The Equites Batavi iuniores

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The Equites Batavi iuniores is listed as one of the vexillationes palatinae in the Magister Equitum's cavalry roster in the western half of the empire ; it is assigned to his Gallic command. Its shield pattern as shown in various manuscripts is as below:

Shield patterns

Disclaimer: remember, I'm not an expert in the field of Notitia studies, so take my comments with a grain of salt...

The shield pattern features a green boss (faded in M, and white in B) with a white star radiating outwards into a blue filed; the star has 8 (B), 9 (O, P, W), or 10 (M) points; in O and M the points do not reach the rim, whereas they do in P, W, and B; the blue filed does not extend all the way to the boss between the points.

The name Batavi is tribal, coming from a Germanic tribe that lived in what is now the Netherlands; they provided the empire with many units of auxiliaries in the early empire in particular. Thus a number of other units in the Notitia incorprate the "Batavi" name; and in particular, the Equites Batavi seniores, also assigned to the Magister Equitum's Gallic command.


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