Day 8 and 9: June 9 and 10


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8-1. Breakfast in the Oriental Bangkok

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Photo: Breakfast in the Oriental Bangkok

The Oriental Bangkok Hotel served Western food buffet at the Verandah Restaurant in the morning. The restaurant looked out on the Chao Phya River.
This photo is an example. In the middle of photo, there are "bacon", "English baked beans", "asparagus", "English sausages", "baked tomatoes" and "potatoes". In the left of photo, there are bread, butter and cheese. There was egg counter. I had a cup of tea. I enjoyed them very much.

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8-2. General Post Office (GPO)

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Photo: General Post Office (GPO), Bangkok

At 9:50 AM, I left the hotel. The General Post Office (GPO) was nearby the hotel. I went to there on foot.

The post office had mailing, packing and telephone services. I bought some memorial stamps at shops. Thai memorial stamps were very beautiful.

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8-3. Shopping at World Trade Center

Metered taxis were available in Bangkok. I picked up a cruising meter taxi and went to "World Trade Center" (57 Baht).

"World Trade Center" had two department stores. I went to the Isetan department store. First, I bought cotton handkerchiefs at Jim Thompson's Thai silk shop (350 Baht each). Second, I bought a bag at Narayana Phand shop. Third, I bought Nissin cup noodles tom yam kung flavour at a grocery (30 Baht each).

 Go "Pad Thai, the Vegeta Restaurant (the Vegetarian Cottage)"
Photo: Pad Thai, the Vegeta Restaurant (the Vegetarian Cottage)

Fourth, I had lunch at the Vegeta Restaurant. Its old name was the Vegetarian Cottage. It was on the 6th floor. I ordered "Pad Thai" (93.50 Baht). It was good.

Fifth, I went to Thailand duty free shops. It was on the 7th floor of "World Trade Center". I had to have my passport and airline tickets. Duty free shops were huge. I bought a dried mix fruit (160 Baht).

At 3:10 PM, I picked up a cruising meter taxi (57 Baht). At 4:00 PM, I arrived at the hotel.

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8-4. Thai Suki

 Go "Thai Suki, the Coca Restaurant"
Photo: Thai Suki, the Coca Restaurant

Ms. Koh and I asked the Japanese concierge to reserve our dinner at the Coca Restaurant the day before. At 7:10 PM, we got on a hotel limousine (560 Baht per an hour) to go to the Coca Restaurant. There was on the Sukhumvit Soi 39.

We ordered "Thai Suki", mineral water and "red bean with shaved ice and syrup" (250 Baht). Suki was named after a famous Japanese song, "Sukiyaki". First, we chose "fish ball rugby style", "house meatball", "spinach", "egg noodles", "tofu" and many foods. Next, we boiled foods by ourselves. Then, we dipped them in either the "Nam Pla (Thai fish sauce)" or the chili sauce. Finally, we ate them. They were very nice. At 9:30 PM, we left the restaurant. We tipped a limousine driver 50 Baht.

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8-5. The Last Day

We checked out the Oriental Bangkok Hotel at 4:10 AM on June 10. Then, we got on the hotel limousine. At 4:45 AM, we arrived at Bangkok International Airport (Don Muang). We checked in our Northwest flight. We bought an airport tax ticket from a vending machine (500 Baht).

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Photo: International Terminal 2, Don Muang Airport

I ordered some pieces of chicken, french-fried potatoes and a cup of Pepsi for breakfast at the Kentucky Fried Chicken (97 Baht). I spent all my Thai currency.

At 6:55 AM, our flight took off. It was one hour late due to a radar trouble. We ate meal twice. At 2:44 PM, we arrived at New Tokyo International Airport (Narita). After we took Passport Control, we returned to our own home.

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