "English baked beans". In the left side dish is "boiled rice with chicken meatballs". I mixed a few drops of "Nam Pla" into the "boiled rice". "Nam Pla" is "Thai fish sauce". I had a cup of tea and a glass of guava juice. There was egg counter, too. I ordered a plane omelet. They were delicious.

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4-2. Tha Phea Gate

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Photo: Tha Phea Gate

After breakfast, Ms. Koh and I went to "Tha Phea Gate" by tuk tuk (60 Baht). The gate used to guard the city's entrance. It made of brick.

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Photo: Thai Mailbox

We walked in Chiang Mai City. There was a mailbox on the road. The temperature was 32C°. It was too hot.

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Photo: Montri Hotel and JJ Bakery

We ate lunch at "JJ Bakery" in the Montri Hotel. There was in front of "Tha Phae Gate". It had pies, cakes and cookies. They were inexpensive. I ordered "blueberry cheese pie (45 Baht)", "JJ pie (28 Baht)", "chocolate cake (28 Baht)" and mineral water (30 Baht). They were good.
The bakery was European style. It was bright and clean. Air conditioning was comfortable. We relaxed very much.

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4-3. Sending E-mail from an Internet Cafe

After lunch, we went to an Internet Cafe, "America Restaurant and Bar". It was near "Tha Phae Gate". The cafe used "Eudora Pro 3.0 for Windows" to send E-mail. I sent E-mail to my friends. I paid 95 Baht.

 Go "Tuk Tuk and Songtaew"
Photo: Tuk Tuk and Songtaew

We chartered a songtaew to return to the hotel (50 Baht). Songtaew means "two rows" in Thai. It was a small truck with two rows of bench seats down the sides. The color was red. We arrived at the hotel at 2:30 PM.

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4-4. Pad Thai Goong Sod

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Photo: Pad Thai Goong Sod

At 7:30 PM, I ate room service dinner at the room. I ordered "pad thai goong sod" and tea (193.60 Baht). "Pad thai goong sod" was stir fried rice-noodles with shrimp and bean sprouts. They were very good.

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