Appeared in July, 2001. Successor of FM2. Production ended in 2006.
Two major trends of SLR in the past, "Mechanical shutter + Manual metering" and "Electrical shutter + Aperture priority automartic exposure" are integrated in one body using newly developed hybirid shutter.
This camera has new type code "FM3A", but substantially it can be said that this is nothing other than the accurate reproduction of the camera with typical styling and function of about 20 years ago.
Meter at the manual mode is pursuit type, with a thin needle to be moved onto blue wide needle that indicates shutter speed.
SLR with anlogue needle meter in production will be highly valued among current cameras with digital display.

Other than the integration of two types of SLR , there is nothing new with this camera from historical point of view.
But this kind of camera is still attractive. Camera magazines in Japan welcomed this old featured camera and issued special articles on this camera repeatedly.



Analogue needle meter at manual metering mode makes it easy to check amount of difference. Favorable reborn of traditioanl metering function.
It seems other design of the camera, wind lever etc., is based on carry over from FM2. Good features of FM2 is inherited by FM3A.

[Not very good]

AE lock button located in the back of the body has meaningless function at manual metering mode. It only stops moving of the needle.
User have to be especially careful not to push the button when manual mode.
Design chage will be expected to cancel the button function when manual mode is selected.

Shutter sound(.wav)
Mechanical shutter, manual metering. Electrical shutter, aperture priority AE.
Weight Body : 570g + 50mmf1.4 : 250g =820g