This manual focus camera having split micro focusing screen, MZ-M(ZX-M) was newly released when production of the long seller K1000 was stopped in 1997.
Layout and shape of dials and switches were completely carried over from those of MZ-3(or ZX-5n). That produces very comfortable operation because Pentax has improved the design of dials and switches for MZ-3, taking feedback from MZ-5 users.



In manual exposure metering, LED meter display in the viewfinder is equivalent to legacy analogue needle meter of Pentax SP/SPF/K1000.
Coupling with small lens, MZ-M with its light weight turns to be a favorable compact second camera.

[Not very good]

Plastic lens mount is adopted and dioptry compensation mechanism in viewfinder is eliminated for cost reduction.

Shutter sound(.wav)
Manual metering, Shutter spped priority AE, Aperture priority AE, Program AE.
Start of sales : Nov.1997
Weight Body : 305g + 43mmf1.9 : 155g = 460g