2: Hilton Tokyo Bay and Tokyo Disneyland A


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2-1. Hilton Tokyo Bay

The hotel gave me a nice view of the Cinderella Castle and the Mount Prometheus.

I ate breakfast at 7:00 AM.

 Breakfast, Hilton Tokyo Bay
Photo: Breakfast, Hilton Tokyo Bay

I sent souvenirs at a delivery service counter.

 Hilton Tokyo Bay
Photo: Hilton Tokyo Bay

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2-2. Disney Resort Cruiser and Disney Resort Line

I checked out the hotel and got on the Disney Resort Cruiser. The bus makes the trip from 5 Official Hotels to Bayside Station.

 Disney Resort Cruiser
Photo: Disney Resort Cruiser

The Disney Resort Line stops at 4 Stations (Bayside Station, Tokyo DisneySea Station, Resort Gateway Station, and Tokyo Disneyland Station). Departures are every 3 to 10 minutes.

 Bayside Station
Photo: Bayside Station

The Mickey Mouse-shaped windows were lovely.

 Mickey Mouse-shaped Window, Disney Resort Line
Photo: Mickey Mouse-shaped Window, Disney Resort Line

I got off the monorail trains at Tokyo Disneyland Station.

 Tokyo Disneyland Station
Photo: Tokyo Disneyland Station

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2-3. World Bazaar

At 9:15 AM, I arrived at the Disneyland. At the entrance, I got a Disneyland guide map.

First of all, I went to the storage lockers at World Bazaar. Next, I went to the Camera Center. I bought a film there.

The shop offers a 3-hour film developing and printing service. And a special illustration will be printed on photos taken within the Tokyo Disney Resort. A cast member said to me, "Which of illustrations do you like?" I chose DisnySea Grand Opening, Disney's Halloween 2001, and Blue Frames. Shops displaying "Photo Express" sign also offer 3-hour film processing.

 World Bazaar
Photo: World Bazaar

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2-4. Critter Country

I wanted to ride on Pooh's Hunny Hunt. But, when I arrived at Fantasyland, there were a lot of people. A cast member said to me, "You have to wait for about 3 hours." I gave up waiting it.

I moved to Westernland. And I got to a FASTPASS ticket of Big Thunder Mountain.

I went to Critter Country and rode on Splash Mountain. The theme was inspired by the Disney movie, "Song of the South". I took seat in the first row from the front. I got wet and excited.

After, I bought a commemorative photo at the Splashdown Photos.

 Commemorative Photo, Splash Mountain
Photo: Commemorative Photo, Splash Mountain

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