3: Tokyo Disneyland B


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3-1. Westernland

I returned to Westernland. Westernland was decorated with Halloween decorations.

Photo: Westernland

At Big Thunder Mountain, I rode on a runaway train. I saw an old abandoned mine. I like it very much.

 Big Thunder Mountain
Photo: Big Thunder Mountain

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3-2. Tomorrowland

Photo: Tomorrowland

I walked to Tomorrowland and got to a FASTPASS ticket of Space Mountain.

I ate lunch at the Plaza Restaurant. It is a counter-service restaurant.

 Plaza Restaurant
Photo: Plaza Restaurant

After lunch, I went to Space Mountain. I enjoyed a rocket journey.

I went to MicroAdventure!. I put on special glasses. And I attended the "Inventor Of The Year" awards. There are phones in the back of the theater with English language translations.

Photo: MicroAdventure!

Star Tours is based on the "Star Wars" movies. I went aboard a 40-passenger shuttlecraft called a "Star Speeder". I like Science Fiction, so I enjoyed it very much.

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3-3. Adventureland

At 3:00 PM, I went to the Camera Center again. I picked up finished prints.

I moved to Adventureland. At Pirates of the Caribbean, I saw a battle between a pirate ship and a Spanish fort.

I took Western River Railroad and saw the primeval world.

 Western River Railroad
Photo: Western River Railroad

I moved to Fantasyland. At Haunted Mansion, I met 999 ghostly inhabitants.

I returned to Adventureland to eat dinner. The Blue Bayou Restaurant is inside Pirates of the Caribbean. The restaurant offers Priority Seating. I ate Catfish and rice.

 Blue Bayou Restaurant
Photo: Blue Bayou Restaurant

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3-4. Tokyo Disneyland Electrical Parade Dreamlights

I left the restaurant at 7:00 PM. There were a lot of people around the Cinderella Castle. At 7:30 PM, "Tokyo Disneyland Electrical Parade Dreamlights" began. It was wonderful.

 Cinderella Castle
Photo: Cinderella Castle

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3-5. Fantasy In The Sky

At 8:30 PM, "Fantasy In The Sky" began. 300 fireworks were very beautiful.

Finally, I bought souvenirs at the Confectionery. There was many nuts, chocolates and other sweets.

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