FA43mm F1.9

FA43mm F1.9 is a new lens with aluminum outer body.
It is auto-focus lens, and designed also for manual use, giving some friction in focus ring.
The kit includes aluminum lens hood.
The color of lens body is similar to that of silver MZ body. There is noticeable difference of color between body and lens when seeing this lens put on MX body.



You can enjoy good balance of body size and lens size though there is more than 20 years between their date of release.
Black letter of F-stop number on silver background can be clearly seen in the F-stop display window in viewfinder.

[Not very good]

Though some friction is given to focus ring considering manual operation, the friction is much smaller than that of usual manual focus lens.
When rotating focus ring, slight noise like gear noise can be heard.
And I want a little more improvement of smoothness of aperture ring.

Shutter sound(.wav)
6 groups 7 elements.
Max f-stop f22.
Minimum distance 0.45m
Filter size 49mm
Size 64mm(max diameter) * 27mm(length)
Weight 155g

Mechanical shutter, Manual metering exposure.
Start of sales: Nov. 1976(Body), Oct 10,1997(43mmF1.9)
Weight: Body:495g + 43mm f1.9:155g = 650g